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  1. yes he has cancelled and they have confirmed he is cancelled they are just chasing him for the amount they believe he owes, it doesnt look like there isnrt really an option to fight it, if he choses to in regards to there terms around advertising, what would be the best way to do that, thanks for all your help with this.
  2. the judge recomened i do it and send it to them asap
  3. i was told to fill out an income and expenditure form to see what i can afford to pay so do i still need to pay that £50 to vary the payment or would sending that sort that out for a monthly figure i can afford
  4. yeah he has cancelled now, i have told him he will just have to bite the bullet it just seems strange that they would be able to charge for the use of facilities he has not been able to use as the mebership was cancelled when he moved away so wouldnt be allowed access to the facilites to even use the services he is being charged for, also in the agreement it does state that as part of their responsibilities they have to market him using their marketing streams, does anyone know what that would mean and could he argue that that has not been completed on their side
  5. thank you every one for your input, i attended court last week and the judgement was entered i have 14 days to pay the full amount i am going to fill out an income and expenditure form to try and arrange payments with them, just a quick question it was a joing judgement, what does this mean i believed it would just be a judgement on my self not a joint one,
  6. not had any replys so doesnt look like they are accepted. what should i expect from the hearing on friday, do i need to attend, i am planning on attending but i do not know what to expect.
  7. yes that is what it seems however the harlands one didnt have any charges, which is why they most likely just cancelled with no problems. it is the francise agreement that is really causing the issues, i cant really find out much information about cancelling them early for any reasons. so it looks like he is stuck having to pay the amount outstanding, i just would of thought they were unfair conditions to not allow any type of early termination charges, but i take it they are covered by different terms
  8. Harlands have cancelled fine and say we owe nothing it's the your personal fitness that say we owe the money as he has two terms and conditions one from Harlands about the gym membership which they cancelled once they had the bank statement showing he lived in Manchester. I don't understand how it would work though as if his membership was cancelled he would not be able to go into the gym to even trian anyone anyway yet they are still claiming he owed the money to them. Every where I look online also is just about standard gym memberships and not this type of agreement so don't know what to do
  9. Is there anything else i can do worse thing is I am now in a situation where I can pay the full amount a month now
  10. I haven't yet I didn't read it fully will look at it again today
  11. in answer to the distance question he lived 7.3 miles from the gym when he lived in doncaster and niow he lives in manchester it is 66 miles
  12. well it wasnt working out but the main reason our sisters is a single parent and her young lad isnt very well so he is going to be helping out with all that for a while as well, he couldnt really get out of it.
  13. i rang them and tried to sort out a tomlin order but the girl i spoke to didnt know anything about it and that it is too far to arrange anything now so dont know where to go
  14. the dca company is daniels silverman think i have attached the contract right as well contract.doc
  15. hi gents after a bit of advice, my brother took a personal training course and passed he got his certification and took a job being self employed in a local gym under your personal training they made him sign up to a membership of £400 a month so he could take personal training sessions in the gym and it had a minimum contract of 6 months. around two months into this contract he moved away, he sent them documents with his updated address to prove he no longer lived in doncaster where the gym was and he now lived in manchester so was unable to complete the
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