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  1. Hi guys, advice needed please on the following as I have just come off the phone (I know now why you say not to call them) with Cabots regarding an outstanding amount. Originally debt was with Credit card, which was then sold to Cabot, back in 2011 Morgan Solictors took over an took me to court upon assignment The amount at that time was £6500 I attended court (local) and agreed to make payments monthly. The paperwork stated and I checked at the time no interest was to be applied and none stipulated on paperwork. I duly made payments without fail until last year when I aske
  2. Hi, Some time ago RBS took myself and my wife to court in regards to various loan and current accounts we held with them. They suddenly closed our banking with them almost overnight after I successfully managed to reclaim charges levied against us. Up until then they had been receiving our salaries regulary into the current accounts - no default on any loans and overdrafts were small. After a really acrimonious battle with Shoosmiths - they managed to obtain a Charging Order against our family home - which meant were we to move - they would get a share of the p
  3. Thank you all for your kind thoughts Regards Flyboy80
  4. Hi Guys, After attending today - got a set aside on the judgement. As there was a side aside and no judgement Charging Order dropped. Also agreed no charges, with a reduction on the original figure - paid by way of Tomlin Order to an amount that I am agreeable with. All this agreed before we went in to see DJ. He was happy to make them produce the NoA , their solicitor admitted that it would be highly unlikely that they would be able to produce the original as records were stored centrally. To be fair to him, he was reasonable and appeared to listen to my thoughts. Thank you all very m
  5. Is Phoenix Recoveries vs D Kotecha - Court of Appeals applicable here?
  6. Hi Guys, What is the "definition" of prescribed terms, on the application form ? Kind Regards Flyboy80
  7. Hi Guys, today received costs bill from Solictors an amazing £700 plus... for attendance at court etc.... am I being royally screwed here ?
  8. Hi Alan, I do not recall getting a copy of the terms of the agreement.
  9. OK as this all kicks off on Monday - time for me is essential. To clarify, I did not recieve NoA from Cabot, and I think that I will request at least sight of this as it contains financial information regarding myself. I will need to know it particulars as by way of charges the figures would be incorrect. The default notice would need to be issued - again I would need to see sight of this. They were originally SAR I believe in 08 - within the bundle they sent me they show a copy of my letter plus payment via postal order. They took nearly three months to send statements (copies ) to
  10. In regards to my defence, firstly they will have to prove that they own the debt. They have provided no paperwork in regards to this. Should this not be legal condition, after all they must establish that this was transferred to them and they can show how / when? There is are outstanding issues in regards to charges etc on the account which have been disputed so the overall figure is not correct. There has been not issue of default and have not sent a default notice - is this not regulated under the consumer act? If this is a regulated agreement - do they not have to issue a terminatio
  11. Hi Site team, Can anyone advise on this ?
  12. Hi Guys, Today I received from Morgan's the following documents :- 1) Copy of Consumer Credit Act Agreement dated 04 2) Bundle of statements of account 3) Copy of my original letter requesting clarification of POC that was compose with help from the site team members 4) Copy particulars of claim 5) Copy of letter sent this week a) There is no notice of assignment in the pack b) There is no default notice c) There is no termination notice So what are my chances ? - I terms of my defence should I point these glaringly obvious missing docs out now? Kind Regards
  13. Hi Guys, Have sent of a CPR 14 request for paperwork and sent copy to the court - by recorded - do I apply for more time to get documents - and review to enter my defence or are they supposed to request more time to send to me? Any help welcome
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