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  1. fresh start finance are not a loan company but a debt managment company. They seem to be helping me and keeping my creditors of my back. Whats make you think they are a laon company?
  2. dont fret about them. Contact fresh start finance and they will help you out with this small problem.
  3. Contact cccs. They are good they willl tell what to do.
  4. Hi I would suggest contacting cccs and they can keep them off your back. Friendly and helpful. Once they are on your side just mention their name and everyone seems to back down.
  5. Hi, new here and hoping we can sort out lloydds/tsb. Every time i seem to get straight, pow:x they sting me for more. The most annoying thing is they retract payments I make to third parties so that they can take out their charges THEN charge me again for NON payment. Now they stopped my debit card so I cant get out the little money I have in there. And as for their call centers, 15 minutes just repeating what each other is saying. I am sure they make money out of the phone call too! Well thats my whinge, into battle.
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