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  1. Don't worry they are unlikely to go to court. They did the exact same thing with me. A few days later they asked for my schedule then and about a week - week and a half later they made an offer of the original amount i.e. no interest and no court fee. I refused and explained that they'd had time to settle at that amount before and now I wanted it. They agreed and paid up within a few days. Hold firm!
  2. Ha ha ha it appears that Colin Langdale does not have a sense of humour! I just had a call from him as they've realised that I asked for a cheque - yet they have already paid it into my account. They were concerned because they have already asked another department to raise the cheque and weren't sure what to do. I said paying it into my account was fine, however if they wanted to pay me twice then that was equally fine - and I chuckled. He didn't. Then he said "no, I don't think we want to do that". LOL
  3. Money received into my account! WOOHOO Donation made. Thanks for all your help!
  4. I did ask for a cheque and DG said one would be issued but I checked my account today and the money was paid into my account on the 23rd. I don't have a problem with that at all so will phone the courts now. THANKS!
  5. HSBC via DG solictors has finally agreed to pay the whole amount of my claim. I received a letter today confirming that I would have a cheque within 7 days. All good so far. So what do I do about my MCOL claim? Today I received notification that a defence had been filed and the allocation questionnaire to complete. Obviously I don't need to do this as I have settled. So what is my next step? Do I just notify the courts that the case is settled or what? Thanks,
  6. Anyone help?? What do I do about the MCOL now? Do I cancel it or what? Thanks!
  7. Do I need to do anything with the MCOL now? Should I cancel it or something?
  8. My MCOL runs out on Monday and as you see from my signature DG settled today. On Friday I had the first offer but it was £500 short so I said no. Today an offer for the full amount came in. I'd say you still have plenty of time but if you are worried then give them a call.
  9. They settled the full amount with interest and court fees which was £5016.44.
  10. DG solictors finally gave in and a letter arrived today offering full settlement. WOOHOO!
  11. And HSBC crumbles and falls! Letter received from DG offering full settlement! WOOHOOO
  12. Well done you! I had an offer yesterday too but it was still £500 short of my claim. I've suggested I accept it as partial settlement and told them I will still go after them for the interest and court fees!
  13. I got the same letter from Julie Kyle last week, I faxed and posted it to her to make sure she got it. Today I received an offer from them which is about £500 short of my claim. I guessed her email address and said I'd accept it as partial settlement but I still wanted my interest and court fees. I'll fax and post the same letter tomorrow too. I know email is easier but it's good to post things too - shows them you're taking this seriously and you aren't cutting corners.
  14. I've emailed them (I think - I guessed her email addy!) saying that I'd accept it as partial settlement but I'd still be going after them for the interest and court fees. I'll fax them tomorrow too when I get into work.
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