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  1. No, she has not been submitting meter readings regularly. However it still seems to be a very high amount they are asking for.
  2. Thank you for the replies. She lives in a two bedroom property with her two children. When she took over the property she spoke with British Gas who offered her a contract for £50.00 a just for just her electricity. Now a year down the line they are demanding a payment of £1000.00 - this is on top of the £50.00 a month she has been paying - which is £600.00 for years worth of electricity which sounds about right to me. No sure where the extra £1000.00 came from. I will advise her to send the SAR today.
  3. Hi Guys, I need some advice for a work colleague. She has been living at a new address in London for just over a year. She was paying £50 a month fixed amount for her electricity and has now received a bill demanding over £1000 as British gas claim she had been under charged all this time. I would like to help her challenge this amount. What would be the best way in going forward? Thank you
  4. Hi Guys, I would like some advice please. I received a council tax final notice on 11th Match 2015 asking for payment of £64.42 before the 25th March 2015 to avoid being issued with a summons. I paid that amount on 14/03/2015. However today I received a bill for £180.00 plus summons cost of £120.00. I believe I owe £180.00 for council tax but don't see why I should be asked to pay the summons when I had already been sent a demand for final notice. Is there anyway I can get the summons costs to be cancelled? Is there any template letter I can use for this? Thanks,
  5. Hi, This is a new claim for an old card. Restons solicitors and not sure what company card as I do not remember. They are trying to claim a CCJ against me and that is why I sent the CPR 31.14 request. Shall I now submit the same defence I did as before with the previous thread case?
  6. Shall I submit my defence now?
  7. Hi Guys, I sent a letter requesting a CPR 31.14 from Restons solicitors. This is the reply I got can someone please help me as to how I should respond? Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I am on ESA because I have arthritis. My wife recently went on a carers course and has now been offered a part time job. I would like to know what change this will have to our benefits? She will be working different hours every week varying from 17 hours one week to 32 hours next week. As well as my fortnightly ESA amount of £227.40 we also receive child tax credit £230 a month and child benefit £80 a month. Do we need to inform the DWP or HMRC or both? Does she need to do more or less hours? I am being given conflicting advice from friends and family so I thought I would ask on the forum. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Got this from a friend who said I should try this course. What do you guys think? [link removed for checking.]
  10. Hi Guys, Just a quick update - I have registered with to an apprenticeship website if I can get on to one. I haver also decided to home study for the Comptia A+ as a first step. My local college does this course that I am thinking for doing - IT BTEC Diploma Level 2 What do you guys think? Thanks
  11. I would like to know what kind of different areas there are? Which areas are growing and what the day to day tasks is in these different areas? Any information would be much appreciated.
  12. OK, What course should I go for first? Or should I volunteer for free somewhere?
  13. Thanks for all the replies guys! I do have a degree in Law & Economics a 2.2 from 2003. I just cant seem to find any work. A friend advised to go for this role as I am pretty competent with laptops and PCS. At chiefengineer - Can I PM you for some advice on how I should go forward?
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