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  1. thank you 'Maybelline', I'll fight that one another day!!
  2. hi guys, Im about to submit my N1 claim form into the county court for Arrears/late/non payment by dd etc all against GMAC, I've made a claim for Solicitors cost as I think/feel being charged £1571 a bit high, I asked them to forward details as to why the charges are so high and they've failed to do so, has anyone here claimed HIGH solicitors along with other charges:( espire mark
  3. espire


    hi Bona your GMAC fight, how's going my friend
  4. espire


    hi How's your fight with GMAC going, I'm about to claim for late payments and ERP, do you know of any who've had their money back from these gits?
  5. Hi all, good to see we the people are fighting for our 'Banking Rights'.... I said Banking. Anyway we've just received an offer from HSBC to repay in-full charges from three accounts, £3188.26p but they want to off-set the charges against a loan, which was set-up to pay off charges from one account. As far as we were awhere we paid all monies owed to HSBC three years ago, and then a year after that they chased us for more???. I know this sounds like a school fight but we don't recall having owed HSBC so much and have instructed their solicitors D&G to refuse HSBCs offer to off-set th
  6. yeah, just start the ball rolling, and read one of the linked threads with regards to charges over six years good luck
  7. It's a long story, but I had defaulted, being that I received a cheque for works that I paid into my account, then the company who paid me cheque cancelled it (ten days later )on the grounds of charging me with theift, I went to the police and they found in favour of me, BUT the bank would not re-issue the cheque even on the gronds of me being innocent blah blah blah ( how can a cheque be stopped for theift when the police say 'NO theift took place) So my account run into the red and charges came thick and fast, so I'd two acounts one which I paid back on the sale of my house, then after not
  8. Hi all Espire here, hope you're about to win/won/about to win/ enjoying the fight. I've just received an offer for the charges against my account from HSBC £3188.53, but they want to off-Set it against what they say I owe them (a loan acct for their charges against me (2002 loan for overdraft charges they OVER charged me). What shall I do, as I've paid so much cash to them over the past years, I even added the charges againt my loan accout in my above claim:mad: If they off-set the payment, I would get nothing, I'd rather they pay me the above amount and then FIGHT them for th
  9. espire

    espire v hsbc

    Dear all, Going through the process of taking HSBC to court and are no longer banking with them, I am about to open another account with Barclays. After my court/settlement with HSBC will I be on a banking 'Black List' could/would affect my application for future accounts.... is there a question on any application which asks: HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN A BANK TO COURT. Help Espire
  10. espire

    espire v hsbc

    Espire here I want those charges back! £3125 inc 8% Hi all, Sent letter asking for statements - etc etc - then letter before action - no reply from Bank - issued court forms to court, received a Court Claims No - Just received a letter from D&G ( acting for HSBC ) asking for the amount I wish to claim. Would any of you guys know if the question being asked by D&G is a stalling tactic, as I've given three copies of the amounts to HSBC ( twice )... shall I reply to D&G or just wait for the court to issue me with a date ( would I expect a court date after 16 or 28days )
  11. Hi All, Espire here! I've a question for you: At what time do I find out what the court date is, as the Courts have issued me with a claim number, D&G have also responded to me asking for more details about the amount, how shall I respond to this. If I have to go to court, what do I take along as ammo, were can I locate any legal 'blurb' should I need.
  12. Yes, if you go to the main web-site of this forum, you will see a section called Bank Templates, you must go through the steps (ie) ask for the statements, work out what you're owed, send a letter asking for the amount, LBA (letter before actions )etc. Good Luck
  13. Hi all HSBC had sent me statements covering the period of SIX years, of which I made a claim for bank charges. I've sent the step 1. letter wait 40days, then I sent the step 2.letter. waited 14days, I've also sent the letter before action and waited a further 14days. I've not heard a thing from them, is this normal..? how do I know they've received the letters, as I'm about to move on with step 3. Moneyclaim Court System. Mark I'm about to
  14. thanks, I'm off to the post box with the phase two letter, 'The Polite Ask For My Money Bank Letter With A Smile And A Blow Torch'.... wishfull thinking! 5% to this site is a must WHEN I win, how's things for you buddy, did you get paid?
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