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  1. That's great, thanks for your help. Hopefully I will qualify then. oh sencond thoughts I may not as I was on maternity leave for a few months during 08/09.
  2. Hi all, I am just wondering if someone can help me? I was made redundant last month and I was working 16 hours a week. I would like to know if I am entitled to JSA as I am actively seeing another job? I live with my partner who is self employed and work is quite slack at the moment for him so we only anticipate him earning £15,000 this year and we have two children aged 7 and 3. I am in the process of claiming housing benefit and council tax benefit too. any information will be greatefully received. Thanks :0) Sarah
  3. Yippee I've won against the Abbey!!!!! I stayed up late last night preparing my court bundle as my hearing was on 5th June and I was due to post it today. Got a letter this morning from Abbey informing me they are settling my claim in full plus court costs and interest. I'm over the moon!! Thanks to everyone on here for your support and advice!! Sarah
  4. I received Abbey's defence and no AQ with a letter saying that my claim was being passed to my local court. I telephoned the court after not hearing anything for 2 weeks to be told that my case has been sent to District Judge and I won't hear for another 4-6 weeks!! I'm guessing that I will receive my court date after this time.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has replied!! Hope you all had a great Easter weekend
  6. Just phoned the court that my claim has been transferred to and they said that my case has been forwarded to the District Judges Office and I will hear within 4-6 weeks!! They will write to me and let me know what the next stage is after that. Do I start getting my court bundle ready yet?
  7. I still haven't heard from the court with regards a court date and I still haven't received an AQ. All I have receieved is a letter from Northampton (through MCOL) advising me that it has now been passed to my local court, a copy of Abbey's defence was enclosed and then the part which says about an AQ has been crossed out. Should I give my local court a call on Tuesday to see what the state of play is with regard to my claim?
  8. Thanks to everyone who has replied - your advice has been really helpful. Sarah
  9. If I go by the Abbey's date then I will have £120 knocked off my claim. Just because they have delayed in replying to me since I tried to claim back the money in November - it all seems a bit unfair to me!!
  10. Just received Abbey's defence in relation to my claim! What they have written is quite funny really "The claimant's contention that the said fees are unenforceable and/or are "penalty charges" is denied. The fees reflect and are proportionate to the Defendant's administrative expenses incurred due to the Claimants breach of contract and are a genuine pre-estimate of the damage duffered by the Defendant" So it actually costs the Abbey £32 in admin costs for an unpaid direct debit charge - I think not!!! A quick question - I started trying to claim my charges back in November last year and
  11. I recieved a letter identical to this one. They offered me £130 as a goodwill gesture - I'm claiming £900! I checked my account the following day and the money was already there! I sent them this: I respectfully decline your offer of £130 in settlement and request, once again, that you return to me all charges imposed on this account, totalling £909.80. I now understand that the regime of 'fees' which you have been applying to my account in relation to direct debit refusals, exceeding overdraft limits and so forth are unlawful at Common Law, Statute and recent Consumer regu
  12. No its not Christopher Neville. Thanks for the advice. I'm just going to send the signed agreement back and then send a letter of complaint and see what happens. I've paid them £700 as a deposit and if they want to get funny then they can take it out of that!!
  13. I need a bit of advice so I hope someone can point me in the right direction. Me and my other half are coming to the end of our two year tenancy agreement. Our letting agents have written to us to ask if we want to stay in the property and we have agreed to stay for another 12 months. They have just sent us a sheet of A4 to sign and send back to them. It just gives basic details that we agree to carry the agreement for another 12 months and there is a space for us to sign and another space for the landlord to sign. They also want us to pay £70 in adminstration fees for the issue of th
  14. Why should you be concerned about your tenants debts? They are in his name and only the companies who he owes money to will be able to chase him. When I moved in to my rented accommodation I was forever getting letters for the previous tenant. I sent them back by putting "not known at this address". I opened one by mistake and found out that the previous tenant was being persued for unpaid TV licence. I had debt collectors at my door and I had to prove who I was! I contacted my Letting Agents sho more or less laughed at me as there was nothing they could do from stopping this happeni
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