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  1. So job done there gone through and worked out they owe me £2385.50.... so now to send off the formal request for it back
  2. statements recieved this morning in torn brown envelope! but nothing missing as holes not big enough:rolleyes: now about to go through the 1000 statement pages lol:D
  3. have just sent them this letter and will be chasing up with a phone call tommorow. I am writing to again to let you know that the 40 days to recieve my statements runs out on the 11th of Sept. As yet i still have not heard anything from you? if i do not recieve the statements on or before the 12th of september i will be writing to the information commissioner for breach of the Data Protection Act and will start legal proceedings to enforce compliance regards
  4. no i don't i have to give them another 7 days to comply and complain to the banking authority dont i?
  5. i am following you i hope it all goes well as yet i don't have mine but i see you got your statements on the 39th day maybe this will go my way too? so i may be in the same boat as you and rowing at the same time lol... good luck and do keep us posted on how things are going!
  6. well no response as yet sent them email reminding them of the 40 days on the 27th august not heard anything back from that either... they have untill monday so things will be moving on to the LBA stage then i guess?
  7. i did mine via email and my response was within 48 hours i think the letter came a couple of days after that, so i think by the sounds of it they are now very busy;) thats what i would think took so long lol it looks to me however with mine they are going for the 40 days as its nearly up and i am getting my other bits and pieces together in case they go over the 40 days so make a note in your diary as to when the 40 days is over
  8. chitsiga

    debug77 v Smile

    i sent mine via email and got a response and £10 taken out within a couple of days, so maybe they are fussy with who they send emails too lmao weird tho that they do some and not others? maybe a sign they are really really busy???
  9. i sent mine at the beginning of this month and nothing yet so don't worry it may take some time lol! good luck i am counting my days down on a calander lol
  10. congrats on getting your statements its shouldn't be too long now hey!
  11. chitsiga

    SMILE - question!

    HI I have just started with smile, i sent mine via email but through my private email account not the secure message, they debited my acc with £10 and responded very quickly with both an email to confirm they had received and it had gone to the right dept, and also a letter in the post to tell me that were dealing with it and noted the 40 days to repsond. so so far they have been really good with me, and extremly fast to respond hope that helps
  12. how about IN THE BAG WITH CAG! and on the back but the web addy
  13. Congratulations!!! Did You Claim The Debit Intrest Aswell???:idea: Well Done:cool:
  14. oh well done and congratulations! from what i have read this seems to be a typical letter from the banks when they cave in! fantastic news though well done:D
  15. They took my £10 out yesterday also:D
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