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  1. I was told some time ago that my boss's case would be stayed - I am looking after it for her. We still haven't received written confirmation of this and the court date is for tomorrow. I have called them every day this week to confirm that the case has been stayed and they assure me that 'every case in the country is going to be stayed' and to 'watch the TV for the outcome of the test case'. The first bit seems to be untrue. I am unhappy about not attending court without having had written confirmation not to do so, but apparently Peterborough combined court are not writing to anyone to tell them this. Does this also remove people's right to request a removal of the stay? I was waiting for something in the post before sending this.
  2. My court date (actually my bosses, but I am dealing with it on her behalf..) is Friday 28th September in the Huntingdon County Court. I just phoned them and was told that they are now part of the Peterborough and Huntingdon combined court and that all cases are being automatically stayed, without application from the banks. I gave my case number and she said that mine appreared not to have been stayed, and that it was the only one. She then disappeared and came back to say that it was an error and I would be notified of the stay. I could kick myself now!!! I asked about applying for removal of the stay and she said I could try but it wasn't worth it. Of course I still will though....
  3. OK found it.... I MUST READ BEFORE I POST!
  4. Thank you, that's great. Can I assume that the courts request the information in the bundle if they want it then? It is a hell of a lot of paperwork. Where will I find Draft Directions and the N225 form? Thank you so much for your help.
  5. Phoned the court and it's a Directions Hearing and apparently I don't need to send anything at all or do anything. In her words they are pretty much agreeing to all applications for a stay now anyway so she said to just wait. I am going to prepare the court bundle regardless, the court is 2 minutes from where I work so I can drop it in a couple of days before the deadline if I haven't heard from them already.
  6. Damn it! I am so foolish. Oh well, not a major mistake I guess but a very annoying one. It's impossible for me to get out of the office at the moment to phone so I thought I would do it this way instead. The document says: Notice of Hearing TAKE NOTICE that the Hearing will take place on 28th September 2007 at 12.00pm at (location) etc. 10 MINUTES has been allowed for the hearing. Then it goes on to say that there may be delays to the sheduled time etc. That's all I have....
  7. Ok, clearly talking to myself but urgently need help now. My court date is set for 28th September, this was set before the test case so should still go ahead. Other than receiving a defence from Barclays I have had no information from them, or from the court. Do I prepare the court bundle regardless? I have read other posts on here saying that I shouldn't send anything until asked to do so by the court. I am tying myself up in knots reading all of this, and now officially don't know what to do! I have emailed the litigation team and am waiting from a response, I suspect now that they won't help but it's worth a try. So basically, no contact from anyone, the notice of hearing from the court did not request any information at all and I am stuck. HELP!!!!!!!:-|
  8. Right - I have found the thread I wanted! Ignore me... will keep you updated.
  9. Sorry to pester again, have been reading the site and was about to prepare a court bundle for my boss - her hearing date is 28th September. Then I remebered that I was meant to write to the litigation team at Barclays first. Is there a template for this? I can't see one so was composing my own letter. Does it just go to the name stated as the Defendant on the Notice of Hearing? Thank you very much!!
  10. Hello, I came on here a while back as I succesfully claimed money back from NatWest. I am now trying to claim for my boss and have suddenly lost the plot and can't remember what I am doing. I have just received the court date and am not being asked to submit anything to the court. I am wondering what I need to do. Last time, when NatWest filed a defence, I had to submit an AQ to the court, and shortly after that got my money back. This time I filed my claim, had an acknowledgement and now a court date but haven't been asked to do anything. Have I made a cock up? Sorry to post annoyingly obvious questions but it's sometimes hard to find the right answers on this site!! Thank you .
  11. Lindy Lou


    I WON!!!!! At last, got a cheque through the post - Cobbetts claimed that their legal fees would be higher than the claim if they were to attend the Directions Hearing..... Paid in the cheque and am now £2068 richer!!
  12. I have! Thank you for your help. I shouldn't have been naughty and started another thread but I really panicked! This wasn't what I'd expected, but I guess I haven't been reading enough threads for the last couple of weeks.
  13. Lindy Lou


    Thanks for the help - I think I might have overreacted a bit this morning! I can't believe how far away the hearing is. I guess there's nothing much that can be done apart from waiting.
  14. Thanks so much for your reply - its just that I hadn't seen anyone else on here that had had that letter! There's only so much reading you can do at work I guess without getting into trouble. It's annoying that it's so long until the court date, I suppose that means Christmas is not going to be as merry as I'd hoped. Oh well. At least I can forget about all this for a couple of months. Best of luck on 13th, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! x
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