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  1. Sorry above post should read, Account was defaulted over 5 yrs ago. There a little over 10 months until the 6 yr point. Slick244
  2. I currently have an account in dispute with Cap 1. It has been handled by numerous agencies over the last few years. I CCA'd each of these and was sent an application form and nothing else, then it was the usual routine of agreement not valid, Oh yes it is/Oh no it isnt, we'll take you to court/see you there then. I then stopped corresponding until they (Capquest i think) started harrassing my mother who i havent lived with for 10 years. I sent out the harrassment letters and this stopped and then approx 5 months ago the account made its way back to Capital 1. There has been no contact since a
  3. I have just checked my credit report with experian for the first time in about 6 months. The number of defaults on my account have doubled and along with my level of debt. For some reason there is two of everything. My loan for just over 15k means that it now looks like i have a 33k debt?! Any ideas on what i can do about this If this has looked this way for the last few months??? Thanks.
  4. I have received a letter from credit solutions limited titled Final Warning. They say they will no longer accept the conduct of the account and will issue court proceedings if i dont clear the account in 7 days. They tell me not to write to them as the time limits are now strict and to ring them only. I have had a few letters before this one telling me i can make a big saving if i contact them and arrange to pay something but i have just replied with a CCA request. They somehow got hold of my Mums phone number (i havent lived there for years) and were ringing her at least 3 times a day. This h
  5. Hi. I have read the responses in this thread with interest. Can somebody confirm to me that my account defaulted in august 2005 will drop off my credit file in August 2011? I ask this a i last made a payment on the account about 8 months ago. I have requested CCA since then and the account is in dispute. Is it six years from last payment? Or six years from date of default. many thanks.
  6. Ok I know its a been a couple of weeks i think there may be some progress made. I have spoken to the lender again and they say that i can sign over responsiblity for the debt and the charging order into my name. Im positive the last time i spoke to them they said i couldnt do this. This is preferable to me because i could then do a change of parties application and have my ex's name removed from the property. She is crying poverty again after just coming back from holiday and is threatening to send an estate agent to the house when im away and put it up for sale. The guy i spoke to on the phon
  7. Im screwed then. I dont think have any option but to pay her debt off. Thanks for your help. Slick244
  8. Where can i find form N245 and what reasons could i could use for getting the order set aside? Should i have received notification of the CCJ at the time? I thought about checking to see if the amount the order was based on included any misold PPI but it appears that they have already knocked this off the balance of the original CCJ. Can they do this? Many thanks. Slick244.
  9. THanks for the quick reply and advice Pinky. Thanks to everyone for their help.
  10. Ok i have received another letter today. This one is from Credit solutions limited giving me the opportunity to save £££££'s and that i should give them a ring in the next 10 days to save lots of money by taking advantage of a discount offer on the outstanding debt or they will send someone to knock on the door. Should i just ignore them? Will they get a CCJ against me in the next 18months if ignore. THanks Slick244
  11. Thank you so much for your reply. I will post this letter tomorrow. Does anybody have any opinion on offering a full and final settlement? What will happen to the debt in 18 months time when the default notice is 6 years old?
  12. I have an outstanding balance with cap one that was defaulted 4 and a half years ago. I had a reduced payment plan set up that I stopped paying after i found this site and CCA'd Cap one and received some terms and conditions. I sent the account in dispute letter. They passed it on to Credit solutions limited. They said they would be coming to my house so i CCA'd them and they sent me a signed Application form like so many other people and which I have been told is unenforceable. Now I have received another letter from Power2contact saying that they are coming to my house to collect the debt. I
  13. Is it right that after 6 years her CCJ is gone but the debt remains in the form of the charging order until it is paid? If so in 18mths she is clear and I have to carry the can as she will not pay it. Seems I will have no choice to either pay the charging order or keep her on the mortgage and she will be entitled to half of the house. The mortgage is a NR together package. If I sold would the charging order come before the loan element running alongside the mortgage?
  14. Reminder for request for copy of alleged credit agreement under Section 77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 I wrote to you on the 6th July 2009 requesting a true copy of any alleged signed, executed credit agreement in relation to the above account. This is my right under Sections 77 and 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 on payment of a fee of £1.00. This payment was included with my original request. Under the above Act, a creditor has 12 working days to supply this document to the debtor. The deadline expired on 20th July 2009. Thus far I have received an application form and a
  15. I CCA'd cap one some time ago and they just sent some terms and conditions leaflet. I replied with a letter saying that i disputed the debt and that they were in default of my request. I was paying them £50 a month at the time as a 6 month agreement with them. The account is already in default from 2005 and they keep putting 'D' or '8' on my credit file every month pretty much depending on which CRA I look at. When i put the account in dispute i stopped paying. They kept hassling. I kept asking for CCA. They kept saying they already had. Pay us they said. Blow me said I. Then they pass this on
  16. In taking responsibility for it I mean I am paying for it. I am also paying for the U/S loan. When i moved out and my ex stayed i payed half. Now she has moved out and was happy to have the house repossessed I took on whole payment. I have spoken to a solicitor about signing it over and this will cost £245 but it cant be done with the charging order in place. My ex wont pay it off. She has a CCJ but that drops off in 18 mths and she has no intention of paying it off.
  17. I have a charging order on my property that belongs to my ex. We have a joint mortgage and an U/S loan running alongside it. I have took responsibilty for all of this and she has walked away. I am unable to sign the house over in my name with the charge in place. She is paying a tiny monthly amount and wants me to sign for responsibility of the charging order too and says she has spoken with the firm involved, she tells me that no interest is being added to the account. I am not keen to do this as i feel i have taken on enough as it is. I am stuck with what to do next. Can i sell the property?
  18. I also have a charging order that is my ex's. Mortgage is Joint names with U/S loan running alongside it. Ex wants me to take on the charging order too. I am not keen to do so but feel trapped because i am unable to sign the house over to my name with the order on the property. If I sell which debt takes priority the U/S loan or the charging order? Thanks
  19. Ok. I think I might have cracked it. If not I will punch myself in the face very hard. Thanks for the pointer by the way!! Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  20. Apologies for being a mong. To view these thumbnails you will need a magnifying glass. I am unable to find a 'how to' on posting attachments. Can anybody point me in the right direction please? Many thanks. Slick244.
  21. I cca'd cap one some time ago and they sent me the usual terms and conditions. I put the account into dispute and they have passed on the debt to csl who have put notes through my door saying they are going to visit me / take me to court etc etc. I cca'd csl and they have sent me this signed form for 2004. Could somebody have a look at it and tell me whether or not it is enforceable as I think it looks like it is. Many thanks. Slick244.
  22. Thank you so much for your quick response, it is much appreciated. I will send this letter today. However what should i do if this collector turns up in 2 days time as the note says? This account is with Cap One. I am quite worried. Thank you so much.
  23. I have cca'd a credit card account some time ago and received an application form and terms and conditions so replied with an account in dispute letter. I have since been contacted by Credit solutions limited saying they are now in charge of the account and will take me to court if i dont settle it now. I cca'd them and sent the letter recorded 5 days ago. Now i have received a note through the door saying they will call at my house in 2 days time. I dont know what to do. Can anybody give me some advice please.
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