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  1. I placed an order with this company on 1st December. When it still hadn't arrived 2 weeks later and after I had been told it was dispatched on the 3rd December I rang to find out what was going on. Turns out it had never been dispatched so I canceled the order and was told I would be refunded. Come 21st December still no refund so I phone again. The guy I speak to is moaning about the snow in Basingstoke bringing his business to a grinding halt which I can sympathize with but he assured me all refunds were processed the previous Friday. It's now 11th Jan & still no refund, I phon
  2. Thanks for your replies, maybe I wasn't clear enough in my post. It was the videographer who never turned up to film the event, not the photographer. He was supposed to film my ceremony & reception, so in order to achieve this I would need to restage my wedding again. What I have lost out on I could never, realistically, hope to replace. So back to my original question, should they be offering cover of this type when moments like my bestman bottling his speech are lost forever?!
  3. I got married last October in Gibraltar. Nearly everything went to plan apart from the guy who was suppossed to film the ceremony & reception never turned up. I took out Wedding Insurancewith E&L. E&L's policy detailed the following: SECTION 5 - PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEO/DVD Cover We cover you up to the amount stated in the schedule for all expenses incurred in the necessary retaking of the official wedding photographs or video/DVD following: (a) The non-appearance of the professional photographer or video/DVD operator booked for the wedding. (b) Loss of or damage to t
  4. Cheers for that. Not really used to writing letters of this sought. Looks like Barclays owe you a few quid!
  5. Ok I see. So if I begin the letter something like: "Having received your letter dated ..... I accept the £300.00 offer from yourselves but I reject all your terms and conditions attached to the offer and will be perusing you for the balance of £340.00"
  6. I am attempting to claim back £640.00 in charges from Barclays on behalf of my partner. Justr received a letter offering £300 in full & final settlement which I plan to reject. In the step-by-step guide elsewhere on this forum it states: C) You will be offered a partial refund but it will be offered as a "Full and Final" settlement of your claim. We would advise you to accept this - but only on the condition that is is a partial settlement and that you will continue with your claim to recover full funds. Then it states: (4) If you are not offered a FULL refund th
  7. I have now sent Aria 2 emails, the 1st stating that I sent the item back within 7 days of receiving it so I wanted to cancel the order, & the 2nd email thretening them with Trading Standards & me telling my credit card co. to dispute the payment. The 1st email was sent a week ago & the 2nd one last Thursday. Still I have heard nothing. I think they are just hoping I will go away. Well I won't. Anyone got any suggestions as to my next move? Many thanks in advance.
  8. I did return the item within the 7 days after I received it so I will hit them with my right to cancel/cooling off period etc & see what happens. Many thanks for all your comments, & i'll let you know the outcome.
  9. Hello there and many thanks for all your replies. I have just phoned Aria & the (untechnically trained) customer service advisor couldn't advise me how to get my Wireless Card working & to find out I would have to contact their technical support dept. on an 0906 no. charged at 60p per minute. He also said I couldn't arrange courier collection myself, I would have to pay them £6.95 + vat to send it back to me. Surely this whole thing stinks as the only person losing out when all said & done is the consumer (me!). I bought a USB wireless adapter about a year ago from M
  10. Bought a laptop along with a Netgear WPN511 RangeMax Wireless Card. Laptop was, & is brilliant for the price, but every time I inserted the wireless card the Laptop froze. If I inserted the card before booting the Laptop the thing wouldn't boot. I looked on Netgear forums & other people were saying the same about this particular model. I sent the card back to Aria by courier at my expense. They now say they have tested it & there is nothing wrong with card. I now have 60 days to collect, again at my expense. They are not telling me what the problem might be & how to rectif
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