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  1. Thanks, I've made arrangments to pay monthly instalments on the account, what I would like to do is prove that they have not fully complied with my request as they defaulted me when despite not sending me the documents in the given time and passing it on to a third party. I may be wring but I didn't think they were allowed to default me when I had made the request and they hadnt complied?
  2. Ah, so, they only sent the front of the original agreement, this did not have t&c's. Does this mean they have failed to complie with my request but have now defaulted my and passed it on to restons to chase threatening legal action. Is this wrong? Where does this leave me now, if anywhere and what action to take?
  3. Quick question, when they sent me my cca they sent a photo copy of the front of the agreement which was signed, should they have sent me a copy of the T&C's as well?
  4. More than likely there will charges, I'm going to SAR them to find out
  5. It is signed by me an them, it was all the apr, how many payments, due date payments, no where does it say about cancelling the agreement, late fee charges or anything like that, I will try and scan
  6. Thanks for your advice it's most appreciated and i will continue to make payments wether it's accepted or not. What i don't understand and although it looked fairly genuine, what does a cca for a loan have to have on it for it to make it enforcable? I'm not trying to escape payment and as i put in my letter to them i'm keen to get this resolvede asap to avoid any further action. Thanks
  7. They have said they are acting for HFC, I don't think They have bought the debt, so I presumed that any offer has to go through them rather than HFC? I am at a loss as what to do, the debt is just under £5000 I feel I've madeva reasonable offer the only reason I witheld payments was they wouldn't provide my CCA so felt I was in my rights and they defaulted me even though the account was in dispute!
  8. I sent an I&E to HFC after they had defaulted me as for 2 months before i had not made any payments due to them not complying with my CCA request as they wanted a signuture before they did. when i didn't provide a sig they defaulted me so i sent them a copy of my signature. I received my CCA after the default was issued and then sent them the I&E to which they didn't respond and then 2 weeks later i get a letter from Restons demanding full payment or to call them as they said they could offer a reduced settlement. I've sent them my I&E now and am waiting to hear from them if
  9. Now i have finally recieved my CCA i sent HFC an I&E with an offer of payment, i didn't hear anything back and now i have recieved a letter from Restons demanding payment or they will take me to court. I have told them i offered HFC monthly payments to clear the loan and they hadn't replied so i have sent restons a copy of what i sent to HFC. Are restons likely to accept reduced payments on the account or are they likely to play hard ball and so 'no, see you in court?'
  10. It does have my signature on it, how do i upload a copy of it?
  11. HFC have today finally sent me my CCA, it all looks in order but it is a copy which looks like it's been printed off but the date at the top is July 2007. It is exactly the same as a copy i recieved in 2007. Would this mean that they don't have the original and only this copy they have on computer? If so where do i stand if this is the case and they don't have tghe origina?
  12. Today i have recieved a default notice from HFC despite them not compling with my CCA request. They refuse to supply the CCA without proof of my identity or signature. i am reluctant to provide this as i don't have to but now they have issued me with a default notice i am at a loss as what to do. Any ideas??? Thanks
  13. Thank, they have said if I don't comply with sig or ID after 30 days they will consider the matter closed and return my £1 postal order. Am I legally in my rights now to withold any payment to them until they provide the cca or indeed, take me to court?
  14. I sent a CCA to hfc in November and they replied saying they needed a signature, I replied saying no they don't as it's not a requirement they replied saying they did or a copy of my id. I replied again saying they weren't having it so they replied with the same answer as before. I gave them the correct amount of time, 12 + 2 30 days and them hit them with the correct letter advising them they were now in default and had committed a criminal offence by not supplying the cca to me. They have again replied saying that they will not supply it without id or a signature. It now seems I am going rou
  15. Thanks for that, how do i put the account in dispute and will they take any notice of it? I've just checked my credit file and they have defaulted me, however, i never recieved a default notice!
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