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  1. sorry, just re-read those posts... the bill/invoice listed all the searches, stamp duty, deposit, all that stuff. the 'intermediary's fee' was listed as £0 on the original they gave us when we paid. the more recent one they have sent us has it a £600 odd instead. these are the fees they charge for their servoces, not for any extra work done.
  2. in response to PKea, we asked what the amount due from us was in total, including deposit, stamp duty, fees, charges, everything. i've posted this more out of frustration to be honest, we really don't have £600 spare at the moment. we were never given a specific amount to the exact £ or penny that we would be charged, so the we simply assumed the amount they asked for was all that we owed, and we assumed it was in full and final settlement, not sure if our receipt actually says that on it though! thanks for everyones help by the way, it is greatly appreciated!
  3. to cut a long story short... bought a house recently. asked solicitors how much we needed to pay them before completion, they gave us the bill, we paid it in full. house completed and then we recieved a letter saying we owed them a further £600. after making lots of phone calls and sending emails to various people it turns out our solicitor 'forgot' to add on their fees to ouor bill. do we have to pay this £600 or is that a really stupid question. have checked all the small print i can find.
  4. i have posted on here occassionally over the last year or so about my problems with a graduate account held with barclays. i opened it as a student, then it changed to a graduate account when i graduated, then went back to do a pgce so it went back to a student account, then i finished so it became a graduate account, now i am doing an ma through work and they have left it as a graduate account. complicated i know! anyway, for the last year or so, my monthly interest on a balance of around £2600 (overdraft) has shot up from about £10 a month to anything from £30 to £80. i have struggled to figure out how they have been calculating this for some time, and have had many 'discussions' with bank staff about it. i had just resigned myself to paying it recently, but thought i would have one last stab at getting the interest reduced. to cut a long story short, they have been charging me 25.9% apr instead of 8.9%. account is listed as a graduate one but someone 'forgot' to change apr. i got £170 refunded last week, that is just since february this year. staff in branch say they will not refund anything prior to february because thats when i took in my recent evidence of being enrolled as a student. however, nice lady at customer services head office says they will refund excess interest charges from start of course if i give proof of dates. just wanted to post this incase anyone else has had similar problems. and also, so that people can chack their apr in case it is wrong. contact people at head office using numbers listed on here, gets things moving much faster than going into your branch!
  5. thanks for your reply, i was just about to give up on this site, and on this stupid overdraft. i am now classed as a student again by barclays, but they have me down as being in my first year, even though i am technically in my third year (they won't accept any of my proof!). this month my interest is £98 on £2500 overdrawn balance. i got as getting one months £37.66 interest charge back because i complained about the pathetic service in branch. is there anyone else who can give me any advice? i would really like to claim back some of these interest chrages if i can but i'm pretty sure that i don't stand a chance. thanks again pugsley, i really appreciate you taking the time to reply
  6. I originally opened my student account with barclays back in 1999, it then changed over to a graduate account (when i graduated), then i went back to uni and it became a student account again, then when i graduated they allowed me about 12 or 24 months interest free on my £3k overdraft before putting the interest up. it has been costing me around £40 a month in interest, which is making the £70 a month I pay off it not go very far. to cut a long story short... i am technically still a student as i am enrolled on an MA course through work, and have been since 2004. i took in evidence for this academic year so they have changed my account back to a student one. what i really want to know, is if i were to give them evidence showing how long i have been enrolled as a post grad student again, how likely is it that they woudl refund all of my interest charges? sorry to be a pain, and to post such a long thread and ask for advice, but i want to get rid of this debt as soon as, and if i can get the £200 or so that i've paid in interest it would really help! thanks
  7. sandiego please start your own thread as yuou are hijacking someone elses, it makes it easier for everyone to follow what you are doing and keeps things neat and tidy. Read the FAQ's and Step-by-step guide, you should already have done lots of preparation to have gotten to court stage so I am confused as to how you could have submitted your court claim without knowing how to calculate the interest??? Everything is on this site, we will help as much as we can but you do need to make sure you thoroughly understand what you are doing or it could cause problems for you later on. Please read around the site as much as you can so you pick up all the necessary information, if you are still stuck then by all means ask a question but I am concerned if you have filed your court claim without knowing fully what you are doing then it may affect your case. Give us more information (once you have started your own thread ) and we will try to help.
  8. How you getting on Stevie? Had your date yet? I had mine come on saturday for Dec 15th...happy christmas indeedy Oh, its Tracy C by the way, just on a mates laptop
  9. Hi everyone its Mrs Charlton here (borrowing friends laptop as mine is at laptop hospital LOL). Just to say I have had my hearing date through for Barclays, thankfully its all straight forward and a normal hearing at my local crown court set for 15th December. Court bundles to be sent by 1st dec etc etc. I am still yet to receive AQ from KJ, think I might ring them later and ask them to please send me one as I have requested twice, how can I reply to their defence when they insist on ignoring my requests to see it????/ Wish they'd just give up, they know I'm gonna win
  10. Hi thanks for replies, this is me (Mrs Charlton) I am just using a friends laptop and don't want to mess with her cookies and so on. LOL. Car is Scenic Authentique, 1.4 engine totally bog standard. Higher Purchase is with RFS, hubby is ringing them literally in a minute, we sent a letter and as Holly suggested they claim to never have received it. Will post back when we have more info. I am just hoping if they can't allow us to voluntary terminate for over a year they can make a new arrangement for payments or something. We are really struggling at the moment.
  11. Right, the situation is I have a Compaq Presario M2000 laptop I bought last June so it is 16 months old. I paid 699 for it and its my first ever laptop (and last methinks LOL). I switched it on monday morning, standby light andf hard drive light came on, but screen wouldn't work, it won't recognise when charger is plugged in and the dvd/cd-rw drive won't open. So I go to PC World and speak to the greasy teen techy guy who spends 45 minutes trying to get the cover off, only for him to stop a few times and serve other people in between. He tells me he believes my Motherboard has gone, that there is nothing they can do (i asked how can a 16 month old motherboard on a 700 quid laptop just die when it has been stationary and suffered no damage - i treat it like a kitten for gods sake LOL). He says I have to go direct to HP and get a replacement motherboard which will set me back 400 quid minimum. I have since spoken to a few techy mates, one of which has suggested I turn the internal hard drive into an external hard drive and he can lend me his spare laptop until I sort myself out (apparently you can buy the cases and usb leads to do this yourself from places like Maplin and so on? PC World teen told me the only way to recover data was through them and it would cost me 60 quid.....and would take a long time....) I have also spoken to my Dad who though is great with PC's knows naff all about laptops, but he has said 'b*llocks will it cost 400 quid to fix'..... It appears from reading a few threads about similar probs that I may have a claim against them as surely a motherboard that can die within 16 months was not fit for purpose... I am all clued up on the bank charges side but admit I know nothing when it comes to this side of things, where do I start? The greasy teen made it quite clear it wasn't their problem....but I am SO hoping it is and I can get something done about this. As a single Mom to 2 girls under 5, 700 quid did not come easy in the first place and was a big treat to myself which I saved up for ages for. Help!!!!!!
  12. i have just sent off my lba to littlewoods for £90 worth of charges on the account that i have just paid off. it's not a lot i know but they have caused me so much hassle over the last few months i'm determined to be awkward. i received a basic, 'we're looking into your complaint letter' about a week ago but nothing else and wondered if anyone else has got to this stage and/or been refunded at all? i've read all the threads i can find but was wondering if i'd missed anyones success?
  13. has anyone tried to send a prelim or lba to capital one via email? and have they responded? they only owe me £40 worth of charges and figured this would be a nice easy way of getting back off them!
  14. sent my LBA off on monday morning having had no reply whatsoever from prelim. sent it to THE colin langdale as he seems to be good at getting stuff done, and surprise surprise i had a full offer this morning in the post. turns out my calculations were slightly wrong and one charge i had counted had previously been refunded, so they are offering me the full amount minus that one charge. just about to send my letter back and will then eagerly await my £150! i have also managed to get a new current account with the lovely co-operative bank, so it's so long HSBC! i'm so glad not to be at their mercy anymore! good luck everyone else
  15. success with littlewoods following dpa letter. received a big brown envelope full of all information from 2001. they are not laid out as actual statements but once you understand all the abbreviations you can figure out where the charges are. will be printing my prelim letter requesting £90 back this afternoon!
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