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  1. Hi everyone Quick update. Today is the 16th August and Halifax deadline to reply to my prelim letter has expired. So i will now been sending the LBA to try and kick start them into action. Thanks Rob
  2. Thanks , believe me they will pay after treating me like poo for the last four years.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Update I have broken my claim down to two parts to keep under £5000 prelim sent to Halifax bank recorded post so tick tock.
  4. Hi Couple of quick questions before i send my prelim letter. 1. On my schedule in respect off column i have inputed the word charges. On my statements its says charges as notified will this effect my claim?. 2. Should i include my interest as the prelim letter says or should i leave it out till the courts. 3.My claim will be £7069 without interest would it be better to go for the lot or break it down in two halfs by using a date range. Thanks in advance Rob
  5. Hi Im in the process of putting together my prelim letter to the halifax. In the letter do i put both ,charges and the interest owed in this letter or just the charges? In the schedule template it lists examples of why u have been charged but on my statements it gives no reason apart from Charges as notified. So do i put charges as notified or do i have to contact Halifax to get the fine details. Thankyou for the help Rob
  6. Hi Just found this site today and currently trying to to take everything in before i take the first step in claiming my unfair charges back from the halifax, which is £5515. I have already sent off four years worth of statements which arrived yesterday individually. Im now looking to send my prelim letter at some point this week when i get my head round all the information. Rob:D
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