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  1. Hi The intrest rate i am claiming for is for 24.9% i am doing my n1 form can i change my schedule of charges to the cash advance rate of 27.9% at this stage. or do i have to re send of anothe LBA. Also when claiming for contractual intrest how would i list the the value of what im claiming i have had a go? Charges £xxxxx Interest on charges £xxxx contractual interest total £xxxx Court Costs £xxxxx Thanks Rob
  2. Hi Been a bit delayed filing my mcol. But in the claims of particulars i am struggling what to write in the calculations paragraph. I am not claiming s.69 interest as im claiming interest on the charges and contractual interest on the whole amount daily with an apr 24.9% Any help would be appreciated rob
  3. Hi Cannot quite work out what your trying to say. You can claim either of the two intrests but you cannot claim for both! Rob
  4. Hi Made a phonecall to barclaycard which was a complete waste of time. They told me if i want them to settle the claim in full then i had to file a mcol. Funny!
  5. Keep up the presure you will get you want in the end. Good luck
  6. Hi Update Had a response to my LBA today. I wont bother you with contents, as the details can be summed up in two words 'Feck off'. So im going to give them a quick phone call before i file with mcol.
  7. Hi Lol almost , you cannot claim contractual and the s69 interest at mcol its one or the other. Rob
  8. Hi You can claim contractual interest right from the start of your claim. The s.69 8% interest can only be claimed when submitting a court claim. But you cannot claim both. you claim the interest on charges from the the day they were levied. As i posted earlier if u use one of vampiress spreadsheets from her chambers it will work the 24.9% at a dialy rate for u.
  9. HI You need to be claiming for contractual interest at the highest rate of the card( You can find this on statements or phone MBNA) Usually around 24.9%. This will most probably double your claim. You can use one of vampiress spreadsheets to work the interest out for you.(search vampiress and their is a link in her signature. Vampiress chambers) At this stage i wouldnt bother phoning i would get on with sending your prelim letter and accept their offer as partial payment. Rob
  10. Hi Stevie If you claim contractual interest. you cannot claim the 8% at the mcol stage. The best way to work out the contractual interest daily at 24.9% APR is to use a spreadsheet from vampiress chambers(search vampiress) using the spreadsheet and the highest rate paid(Ring custome service to find out) on your card will probably double your claim. Good example is myself claimed for £900 and with contractual interest at 24.9 highest rate. my final claim £2300 If you decide to go down this route you will have to re start your claim. rob
  11. Hi Yes cash the cheque. Stevie before you start you mcol have u added contractual interest? If not this may be worth doing as this will probably double your claim as the APR will be around 24.9%. Rob
  12. Hi I would give the customer advocate office a ring before starting your mcol. If you do this today they will probably settle in full. The number to ring is 01244672628. Just tell them that you have filed LBA for charges and the 14 day deadline has now passed and im now going issue a court claim. Many people have done this and they have paid up including myself. Its worth a try and you have nothing to lose. Rob
  13. Hi Loli If you have sent the prelim and they have offered 40% you need to accept this as a partial payment and then send the LBA. At the begining of your LBA you might want to put in this paragraph. Thank you for your letter dated xxxx I accept your offer of a refund of charges totalling ££££ on the understanding as a partial settlement towards my claim. I intend to continue with my claim against you for the remainder of charges added to my account between the date xxxx and xxxx. If you have already sent a LBA then i would give them a phone call at the customer advocate office where they will more than likely pay u in full rob
  14. Hi Im not sure about which court you would go 2 but to be honest i dont think it will get to court as they will settle at the LBA stage. Have you done a Prelim Letter? If not then you must do this before your LBA and you can find templates for both in the library. Regards Rob
  15. Hi I would not add your phone number but what i would do is when the 14 day deadline has passed for your LBA then i would give them a ring. MBNA will pay you out before it gets to MCOL. Number u need is the customer Advocate Office 01244 672628 Regards Rob
  16. HI The percentage rate varies from card to card. The best thing to do would be to phone up MBNA customer services and ask them for the highest rate u have paid.(24.9 is a popular rate.) If u have £2000 in charges you will pretty much double that figure if u add contractual interest which can be claimed from the begining of your claim. Look up vampiress and in her signature is a link to vampiress chambers this will give u a range of spreadsheets so just choose one which suits u. The interest your talking about is the s.69 interest which is added when filing a mcol. This interest is only 8% and as Mbna normally pay out at teh LBA stage this interest does not come into play. Rob
  17. Hi Keep u the pressure Nicol you will get your statements very soon im sure. Nicol your calculations seem ok to me, however i would phone up customer services to find the APR of your card. More than likely be around 24.9%. Rob
  18. Hi Looking at this post it sounds to me yvonne is very reasonable, but is she? She was quick to settle a claim £675 Did this include contractual interest? If not she probably just done her job and saved MBNA alot of money. Remember claiming contractual interest on charges may double your claim.(This is money they have already added to your charges and to your account) Rob
  19. Yes phone once your 14 days have expired. Rob
  20. Nice one shelty congrats on your win. Rob
  21. Hi Well ive had loads of dealings with MBNA customer services and most are very rude and aggresive and very un helpfull. The best thing to do is to bypass customer service department and speak to the customer advocate office on 01244 672628 this department will be dealing with your claim. Good luck Rob
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