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  1. Hi Long story i owe a solicitor £500 after they messed up the calculations during a house sale. i moved house and they have caught up with me and want the £500. they have threatend me with with court action etc. i have started paying them back £50 a month which i can afford however they are wanting me to disclose my household income as they wont agree for me to pay back installments unitll i do. They have sent me another letter saying if i don't disclose they will carry on with court procedings. couple of questions Do i have to disclose my household income? The reason i don't want to is i have just changed jobs and don't want them contacting my employer as it looks quite bad i owe money. If im ringing up on a monthly basis and paying can they still take me to court? Help required Thanks
  2. Hi Dude Yes i think so as far as i know.
  3. OK GT phoned and are keeping it opened untill ppi is claimed. Basically was threatened if you want closure on the IVA then you must claim your PPI. If you want the threatening letters from banks etc claiming you still owe money then claim ppi and they will stop. How can you force somebody to claim ppi. Is this worth a complaint ? Regards Rob
  4. Yeah im going to get them to give them a call and we will see what happens. Thanks Rob
  5. Thanks for the reply. No they have not spoken to GT yet. However i have clicked the link and the status is set to current with a footnote which reads as follows. Individual Voluntary Arrangements will remain visible while they are Current, and for a period of 3 months after the receipt of notice of the revocation order, full implementation or termination of the agreement. The IVA was paid up in full and they have a letter from GT stating the final payment has been made. If GT have made a mistake who stands to the debt? Thanks Rob
  6. Thanks for the reply ims (bit late i know) Anyway a quick update on this and anyones help would be appreciated. This Iva was finished in october 2012 which was backed up by a letter from the company who set up the Iva arrangement Grant Thorton. In this letter they stated within 6 months a certificate of completion would be sent. However after all this time they still have not received this certificate. In october 2013 a year later they have received a letter from Halifax claiming they still owe 12k. They also claim Grant Thornton never paid a penny to them. need some urgent advice please as this cant be right? I will also mention if you have read the thread that no ppi money has been claimed.
  7. Ive been reading a few post on this and would like to know the above. Both my parents have been mis sold policys from cpp with one been misold as early as 2001. Can you claim before 2005? Do you have to wait for them to payout in the spring? (subject to court hearing) or can you start your own claim with a SAR etc
  8. Hi Need some advice i have claimed £900 back from barclays on ppi. I have currently have an outstandind debt of 1100. which is £500 pound over the credit limit so yes the account is in arrears. Barclays over the phone last week stated that the debt had been sold on and we would get a full refund of £900 I have checked our bank account today and only the interest has been paid in so i decided to give them a call. They have now said the outstanding debt will now be paid with the ppi. They have not sold the debt but passed it over debt so we are entitled to use that agaist the arrears. Is this right can anyone help me thanks Rob
  9. First of all she has not accepted the refund yet so would it be possible for her to pay off the remainder of her iva 3 payments left and then accept the ppi offer later as she has 6 month to accept there offer. Surely the bank would not be able to give it to the administrator if the iva had been paid up? Rob
  10. Ooooops sorry i meant an IVA Personal loan.
  11. Hi I am trying to get some information for a friend regarding a ppi and a cva. First of all my friend fell into financial difficulty nearly 5 years ago in entered into a cva which has a few more payments before its finished. However 8 weeks ago she asked for her ppi money back from barclays who were one of her debters before she entered the cva. They have wrote back this week with the amount they want to refund which is a large 5 figure sum but have said they will give the money to the firm handling her cva. As i said earlier she has now only got a few payments left on the cva and i wondering whats the best course of action for her to take as she has just been made redundant and could do with that money until she finds another job. regards rob FOR CVA READ IVA - dx
  12. Hi How can i obtain the terms and conditions of my closed account for 2004-2008.
  13. Ok quick update, just received a photo copy of my credit agreement and the new balance which now falls under £750. However the phone calls have now re started probably trying to get more money out of me. Anyhow this week will see me send of my prelim letter to get my charges back. Thanks for all your help
  14. Well still awaiting receipt??? Do u think i will get one?
  15. Will i have to phone them to find who to make the cheque payable. If so i hope i can obtain this info without disclosing who i am or does this not matter? Letter ready to go ! just need to sort cheque and i will send special delivery tomorrow.
  16. ok my 18 days is up on saturday so time is running out. I can use a cheque from my family but will it clear in time?? Bankers cheque take 2 days to order so cannot go down that route. Bit of a daft question, Will i have to phone them to find, who i make the cheque payable. thanks Rob Just to add i have 21 days to make a payment and 18 days to sd. So bit more time than i thought. Not much though.
  17. Yes i know its messy. Once i pay Hamptons the cash can i finish what i started with capital one. thanks
  18. HI ok the sd was issued on the 16th to my wife cos i was not in. So i have not got a great deal of time! i owe £900 alledgedly. cap one owe me £950 in unlawful charges. capital one defaulted me after they offered me a part settlement in response to my LBA. I never took this to court due to personal issues at the time. They also passed over my debt of £900 to different DCA's which i sent out letters telling them the account was in dispute .They stopped chasing me. They passed it to hamptons but i dont know if i ever sent them the same letter. I don't have much paperwork of my claim for charges due my pc blowing up so lost the copies. However i do have the response for my lba. Also a letter from one of the DCA's letting me know they were not pursuing the debt because the account was in dispute. i have not sent a cca to hamptons hope this is a bit more clearer of my situation.
  19. Thanks for the reply's ok they have not sent any proof of the debt. They have listed my local court. Ok im just going to send them a cheque for £150. Is their a letter in the library i use for this?
  20. i only owe £900 to hamptons who are acting on behalf of cap one. To be honest i would rather take this route and risk messing up with the sd. Do i phone them and make a payment over the phone and set up a monthly repayment plan?( cos thats whats they will want) Do i send them a bankers draft in the post with a covering letter? Will they accept this offer? what if they dont? Can i continue my own procedings on capital one to claim back the unlawful charges? thanks again just want to make the right decision.
  21. Ok thanks for that dx i im going to do a set side or at least try. Im going to get the forms done in the morning so i will see how it goes. Rob
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