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  1. Oops, didn't realise I hadn't updated this thread for that long... We received an offer of £459 for full and final settlement (we claimed for £540) and we've decided for the sake of £80, we're going to accept the offer. Bearing in mind my baby is due in 3 weeks time so could really turn up anytime now... jam
  2. one other quick question... My LBA has a sentence in it, that the bank has "failed to respond to my letter" They have responded, do you think I should change it to "failed to resolve the issues raised in my previous letter" ? thanks jam
  3. Well, I received a letter at the end of last week, confirming receipt of my letter and telling me that they're looking into it and will let me know 'when they've completed their investigations' Just needed to ask...is the 14 days I stated in my Preliminary Approach for repayment, working days or calendar days...if it's calendar days, I need to be sendin off my LBA very soon! Thanks jam
  4. sure freaky, I'm claiming for £540. Thanks for the responses everyone, the letter has been sent today, I'll keep you posted on how it's going! jam
  5. Well, I'm finally feeling organised and I'm about to send off my Preliminary Approach for repayment letter and I just wanted to check a couple of things before I send my letter. Is the following address still the best one to send my letter to? Arlington Business Centre, Milshaw Park Lane, Leeds LS11 OPP And do I need to send a copy of my Schedule of charges with this letter, or do I send that with my LBA? Thanks in advance! jam
  6. We are shortly going to make a claim to Capital One to refund a number of charges they've put on my account over the past few years. We know they have been offering the £8 difference (between the £20 and £12) for each charge pretty much straight away and we've decided that if they do offer us this we're just going to accept it (I know, I know, we should carry on for the full amount but we really need the cash asap, and even just the £8 for each charge would be enough for what we need) My question is: If they make the offer, should I immediately ask for the 29.9% interest they have been ch
  7. Thanks, I'll get a letter sent off then. (well after payday anyway, since there's not enough credit on my credit card for me to authorise them to take payment from the account ) I've got another slight problem. When my purse was stolen about 2 years back, I reported the card as missing and rather than just sending me a new card, they closed down my old credit card and opened me up a new account (is that even legal?) but I'm not sure if I've got a record of the old account number. Would a SAR cover that, if I gave them all my details, or do I have to specifically state the account numbe
  8. Sorry if this is posted somewhere, but I had a quick look and I couldn't find anything. I've recently decided that I'd like to try and claim back the charges that Cap One have applied to my account over the past, however many years (to be honest I'd be happy, if it just cleared my current balance so that I can close down the account and forget about it) and I've looked at my online statements and found £100 worth of charges so far. The online statements only seem to go back 6 months though, so my question is: Is there any way to access my earlier statements online, or do I have to send o
  9. Okay, I've got all my statements from the bank now. Just filling in the spreadsheet and then I'll be sending off my prelim letter.
  10. Thanks very much...my mum is going through her statements this week.
  11. Yeah, I noticed that on my Capital One statement this month. Haven't heard from any other banks though.
  12. Ooh, thank you for the answers and thank you for the welcome I've spoken to my mum, who's going to see what statements she still has, (she's a bit of a hoarder so she'll probably have most of them) that should save her £10 for the SAR. What sort of timescale do claims usually get settled in? (providing we send of all our letters as soon as we can)
  13. That exactly where I'm going tomorrow (been going there since the first year it opened ) Let us know how it goes with the Post Office, hopefully there should be some compensation!
  14. Thanks for the replies! I guess I'll have to send off my SAR then, since the charges would have been about 4 years ago when I was still actively using the account. Thanks again!
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