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  1. That's an excellent piece of advice, and something I had not considered, but which I can now assure you is totally on board, thank you, G&M. One of the reasons I appreciate this forum is because people aren't (and shouldn't be) afraid to say what they think, even if it's not what the OP wants to hear. Thanks to all for your honest answers and opinions. I may end up appealing just simply because I have the right to do so, knowing that in the end I will just have to accept that I am/was in the wrong and pay the charge. Thanks to you too, Michael, that's a very fair and extremely valid point... and it made me smile, too.
  2. Hi all, Thanks for all the quick replies. I should point out that I'm not actually trying to get out of paying this charge, (well, maybe a wee bit); I was more looking for advice on whether the (wrong) advice from the Police was reasonable grounds for an appeal. That said, I do appreciate that ignorance of the rules is not a defence. Bookie and G&M, I totally agree with your points about the warden only doing his job, keeping bays free for genuine users, and of the ways in which using the badge 'twice' could be done, etc. I probably will appeal on the grounds that I was taking the Police's own advice, and that there was never any intention to purposely flout any rules or laws, and then hope I get someone in a really good mood. That said, I do and would welcome more of your thoughts on this, guys. OB
  3. Hi all, Been a while since I posted on this forum, but I need some sage advice, although I suspect the replies I get will be bad news. Me and Mrs Bear have an autistic, brain damaged son who is the holder of a Blue Badge; we've had this badge for some years. The local council also placed a disabled space outside our front door, (I am aware that this is NOT for our sole use btw). Over the years numerous attempts have been made to break into our car during the night, and back in 2004 some scally did finally nick the badge. Cheeky b*rsteward ignored all the fancy cars in the street just to pick on our old banger, presumably for the badge. Anyway, having reported it to the cops and obtaining a crime ref, the cops simple advice was "don't leave it in the car overnight". Fair enough, we haven't since... but it hasn't stopped us getting numerous attempted break-ins, simply because we're in a disabled bay. That said, nothing from the council in over 3 and a half years, but... ... got up this morning to find Barnet Council have hit us with a PCN for £100 (£50 if paid in 14 days) for not displaying the badge. The fellow who stuck the ticket on there must have been keen (or on good commission), the ticket was issued at 23.39 (20 to 12 midnight) in the pouring rain. Spoke to parking, told her of the constant attempted break-ins, mentioned the Police advice and was told, "they had no right to tell you that, you'll have to pay". She then transferred me to the department who can take away the bay, as I told her we were constantly being targetted because of it. Their advice: "If you don't want to be a target, don't park in the bay!" The reason we got the bay put there in the first place was for security for our son, and because of his walking difficulties. Anyway, I'm rambling. Questions is: is this worth appealing against? The police 'advice' would probably be marked as hearsay; we 'strictly' speaking ARE in the wrong, but we're on benefit and can't afford either amount. Another thing: we're on the very edge of the borough, so are wondering, is this a normal time of night for parking wardens to be strolling about in a side street, in the pouring rain, on the very edge of a borough, or were we reported? I spoke to the Barnet Blue Badge people and asked if they had any type of scheme in place similar to most other London boroughs, wherein they issue a separate permit which can be used overnight instead of putting the BB and the car at risk; they said "No!" I suggested it was a money making scheme, she neither admitted nor denied it, but merely sighed. Thanks for listening, and for any advice. OB
  4. Karen, The bank certainly are not allowed to take your DLA, as that belongs to your daughter, but it's only paid to you. Rory is quite right to point you to the Benefits thread. Can I ask you to have a look in particular at a post I made in that thread? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/36790-bank-taking-your-benefits-5.html#post522407 You should read the letters from Patricia Hewitt and the Bankers Association reply. They can't take money intended for care of a disabled child, end of story. I challenged the Abbey for doing exactly what they are doing to you, and they paid us back the money they took. Let us know how you get on with this. You're in good hands with Rory at your side. OB.
  5. I've noticed there are a lot of posts on this forum advising that catalogues NEVER send out CCAs; (which I, personally, think is a very dangerous practice). Not in my experience. My dear wife has been an agent with Great Universal for donkey's years and she has a briefcase full of CCAs, for both herself and for her clients. Obviously, I don't know about other cat companies, but GUS seem to be doing it properly. Hope this helps (a bit). OB
  6. Couldn't agree more. Obviously, it is your call, but I'd call them back and tell them you want it all back. I very politely asked for over £360 and got it all. OB
  7. Well, the account balance online now shows £0.00, which should mean a cheque is on the way for the Credit balance that has been showing for the last 2 weeks. This is officially notched up as a win, guys. OB
  8. Thanks Vick, I got the address from their website and my wife's statement. SAR is typed and ready to go. OB
  9. Vick, Can you confirm what address you sent your SAR to, please? Thanks. OB
  10. Do the Muffin everyone, Chez won her fight. About time, too; I thought you were never going to win this one. Way to go, Chezt!!!! Now that I know for sure that Littlewoods will pay out, I think it's about time for Mrs Bear to go after all her little 15 quidders ( Really happy for you, sweetie. OB
  11. No, they haven't!! Don't fall for this; it's exactly what they want you to believe. If they could justify these charges, they would have turned up in a courtroom by now and proved it to a judge. They haven't. They are simply bullsh*tting you and hoping that you will believe that they know better. Do NOT let them do this. All the proof you need is in the other HFC threads that they have paid out in. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hfc-household/ The letter, as dori2o has said, is a standard bog-off form letter; you'll see the same crap in threads where people have beaten HFC. What they believe changes nothing. Now, get back in that ring and start slugging. Live up to that 'dragon' name. HTH OB
  12. Sky's overseas support is a joke. You really need to get a Brit on the phone. Question is, how?? Well... I had a similar problem and below is how I sorted it. Not an answer to your question, but this usually gets you through to someone who will bend over backwards to help you. Next time you call, tell them that you are calling to cancel your contract. It works every time. It may be worth a try. HTH OB
  13. Hi Monnie, If Studio deal with yours as quickly as they did mine, you'll be paid back loooooooong before the initial 40 days are up. Good luck, OB
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Way to go, you. :D Just PM any Mod of your choice and they'll change your title, and move it up to the Success section if you wish. Happy for you. OB
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