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  1. Hi In reference to the above complaints about loud fans and efficient cooling on the Advent 8112 model and potential shutdowns. An Engineer I work with just took the back off my 8112 model, removed the fan cover to expose the entrance to the heat exchanger to find it blocked with dust. He used a vaccum and compressed air to remove the dust. Subsequent cooling and fan action is noticeably improved in efficiency and thus much quieter. Hope this helps, please don't take the back off your laptop unless you know what you're doing. Thanks
  2. Hi All, An update. After the judge saying my next court date would be in july it is actually now tomorrow. My dad is going for me as i can't get the time off work. I'm going for full disclosure as advised, hoping this will produce a cheque in the post. So fingers crossed for my dad. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow
  3. Hi all Captial One settled! Received a letter this week saying blah blah blah, we don't accept what you're saying but your cheque is in the post for £965! yay!!!! and they paid me contractural interest as well. Thanks everyone for your help on this. Just citicard and cahoot to takle now. My dad is in court with citicard tomorrow as i can't make it due to work. will let everyone know how it goes xxx
  4. Right, finally got the money together to raise my action aganst capital one!! 885.55 including 15.9% interest and 80pounds fees i'm going to pop a letter in the post to them tomorrow letting them know i've raised the action to move it along a bit fingers crossed its settled as soon as poss and they're alot easier to deal with than Citicard!!!!!
  5. God, i really need to make sure i get full disclosure as well if i'm one of the test cases.
  6. Never thought of that, you're probably right....i'm going to make sure my preparation is water tight if i am a test case - will be doing it for the team! Yeah, was going to ask you about the default....saw in your thread your tackling that?
  7. Hey It was all a bit annoying really. Got really prepared, and was quite pleased with my statement etc (if anyone wants a copy i'll email it them, don't want to post it here cos of Citibank spys). Got into the court room, and the Judge let us know that in the Birmingham area they're grouping cases into 20, doing a full hearing on a sample of 3 of them and then ruling on the rest of them on the result of the 3. Judge Cook is dealing with all of them Not sure why they couldn't have told me this before i went back to bham, took a days holiday and prepared my whole case but hey ho.
  8. gizmo - i wouldn't have been able to do this if i didn't have your email. thanks so much. you rock!! xxx
  9. Hey guys Any last pearls of wisdom would be great. i'm just putting my final bits together now....
  10. gizmo - thankyou so much for the email and the best wishes wll probably be on line tomorrow morning before i go to court - arrrgggghhh!
  11. Right, i'm off to get the train to Brum and read over my notes whilst trying not to panic. Will be back on line later Arrghh! Court tomorrow - can't believe it!!
  12. Yes, they've sent me a bundle which i briefly summarised above. Hearing is tomorrow at 2pm in Bham. I live in London so i'm off to get train in about 20 mins and then have days' holiday tomorrow to go to case.
  13. It's a pretty agressive defence to be honest. Basically saying i'm idiot who can't manage her money, hasn't read the Acts i'm referring to and i'm doing it as a get rich quick scheme. Errrr hello credit card company that also made me bankrupt and harassed me for year.
  14. Hi Gizmo, No i didn't get a chance to as my email went down at work and i had to submit the papers that day. Do yuo think i should take it along with me regardless? Could you let me know a rough outline of what you said?
  15. Elsinore I'm a little bit ahead of you but i was wondering if i could borrow for a little bit of advice re: what to say in court.... my post is below yours on board....
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