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  1. Hi, Natwest agreed to our financial hardship last june 09 and refunded charges, which was great, since the court judgment 09 they have been very good and not applied interest or charges, received a letter yesterday to say because i have kept bank account in order they now find me not to be in financial hardship and will start applying charges again!( although still unemployed and in arrears with mortgage/ utilities) I realize that i have been fortunate so far with NW, can i do anything about this?
  2. Bump! Should i send for a full SAR, i have found a Spread Sheet in interest tutorials that estimates apr, which i have thought about sending, any ideas??? MBNA are such bleeps !!!! My partner & I were made redundent earlier in the year, and am trying hard to stay on top of it, have made them aware of this + 20 times speaking to people all over the world and still they send letters of we have tried to conntact you but you do not reply ( yes i have made several payments), I do not want to be defaulted as hopefully are situations will change, they of all are NO HELP! being 1 month in arreas they have charged £150.00 + (mostly charges) I need to go at them with all i have got, any help most apprieciated.
  3. Hi, I want to charge contractual interest with my claim for cc charges, could someone direct me to an appropriate spreadsheet please, although i have a problem which is when i sent sar they just sent back a list of charges whithout details of what interest i have paid (which is why the advanced spreadsheet i have found so far don't work) Is there a spreadsheet out there?whithout needing to no this info? I maid a claim for the charges+ compouded contractual int which they paid in full in 2007, there apr they charge me has gone up from 16% to 34.5%!!:eek: Any help apprieciated
  4. Hi All, Happy Today:):) The story went--- Sent back I & E form filled out through cccs included all proof of debts and priority arrears, had a letter to say they accepted my hardship application but this didn't mean they would pay back charges, but to hand in to local branch cheque books bank cards etc, they then sent a solo card and said they wouldn't take overdraft away just nedd to make an arrangement to pay it off over time, 2 weeks later had an offer of £1,193.00. and it has been just over 10 days for them to credit my account.:D:D I really have to say that the NatWest have been really good through this in our circumstances, but i realise that the banks own criteria of hardship leaves allot to be desired, you really have to be in the right place at the right time, we don't want to but are on the verge of going through a debt management plan and if we had already been there then it seems the banks see this as managing your debts and so not in hardship CRAZY Hey!!!!! Also the government may help with interest on mortgage soon so there will be no mortgage arrears, it is unfair for the majority whom arein genuine finacial hardship, just all seems crazy to me, i also have to say like many of us we are not spongers, we have worked all our lives and have put on to mortgage, loans & mortgage payments when things were hard instead of claiming benefits, incurring more and more bank charges, how stupid if only we had always rented and claimed benefits we would be allot better off! pays not to work your but off!!! Sorry for the rant and am really happy with the result from the NatWest, considering how LLoyds are just beepbeepbeeepppsssss!!! I hope all of the rest of you get a great result soon.
  5. Hi All, Think i am trying to take on to many things at once at the moment it gets v confusing! Could anyone give me a link for the template letter to complain to the FSA? I am about to put in post tomorrow LBA, is it worth including Inc & Ex form from cccs and copies of all mortgage arrears? Also can i also write to the FOB as well as above mentioned. With regard to the letter of appropriation, we have 2 bank accounts, priority bills go out of both but benefits go into the other bank account does this letter only work with the bank account that receives the benefits? From what i have read of others cases it sounds as though it's not a good idea to move bank accounts at the moment as they will only refund (maybe)while its in use, also is setting up a DMP a good idea will this go against them accepting you in Financial Hardship. Appologies for the many questions i have been looking on here all day ( actually all fortnight) for answers it gets a bit mind fuddling & i can't spell!!! Any Advice once again greatfully recived xx
  6. Hi Landy, am following your thread with great interest as in a similar situation to you although i haven't worked as hard as you as yet, just had 1 letter from Lloyds refusing to look into our financial hardship situation, i also have amended charges to incorporate overdraft lnt, and will send back further LBA, have you filled at court yet? Sorry to be of no help & thankyou for helping me read about your case! Good Luck
  7. Thanks for that Caro,& thank you for the link to the tuition in interest, I'm just a lowly little house wife with 4 wee babes, never really had to think about how the interest is applied!!but this forum is sooo helpful & watch out banks I'm a quick learner!!!!!8)8)8)
  8. I am claiming for the second time with the NatWest under hardship, i won with full and final settlement back in 2006 but had not added interest at the time, can i claim the overdraft interest from the first claim and added charges to the present date?
  9. Hi, yes basically i made a claim back in 2006 which i won in full around £2,500, i hadn't added interest to this claim. now as said we have been made redundant, charges coming in thick and fast, and have calculated around £1,300 since 06, i have just recently calculated an extra £2,600 in overdraft interest has been taken from me because of the charges but this figure goes back to 2001, i have already sent my prelim with list of charges without added overdraft interest under hardship, as said they asked for income and expenditure form to be filled out which i did but had left out a few credit card bills owing, they have sent another letter asking for proof of mortgage arrears and some credit card bills. i thought i would now send them an amended income and expenditure form with proof of all arrears etc and also send list of charges i am asking for with added £2,600 in overdraft interest do you think this is a good idea or should i start a seperate claim for the overdraft interest?
  10. Hi Yourbank, we are now 2 months nearly 3 in arrears with the mortgage, and no to payment plans, my partner and myself have both recently been made redundant and currently on benefits, are outgoings far exceed incomings, i have been in contact with cccs and will contact all creditors.
  11. Hi All I've started a claim with the NatWest under hardship, i have filled out their income & expenditure forms and have received a letter asking for proof of priority debts, this is fine but i have realized i haven't included all my debts. I have 2 queries, shall i send another income expenditure form, i have one i completed with cccs and all proof of debts? Also i have only just read Bankfoders thread on claiming the overdraft interest and have worked out i can claim an extra £2,500 ! should i also send the renewed amount i will be claiming?? Even though the Natwest haven't accepted i'm in hardship yet, they have responded far better than the Lloyd's who just say no. Any advice gratefully received.
  12. Thank you ohoh4312, for this spreadsheet, i have found using it easy, which is great for little old me! whom has no experience of spreadsheets, it was a bit daunting trying to work out overdraft interest percentage v charges applied before reaching the time when the overdraft was same amount as charges, although i have used it for 2 bank accounts, Lloyd's & NatWest, pretty much same amount of charges applied to both over six years and same 1000 overdraft, the OD interest on the charges Lloyd's had taken was £ 250, where as the NatWest was £2,600!!!! maybe i have done something wrong?? or maybe it was because larger sums of money went in and out the Lloyd's??
  13. Thanks for the reply, will do that, oops seem to have made 2 threads by mistake, just learning, sorry!
  14. Hi All, Basically started a claim for bank charges with the Lloyds for my partner back in 07, we both have recently been made redundant and at present receiving benefits, so have sent letter asking for amended charges + 8% interest under financial hardship, charges total £3.500, received a letter today stating they will get someone to ring regarding financial position ( to disscuss a varirty of payment solutions!) but will not deal with charges until the conclusion of the test case. Also said no to future charges being frozen. My question is how do i repond now, do i send a letter before action? I would also like to add the interest charged on the overdraft due to the bank charges, do i send ammended charges give them 7 days to reply then take court action? Sorry to ask an obvious question, I have tried to read around the forum for a few days now to gain ansers, Any Advice soooo welcome We are in arrears with mortgage now 2 mths £2000, but as the bills now bounce regulary from bank account we are paying approx £300 in charges, it is so diabolical when it is most of what we get in benefits of which the tax payer pays for and we are very gratefull and hope to gain employement soon but WHy SHOULD THE LLOYDS GET THIS MONEY!!!!
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