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  1. Hi Andy and thanks for the reply. I haven't done a CCA request because I have been making payments through Payplan to CBS Transcom that they have been receiving since July 2006. What do I do? Do I fill in the form , as Payplan advised, and then just let the court decide (which we really don't want to do) or mount some sort of defense? (which we don't know how to do)
  2. Thanks for the reply fedup74, there was a default notice sent on 23 July 2007 from Arrow Global LLC, this is the only one that I can find. As far as charges go I have looked at the statements that I have and there are charges on them, if that's what you mean? Sorry, I am new to this and am unsure as to what I am doing:confused:
  3. Hello, this is my first post and I am in desperate need of all your help. My wife had a Halifax Bank of Scotland card that was sold to MBNA in January 2006. In July 2006 we contacted the National Debtline who in turn passed our finances onto Payplan. We have been making regular payments ever since. MBNA have sold the debt onto CBS Transcom or Arrow Global LLC (TBH I am not sure who now holds the debt as we receive letters from both, but it appears to be mainly Arrow Global LLC now). My wife has received lots of threatening letters and calls from both Arrow and CBS Transcom and then Cope's
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