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  1. Firstly sorry it has taken me so long to try and write this:oops: As you all know I went to court back in March, the morning went as follows: The paperwork stated that I had to be at the court for 10.15am, not having been before I assumed that this was my time slot! I sat and waited and finally got my chance at 11.30am. I went in full of confidence and armed with all the information that I thought I need (following the advice of a couple of lovely chaps!) I was polite and explained that I was a litigant in person and had limited knowledge of the law. I thought that the hearing
  2. I will certainly update the thread asap, I am just trying to keep the essay to a minimum with all the facts in the right order! I can now let you all know what happened and when, but as you can see from the title I received a nice letter in the post today:D, this smiley is definately showing the grin on my face at the moment! Thank you so much to all of you that have helped me;), it is very much appreciated:smile:
  3. Hi all, just to keep you up to speed! I have received a Notice of Hearing Application from my local court and the date is set for 2nd March 2009, but as of yet I have not received and Allocation Questionairre.. My feelings now are that preverbial brick depositing from a rear orafice:eek:
  4. Me again:rolleyes: After saying that I have heard nothing and that I am still waiting, this morning I got a letter from NCC bulk centre saying that; "as a result of an order made on 16 January 2009, this claim has been transferred to ****** Countu Court" Whay could I not have been told this when I rang? The letter also has a note on it that says NOTE: A party affected by this Order may under Rule 23.10 apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed. Such a party must apply under Rule 23.10 within 7 days of service of this order. What does all of this mean? And what
  5. Hi SC, Sorry not been around much lately, my TFT went bang:eek: I did send off the N244 but have heard nothing from the court, although I did try to call them and I think that I got the YTS girl:rolleyes: So no help really I will ring them again to see if a judge has had a chance to look over everything! Have had some paperwork from Cope's but TBH you can't really read it as the quality is really bad. So, I guess what I am trying to say is that I am still playing the waiting game. Thanks for the interest. MM
  6. Thanks pt and jonni2bad:) Also thanks to Docman and upto the eyeballs for your help and support, as I have said before it is very much appreciated:)
  7. Right guys, I have had absolutley sod all of the requested paperwork back and the 7 days were up yesterday, but I gave it until today (just because the post around here is rubbish at the moment:roll:) So now I need to do the N244 form ready to put into the court on Monday morning, any advice would be welcome, as always. Thanks in advance MM
  8. Thanks jonni2bad for the helpful advice and support:) Again, this is just for info I know that cope's have received my letter and as of today (3rd dec) I have had none of the requested info back.
  9. I am doing this for myself as well as others (in case anyone is interested), the court received my defence today the 28th November and say that they have now processed it. So, if I have got this right cope's now have until next Friday to ammend their claim. If they don't, then what next?
  10. Thanks pt for your help. I posted the defence to the court on the 25th November and the letter to cope's at the same time. I called the court earlier and as of 1pm today they say that they haven't received it. I will try and call again later as I am a little nervous that it hasn't arrived.
  11. Thank you pt2537 Just one question, I see from the letters that you posted that I am required to sign the letter to the court but if I send a copy to cope's do I sign it or just type my name? Once again, I really can't thank everyone enough for all the help. MM
  12. Andy, here's the P.O.C (sorry I typed them in) The Particulars of the claim say the following; 1. The claimant is assignee of the debt from MBNA Bank (Europe) Limited ("The Assignor") The claim represents the balance of payments due under a loan agreement made between the assignor and the defendant regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. 2. The agreement provides for: Payment for equal monthly installments; and in default the assignor may recover the balance of the principal sum: and all charges provided for. 3. In breach of said agreement the defendant failed to make payment
  13. Thanks as always Andy:) What do I need to do first? Sorry if I sound a bit stupid but I really am clueless!
  14. OK, guys it's me again! If the letters were received on the 4th November, then should I have heard something from either Cope's or Arrow Global by now? I have had absolutely nothing from them, so what do I do now?
  15. Just a quick question that has just occured to me, because I sent the CCA and CPR requests by guaranteed next day delivery do I need to add postage time? I know that this seems like a stupid question but it will be 14 days on the 18th Nov since they received their relevant requests!
  16. Thank you for the kind words Docman, it is appreciated:) Just for info I have checked and both the letters have been received by Cope's and Arrow Global, so I will see if I get any reply from either or both of them
  17. Thanks again Andy Thank you for your kind words and thoughts stephen7, I appreciate it
  18. Thank you Andy. For reference the dates are: Court papers date 27th October AoS 3rd November Deadline for defence (by my reckoning) 28th November?
  19. OK done that Do I just wait now? How do I put together a defence? Sorry lots of questions I know
  20. Hey guys, it's the scared out of her wits Mrs MM this time:eek: I have posted the CCA to Arrow Global and the CPR to Cope's although the post office didn't recognise Cope's address. Do I now need to go on to MCOL and register my intent on there? Also what happens now? Thanks again for all the help.
  21. Hi again, and sorry to be a pain but looking through my post I have just found a letter that I received yesterday dated 24th October 2008 saying the following: Re: Arrow Global LLC Dear ********* We act for the above named who instructed us that you owe the sum of £xxxxxxx. You have previously received notice persuant to the Law of Property Act 1925, that our client obtained the debt by way of assignment account number xxxxxxxxxx You have failed to make payment as requested and/or you have refused to make payment. Our client is no longer prepared to tolerate your failure to pa
  22. It's minimal and part of a larger payment plan that we make to payplan, so I'll leave it for now because at least it shows that I have been trying to deal with my debts. Thanks again Andy for your help and advice, it is really appreciated.
  23. Thank you sooo much, my wife is in such a state and doesn't know which way to turn. Can I just ring Payplan and tell them to stop the payments or will this get me in more trouble?
  24. Thanks Andy. I just need to get this straight in my head because it is spinning at an amazing rate of knots! I need to send a CCA to Arrow Global, and a CPR to Cope's. And I need to log onto MCOL and register that I intend to defend the whole claim? What do I do about Payplan? They have told me to fill in the form and send it to their legal department:-?
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