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  1. vjtrev

    Tracy Vs Abbey

    Hi Everyone, its been a long time since i've been here. Just a quick question as i never had the money to take the abbey to court, can i resubmit my forms to them (less the £320 they sent me) in the vain hope of getting any more?
  2. vjtrev

    Tracy Vs Abbey

    Hi All, Getting a bit worried after reading other threads, could the abbey be stupid enough to pay money into a closed account as I have not received my cheque promised on the 21/12/2006? Cheers Tracy
  3. vjtrev


    Hi Everyone, looking for some advice please. I had to go to A&E on monday due to an asthma attack, I was given a prescription for 3 items but they could only give me too at the time. One of these was for steroids to to be taken for 5 days at 8 tablets at day (by my calcs is 40 but they only gave me 30) and 1 other item they said I had to pick up from the hospital pharmacy on Tuesday. When I went to the pharmacy I was charged full price for the 10 tablets they owed me and the other item turned out the be an anti-allergy which I usually buy from Asda for less than 1 pound. As I didn't have the money at the time I was given I receipt for payment in 14 days. Is there anyway I can dispute this as why should I pay over 13 pound for a mis-calculation and a product I can buy elsewhere for 1 pound? Thanks for any help Tracy
  4. vjtrev

    Tracy Vs Abbey

    Hi Everyone, I had a nice letter from the abbey offering me 320 against my claim of 906 very generous!!! Trouble is that letter was dated 21/12/2006 and there is no sign of a cheque. Never mind I am now going to send in my LBA asking for the rest. Hope they send my cheque in time to pay my court costs Trace
  5. Hi Chetz, I have had the same probs and I am also with the CCCS. They told me you can ask them to take your tel no off your acc to stop them harrassing you. The abbey credit card are hopeless, i once spent 27 mins trying to get through to tell them I couldn't afford to pay and was with the CCCS, being past from diff depts then was told they hadn't heard of the CCCS by some snotty bloke. Serious need of training or what!!! good luck with them I am going to start with them soon
  6. vjtrev

    Tracy Vs Abbey

    Hi Lula, thanks for that. Sending my letter today. cheers Tracy
  7. Hi Everyone, everything going fine so far. 1st letter for statements sent 1/11/2006 received in 2 lots by 28/11/2006 even the microfiched copies weren't too bad to read. I have filled in the spreadsheet and it comes to 906 quid!! Never realised over the years they have had this much off me. Just a quick question do I add in the 10 pound fee for statements at this point? Thanks Tracy
  8. Hi Everyone, I have just received my first set of statements today (going back to 2005) and a letter stating they " have made arrangements to send you a list of archived transactions between 2000 and 2005, under separate cover" what this may look like does anyone know? Hopefully it will come soon then I can start proceedings against them Hurrah Tracy
  9. Hi Everyone, sorry to appear silly but ! have addressed my letter for request of statements to London but have read a few threads and people are talking about Bradford. Where do I send this inital letter? Please help Tracy
  10. Hi Everyone, I am about to take on the Abbey to reclaim my bank charges. Sorry if at any time I ask a stupidly obvious question. My friend monkey will give me help ( I hope) but thanks to her for the push in seeing her success. Tracy
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