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  1. Dont know if this helps in trying to work out this one, have to say i am wholly confused. Just looked at the paperwork for this. The form is titled Application for advance of salary for season ticket purchases for travel from home to work. There are no terms and conditions either on the application form, however there is a second page entitled notes fro completion. The only signature required is that "i give authority for the advance to be recovered over a period of: 11 or 12 months (the applicant ticks one of the two boxes.
  2. Here's my take on it. Has your employer at anytime carried out any manual handling training. Has your employer at anytime spoken to you about any risk assessments, or carried out a risk assessment on your return to work? On the Occ health side of life, has your supervisor/ occ health or indeed anyone regularly reviewed you? I might be worng here, but i think that if the matter went to tribunal they could well find in your favour but there is a bit of a kick back in that since april 2009 if they judge that you have contributed to the resultant termination of your employment they can reduce an award by up to 25%. Now we have only basic details, and there are those here that are far more experienced and wiser in such matters, and i will happily stand corrected on any point. In preperation for any meetings with advisors over this you need to set out in chronological order what has happened, giving a decent level of detail. Collate everything you have from the employer, doctors etc into a sensible order and make copies of everything (tiem consumign i know but it helps make sure you do not loose anything. Keep a diary now of what goes on, dates, times, names and details etc.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had any experince of Employers schemes regarding Travel Card/ Season ticket loans. Very briefly the scheme applicable in this case is this. An employees can apply for a travel card/ season ticket loan, the loan is offered on a interest free basis is is repaid from source by the employee on a monthly basis over a period of 12 months.. My questiosn are. 1. Is this legally classed as a advance of salary. 2. If it classed as a loan would it be covered by the likes of the consumer credit act etc. 3. if it isnt covered by any consumer law hwo could an employer enforce the rpeayment if it was to becoem an issue. Apologies for being very bague about this, there is a very good and genuine reason as the matter involves very sensitive confidentiality issues. I may well need some heavy duty expert opinion on this one as its bound to be complicated. And the case does not apply to me, as i am not covered by the confidentiality claueses of the person concerned.
  4. I would be very wary of what you say to them both before and indeed during any interview. It appears he his suggesting theft of a motor vehicle, be wary of agreeing with him, be as none specific on precise terms as you can be. The reson i say this is becuase if for example they were to go down say a particlar route it can be very easy to disprove it. If you were hyperthetically speaking agreeing with him on suspected robbery it woudl be easy to disprove robbery, end of story no case to answer and it all goes away. They are looking for what they call NFA no further action, anything for an easy life. In all likelyhood he will not come alone but will have a side kick, its doen purely to put you on edge, he may well ask you what you want done about it, again be non specific and go along the lines of i will wait and see what your investigations turn up and seek advice at the appropriate time. It would be helpful if you had someone with you too, it puts them a little at unease if you have a witness to what is said etc.
  5. One can only think the complaint was passed on by the Sgt who visited you. The Police like anyone else doesnt like complaints, so will (for the sake of diplomacy) try and deal with matters as quickly and informally as possible. Sounds to me like he has gone away and realised you arent going to go away. Dont expect too much to come of this with regards to the policing side of things i reckon the best you can expect is a conclusion of words f advice being given to the officer concerned. However whatever the outcome as long as it reflects your contention the car was removed unlawfully can only back up your claim in the future.
  6. You might also want to do a bit of digging around your local force and find the contact details of thier professional standards dept. A two pronged approach will get some reaction, copy the IPCC letter to the professional standards dep't and watch the sudden flurry of activity. They will do thier best to go for "local resolution", it looks better on thier statistics, whether you choose to accept that is of course entirely a matter for you. I know what i would do. Light blue touch paper and retreat a safe distance and wait for the pretty fireworks.
  7. The disputed or unpaid item proceedure isnt that difficult to follow really. Ebay though, are very apt at looking for any excuse not to refund monies and not following the laid down proceedures is just one to the ways around it. The problem is that if you try and follow the process now, you coudl end up with a bit of an issue. Say Ebay are abel to track down the original buyer and he says he will pay for the item. That leaves you in a bit of a sticky situation, as you have sold the goods to another. That is why they put these processes in place.
  8. BF. Email sent with details as requested. Manyt hanks
  9. A lot of employers are now requiring employees and potential emplyees to take copies of passports and other forms of ID as part of their checks for eligabilty to work in the UK. Some will even tell you it is a requirement.
  10. It would of course be highly inappropriate of me to comment any further on that particular item:-)
  11. Buzby. Have been in touch with the NUJ, who have been very helpful indeed. Many thanks.
  12. I have been advised that the latest edition of the Ilford Recorder is offering photographs for sale. I wish to make it crystal clear that i am now quite satisfied that only those images taken by Jules Dann and not mine are being offered for sale.
  13. BF. I would also point out this email i have received from the Editor of the Ilford Recorder 17:03 today: Dear Mr Marlow, I have been made aware that you have aired the complaint you have with our company on a public website and invited responses. You need to be aware that our legal team is monitoring the thread on this website with regard to any attack on our company which may be libellous. Chris Carter Editor,
  14. Batty. I am curently looking at several methods of ensuring or at least lessening the chances of this happening again. How precisely i will implement this i have yet to decide, as diffeent organisatiosn have different requirements and or expectations. it is looking highly likley that this will actually be work done on the website itself. But it is very clear that i need to take some form of action to better protect my work.
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