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  1. Anyone got any experience of this or any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Hey everyone, thought I would post this (got a coupla questions anyway tho) seeing as everyone on the Egg section of the forum seems a bit unsure about their claims as Egg dont seem to pay out as quick or easily as the rest. Well, just got a letter offering a full settlement of £600 inc court fees and 8%. It did take a while though and went further than all of my other claims, I was gearing up to actually seeing them in court basically as it had gone from MCOL to my local court and I was waiting for a hearing date. It's not quite sorted yet tho as theres a few problems which Im hoping so
  3. That's great Pkea and HOD, thanks so much for getting back to me. I will get up to speed with the bundle and be prepared for news on the hearing date. Kinda seems simple now, I just felt like I was in no-man's land 'cause I couldn't see my position on the step-by-step. Thanks again!
  4. Hi I posted a message a coupla days ago but haven't had any replies as to the problem, I think I'm now hitting a deadline for the court and I don't know what Im doing as my experience doesnt fit with the step-by-step Ive been folowing. Egg have filed a defence and the courts have written saying the case has been moved to my local court. According to the step-by-step I shouldv'e received an AQ at this stage to fill in. However this section on the cover letter from the court has the reference to the AQ scrubbed out. As far as I can tell there is nothing else in the correspondance from the cou
  5. That's great Mistermind, thanks for the reply. Both those points make sense, thanks. Anyone got any ideas on what I should be doing now in terms of do I just wait now for the courts to let me know the next stage? Thnx!
  6. Anyone got any experience of the abpve they can share? The most pressing of the questions is; what do I do now? Ive been sent a letter from the court saying they have xfrered my case to my local court. Do I just sit tight to wait and hear more now? From the step by steps Ive read through it seems like I should've also recieved an AQ but as far as I can see this is not there. Help!
  7. Hiya, just recieved letter from the court saying they have transfered my case to my local court, there doesnt seem to be an Allocation Questionarrire though which upon reading through the step-by-step seems to be the stage that Im at. To be honest Im not sure I can decifer the legal wordage to figure out if they will be sending this or if I just sit tight at this stage. So, coupla questions basically: 1. What do I do now!?; 2. I have just moved city so the court they have xfered the case to is now 300miles away, shall I inform the court or will this just delay further?; 3. I have a default now
  8. Thanks for the reply ajjars, that sounds like good advice and the obvious thing to do, however I'm looking at the spreadsheet again thinking why would they library section give a template with the wrong formula in it and now one's noticed it so far... with this in mind (bear in mind I'm not spreadsheet expert either) I'm looking at the formulas attatched to the 8% calculation boxes and it has some maths in there that is attatched to the date boxes and there's also a division of 365 in there too. I'm now guessing that 8% is not just a fixed calculation which is how I was thinking, but added up
  9. I just tried downloading the excel sample template too and if you look at the calculations on the 8% calculation page it reads at the top Penalty: £1300.00 then 8% on penalties: £291.60. Clearly 291 is not 8% of 1300, is anyone out there able to explain this. I'm guessing I've missed something, probably quite obvious but I can't submit my MCOL with crazy figures on my spreadhseet that I don't understand before sending so need to check what this is all about with everyone. Hope someone can help! Thanks.
  10. has anyone had any problems with the excel template's calculations of 8% or is there something Ive missed maybe? Im just preparing my excel spreadsheet to include the 8% before i start my MCOL and have noticed that the figure the template calculates is more like 15%. i checked one of my old excel docs from a previous claim with Cap One that went to the MCOL stage and that figure was coming outincorrectly too. I was guessing that I had an error with my ecxel setup so stared a feresh excel using a new template and even the first figure i typed in was clearly not 8% of what I was calculating. Am
  11. Just recieved my notice of issue through from MCOL, and Ive sent on 2 copies of my schedule of charges to them too. How can I find out Cap One's solicitors? I've been scrolling through the threads but no luck.
  12. That's great information Michael. Thanks!
  13. Do I need to provide a schedule of charges to go with my MCOL? There was nowhere online that asked for extra information like this to be sent or provided. But there was a few bits of information on the forum step-by-step and also library section that seem to say this should be done. Im a bit unsure. As it stands Ive sent 2 schedules to the defendant already (when sending my pre lim and then the lba) but have not provided one during the online claim process as I couldnt see anywhere were you would provide this info. Hope you can help! Thanks.
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