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  1. Hi Helen Not been on for ages but had to pop on with a quick reply for you....Stu is right, that is what my sister got them on...they didn't actually have a proper up to date lone working policy and the HSE almost had a fit when they were told how they were actually working the lone working part of the job. (I still dread to think how close to a horrible tragedy she was at times in there!) My sister went through the farce of an appeal and then used a solicitor with legal aid. She was prepared to go to tribunal with the evidence but they settled early with £1500 and a good reference to be going on with, as that was her main concern for the future. At the appeal be sure to ask them why the opted for gross misconduct for such an pbvious human error, that could not be taken as intentional in any way and with a clean record also...be sure this question and their full answer is recorded on the appeal notes (do not sign it until they have this there). Be sure to tell them you ARE taking this further and please take your time to read what they want you to sign, do not feel you have to hurry etc, be happy everything you discussed is there clearly. And request the policies and procedures Stu007 listed at the appeal also. Seriously, best of luck for tomorrow, try not to fret too much, look at it as more of a formality and just one step in process you are now in, you'll be fine
  2. Well its a helluva jump. The issue I have with it is, if you take a policy online say, then cancel that later that day...the only admin was the automatic print of docs and phoning us to cancel it. So none of these big initial set up costs stated. The £55 is charged after that in the first year then drops to £27.50 if you renew into a 2nd year. Interestingly, should you renew year on year for few years but then get a cheaper quote online, cancel your renewal but still take another policy all online and stay a customer, the £55 first year charge then applies? That to me is being penalised.
  3. Aha, thankyou crocdoc. Which is quite reasonable as there is obviously admin involved. Flat fee of £26 charged, £55 after those 14 days. Good to know, thanks
  4. I have the 'pleasure' of working for a very well known car insurer where most of the policies are bought through a call centre or online. They have just introduced an 'admin fee' as they are calling it if a customer cancels anytime within their 14 day cooling off period - even same day. Now I thought the Distance Selling Regulations had some bearing there but I was told apparently not when I raised this. Any thoughts as I think this is ridiculous (one of many tbh!) and if so, something needs done to nip it in the bud methinks. thanks x
  5. It has been a long while since Ive been on here, and the site looks so different! Good, but different lol. Not sure if anyone would remember ole me but I have really missed the CAG. Life became quite hard, no internet, lots of fights and some hard court battles (some ongoing) that have really affected everyday life, but seeing light at the end there and thought I would see how you are all doing! Will try and catch up on whats been happening, but just thought I would say big hellos to all beofre I do, as I reckon the CAG will be needed more than ever in the next wee while (and get any gossip lol). So, hi to all and hope you are all winning whatever battles you have just now xx Dipply75
  6. Oh yes, there were 2 of these muppets outside my local Asda last week, will a banner and spouting all manner of misleading crap. I phoned trading standards and told them some of the lies they were using....they weren't there today! Reporting a success...my friend just received an offer of £3500 from Clydesdale (after going through the FOS) and has asked me to pass on endless thanks as this site helped no end. She will be donating once cheque received! Another win for the CAG x
  7. Excellent...well done! Just goes to show they are trying to squeeze money out of folk....
  8. Interesting...I would guess that they are as its is only things like council tax etc that are exempt. If no-one on here is sure you could try the CAB or a solicitor....first meeting is usually free. Bumping your thread anyway for more opinions
  9. Hi mutzi Thanks for that, thats a great help....section added to letter. My friend went to trading standards at first hoping that would sort it quickly but there response was shockingly bad. Said the admin charge and late fees were in the contract so that was that! Taken the advice of 42man on this site ref complaining to the OFT so she is submitting a complaint to trading standards and asking for the admin charge and late payment terms to be looked at by the OFT under the UTTCCR - but through her MP. It goes right to the top that way apparently. As for the admin fee, she is sending an LBA and is happy pr proceed to court. The other charge the hit her with out the blue at the end (not even in the contract btw) was a 'closing of account' fee of 10% of her deposit. I would reccommend getting in writing any fees your landlord plans on charging so you can do as you are, and arguing them now. Will let you know what response she gets.....good luck with yours!
  10. Thanks for that Flub....you do see the subtle diffrences on the types of agreements being ffered now, but the ordinary person wouldn't. I will scan and post the agreement but, as Surfer says, the layout is exactly like an HP agreement....not like a normal fixed loan and can be very confusing. Have you any idea why they are still registering outstanding finance on the cars even though it is normal personal loans?
  11. So, petty 'whos fault is it' argument hopefully over.....is there any advice on what my friend can do? SAR & CCA request sent. Thanks Surfer01 btw
  12. Oh dear... Its wonderful that you are so confident, know all the ins and outs of the law, your rights and are able to persist and argue face to face. The problem is, many are not...and actually RELY on the salesperson being HONEST and not rip them off. ie trust them. Which they are entitled to do. Common sense is lovely, but does not help when you don't know the ins and outs of the CCA etc while sitting in a showroom. You obviously work in the industry....so any HELP on this forum would be so appreciated but not just slagging ordinary folk off because they didn't understand the differences in legal documents and TRUSTED what they were told. And it is not the consumer that has caused the protectionism and nannyism you mention....its the greedy banks/salespeople/finance companies etc who have been running riot with our existing rights for years that have caused this. If they weren't taking the proverbial in the first place, we wouldn't have a problem now would we? And it was Arnold Clark who told my friend they had no choice but to take a bigger consolidated loan just to get a car that worked. Hmmm?
  13. Yup...:mad:obviously getting too many VT's. But why then register outstanding finance on it though?
  14. Have to disagree...the con is to keep you sitting for HOURS until you are ready to sign and leave, then slide the agreement across the table, while holding the top and getting you to just sign the bottom. They usually pick on folk that are too polite to argue with a pushy salesman etc. And the car need a lot of work in the 1st 6 months.....the agreement was signed 2 years ago. If you learn anything from this forum is just how many devious tricks there are to get someone trusting to sign something dodgy and get a fat commission of it. Scarily, you sound that kind of trusting.....what brought you to this forum?
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