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  1. Thanks Yes the sub primers do it too. May set a useful precedent for folk. Here's the judgement https://www.courtsni.gov.uk/en-GB/Judicial%20Decisions/PublishedByYear/Documents/2014/%5B2014%5D%20NIMaster%2011/j_j_2014NIMaster11Final.htm
  2. http://www.housingrights.org.uk/news/bank-scotland-held-account More on the case. I'll post the full judgement as soon as I get it.
  3. Thought this may be of some use. Bank of Scotland has been unfairly double billing customers who fell behind on their mortgages, a High Court judge in Belfast has ruled. In a scathing verdict, Master Ellison said the bank's behaviour had been "unconscionable" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-28842534
  4. Hi Ladidi How long have you had this mortgage for? Any body with any adverse financial history looking for a re mortgage or new mortgage at the minute is finding it a lot harder than it used to be. With the combination of lenders removing products particulary in this area and the lower loan to values allowed by most lenders I would worry for you at the minute. There is however a slight glimmer of hope for you. Insolvent or not the company should have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place which "should" run for several years after a company has closed down for whatever reason. If you feel that you were mis sold the mortgage then with an insolvent company you could go straight to the FOS ( financial ombudsmans service) Some things you should clarify first: Do you know the status of the mortgage broker? You should have received a two peice statement called an IDD which outlined the status of the broker. This should tell you if you were given advice or if they would give you information about products only. This is also used to inform you of the fees if any you were to pay. Was this a cold call visit from the broker? Did you provide payslips for the mortgage or was it a self cert deal? (important) Was sufficent information taken from you to allow the correct mortgage to be advised? wages - outgoings - financial history - attitude to risk Did you receive any warnings about unsecured debts being consolidated onto your mortgage and now secured against your home? Were the implications of having an interest only mortgage explained to you? Are you now struggeling to the extent that you are missing your mortgage payments? Do you have any children under 16? Lots of questions I know but it is a serious compliant. What paperwork do you have? IDD? Keyfacts document - outlines the mortgage you are getting- 5-7 pages long. Mortgage offer - this would have been posted to you by Gmac.
  5. Well I have lost it! And I havent ordred my books yet either.
  6. Just about to buy of Amazon & popped over here to make sure CAG got some pennies for the sale. Have I gone blind or has the Amazon button gone?
  7. http://www.northernrock.co.uk/downloads/Mort_Update.pdf Have a look @ page 18 right hand side.
  8. There are a couple of mortgage lenders who now only leave a "soft" footprint which does not become a hard footprint untill a full application is made. The soft print is only visible to you when you order your credit file - no other lender sees it when they search you. I know that in certain states in the US this is the way all risk based pricing is done.
  9. Robertnz Could you get permission from your friend to speak for her? If so you could contact LMC and put the offer to them.They may not be aware that there is a large ERC on the property.If the LTV is already high - there may not be enough equity for them to recover their "full" debt. I think it may be worth speaking to the court on this one as your friend can pay all arrears etc back. It may even be worth speaking to the lender for the first mortgage - if there are no arrears on it they may even do a further advance to cover LMC's loan. This would depend on your friends ability to pay the mortgage(and on who the lender is) Failing that CAB may be able to offer some advice and may even be able to communicate with LMC. Are your friend & her mum in a position to pay the mortgages monthly? If not it would still be better to sell themselves and not rely on LMC to get a fair price for the house.(+ not have a repo registered against her for the next 12 years) I hope your friend recovers from her illness.
  10. I cant give you the link but I can confirm that BM have a minimum income of £25K for this transaction. BM now have this as a min income requirement for all BTL applications. This has been introduced since September 06 but not sure when exactly. I will try & remember to try to find out next week.
  11. 1st paragraph - Do you thonk this could be another recent mistake made the same District Judge Cooke? Hill & Anor v Haines [2007] EWHC 1012 (Ch) (03 May 2007)
  12. Eratu13 Have you heard anything back yet? Very interested
  13. I spoke to Legal & Trade this morning after 15 calls yesterday. Apparantly I owe ebay money (I dont) and they have told me that Cabot passed the debt to them for collection but that they are only agents and do not own the "debt"
  14. Thanks peeps That makes sense as I got a letter from Interim Justicia this morning concerning an "ebay debt" of £75.00 pounds. Sounds like I may have two companies chasing me for one sum of money! I will have to investigate as I do not owe any ebay or paypal money. Thanks again
  15. Several messages have been left from this number 017725 57635 Does anybody know it? The message says to call them back but gives no indication of who called. I have just phoned and got a message that the office is closed. Curious
  16. Basic account with no OD. £19.50 for bouncing DD
  17. I appreciate where you are coming from bill-k but as someone who reads a lot and posts very little I would really miss some of the threads you mentioned if they became invisible. I am not a stalker or a spy. Just uncomfortable about the physical act of posting and a bit forum shy but I have used a lot of the information from CAG to help several people. The quality of most of information on this site is excellent and to find the quantity of topics here in one place makes this site a one stop shop. I for one would be devestated if us small people were no longer deemed secure enough to share with. The whistleblower episode shows that the team are working in the background and obviously communicate off the main forum and for this sort of information privacy is essential . . . . . but please dont hide the rest away from us.
  18. 2-3 weeks although I havent got the paperwork home with me but I'll check tomorrow and tell you exactly. Quicker than we thought anyway
  19. Followed all stages from this site to a T for a friend. (Claim over £2000 when the court fee and interest added) Ulster bank had untill 13/04/2007 to defend. Friend recieved letter today with offer of full settlement which will be paid when the letter is signed and returned. Letter states " I will accept the sum of £0000.00 in full and final settlement of all claims against the Bank relating charges, interest and Court Fee. I agree not to disclose any related information or the terms of this settlement to any third party." Thought you may like to see the wording as most UB threads seem to dry up after a while. In this case the letter can not be signed as the claim was spilt and there is more to be claimed.
  20. If you miss payments with LS they add 12.5% onto the balance of your loan and then work redemption on the higher amount.
  21. Haley The mortgage you have with GMAC is an unlimited product for people with unlimited CCJ's (usually over £10000) + arrears (just about to be repossessed) If this is not the position you were in @ the time it may be worth contacting the broker who arranged this for you. There is nothing you can do about their fee but to give advice the broker must be regulated by the FSA. They must have a paper trail as to why you were advised a particular product. Were you advised to take the mortgage? The interest rate is mad. Especially in 1995 with the low rates that were available. Really good that you have managed to remortgage - hope you've saved a few pounds as well as getting rid of GMAC!!! Depending on your reply regarding your situation it may be worth complaining to the FSA.
  22. Halifax faces boycott over Christmas hamper crash | News_ | Guardian Unlimited Money Just thought this was interesting.
  23. Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the FSA and neither are commercial mortgages. If your BTL mortgage was financed fully by rental income the FSA can not help. Who is the lender?
  24. Some lenders will simply charge an extra admin fee and raise your interest rate 1/4 or 1/2 % and insist on you providing landlords insurance with their interest noted on the policy. It depends on whether you are with a lender who does BTL's. They may also ask for proof of rental income in the form of a survey from a qualified surveyors or property letting company letter showing that the expected rental income is achievable and meets their BTL criteria. As a general guide the rent needs to cover your mortgage payment at your lenders standard variable rate + 25%. If you are buying another property your new lender will need confirmation of the above details concerning rental income and may also request that your 1st lender is aware that the property is let with their knowledge. If you are letting & purchasing (and have no Early Repayment Charge) it will propably be easier all round to change to a Buy To Let mortgage. Long gone are the days when the BTL rates were a lot higher than residential mortgages and there are lots of competitive rates out there. If the rental income does not cover the mortgage quite a few lenders have income rental products which allow for this if you have spare income. All credit ratings are now catered for also. Regardless of what way you are doing this do get proper Landlords insurance.
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