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  1. If you VT they take the car. However, as the PPI is front loaded you may find you have to pay all the PPI back. They shafted me like that.
  2. Any compliance experts? Welcome giving S.A.R info out without proof of ID or address?
  3. I originally had my agreement with Associates, this in turn was taken on by Welcome. I was told that I had to take PPI out in order to get the loan. Where do I stand when the loan was taken out from Associates and then taken over by Welcome? Any pointers?
  4. Thanks file_wizzard. Much appreciated buddy
  5. Thanks File_wizzard, again a star Is there a template for section 7 request? I have tried doing a search but seem to be going around in circles. I have found section 7 in the DPA, I have found refernce to a fee but not the amount. Anyone help please?
  6. Sorry to ask again. Do default notices need to be signed?
  7. Hi guys, I follwed some advice on here and politely asked the Open University to remove a default on my account. Was quite a nice grovelling letter; however, I was told that as they are responsible lenders, then they will not remove the default and it will drop off after six years. The default in question was registered in 2002. I follwed this up with an email saying " Ma'am, Thanks for your email about OUSBA policy. Could you please provide me with a signed true and certified copy of the original default notice. If the statutory £1.00 is required then I will send it
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