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  1. Hey all- sorry for the delay- the judge gave us a stay- so you can add reading to the list of courts staying- did get the bundle in and objection- nothing till the first of april. Thanks for the help! Hugs Spids;)
  2. I have the bundle in place- I have the original letter to request money back- giving 14 days to respond. Attached to it is the schedule of charges, then the letter to the courts filing for a court date, baring in mind we have given the right times and such. notice of issue, acknowledgement...and a letter for it to go to small claims. A rufusal letter saying we are not satisfied with offer. Statements. This bundle is huge...and then the legal side downloaded from the site. The case is at 2pm- 10 min slot. Since the bundle did not go off- should we ask for the 14 days for the defendant t
  3. Oh I should say teh bank is in the processing of applying for a stay but nothing gas come through- so there is no stay
  4. Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents (including any experts’ report) on which he intends to rely at the hearing no later than 14 days before the hearing. OHHHH:( does this mean I should of sent the court bundle then...now get this some letters have gone missing....grim....HELP
  5. hey Thanks all; Ok will post the letter but it appears to be a standard one- as i have seen it on a link- They are asking for a STAY- but we have heard zip so we sent a letter to the sols and said till the court informs us of changes we are looking forward to seeing them in court Monday. Spid..helping maid marian
  6. Hey ya...We are due in court on Monday, I have followed it the stages to a tee- Do I take three copies of the court bundle to court? What is the likely hood they will settle in the next few days? Cheers....Info ASAP! Spids helping Maid Marian
  7. Called Reading County Court and so far the ship is still sailing- Due in Court on the 1st of Oct. Spids for Marian
  8. Hello: Need some advice- I am helping my Mother in law with her claim- she has been sent the standard DG letter about her court case being stayed! HUmpf did not realise DG told the court what to do. We have not heard from the court to say this is true. I have not sent any paperwork- such as the bundle. Should I send the bundle now- court is scheduled for the 1 oct 07. I am also thinking I should send a letter saying until I hear from the court I will see them on the 1st. Oh yes I have followed the procedure of times letter ect. In the past the bank has settled up before the bundle. I am not
  9. CHA CHING!!!!! oh cobbits are getting good at the psyche test! good on for holding out. Talk about the final hour! well done! Spids
  10. heyya: hang in there , I won...ya you do brick it before the court date, they sent me a registered letter with my check on the friday before ( due in weds) I never picked my big fat check up till monday- so I cancelled proceedings a day before court. as long as you have followed the timescales you a cha-ching- I never even sent in a court bundle, chances are you will get your check a day or so before- don't fall for their head games. Tell us how you got on....while your losing sleep think about the check in your paw! Spidy- trooper
  11. Cobbits- ha sounds like they are getting crabby- hang in there thye are trying to psyche you with the fancy border and tough language- long as filled out the AQ you are laughing- when is your court date? expect a check two days before the date- happened to me ....got me pennies... Spids:p
  12. yes are you over 5k when you tallied up interest? just won mine 6k- just follow the steps you will be fine
  13. "unless of course your client wishes to make an offer of due consideration in addition to the amount of £xxxx in order to be afforded this privilege by myself." so in this part I am looking at only in the case of them settling in whole plus costs- I agree to not disclose the amount to anyone- abit late no? I will respond using the same format, cheers for that. I do not understand the last bit though- am I just saying I may or may not disclose and it will beup to me whether or not I do? Just reminder to myself- the daily interest is the used to calculate the chrages or the 8%-? or i
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