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  1. Legally my contract is with dealer as they sold me the car, therefore Vauxhall find it easy to push me away! Negotiating with a dealer whose main aim is profit profit profit is a nightmare! In Scotland as far as I am aware there is no trading standards? Just the citizens advice bureau?
  2. Sale of Good Act 1979 - oh yes, this has been quoted by e-mail and over the phone many times. They still choose to ignore it!
  3. Have a Vauxhall insignia 1.8i SRI Nav - under 29000 miles. Now 5 months out of 3 year standard warranty as car bought 2nd hand. Had problems with coolant during warranty. Dealer replaced thermostat and at another time they topped up coolant. I have advised that this is now a latent defect and should be covered under warranty. Both the dealer and Vauxhall are stating warranty expiry but as a gesture of goodwill have given me 50% off a £500+ bill to replace thermostat housing and cooler pipe!! I am sick to the teeth phoning and mailing arguing the point. I have mentioned that this cannot be wear and tear but I keep getting the same garbage back. Any advise how I take this forward? I am actually in the process of selling the car as I have no confidence in it!! To add, I get 25 MPG on average. Dealer tells me its my driving!!! Vauxhall advise I have it checked. Dealer is willing to check free of charge but I won't hold my breath for an improvement or remedial works done free of charge!!!
  4. It is a CTD00 condenser dryer. Make a complaint to the retailer (not hotpoint) via howtocomplaim.com. My machine has worked very well ever since. One thing I would say. When you empty your dryer do not turn the drum by hand as this can loosen the drive belt
  5. Absolutely brilliant m8. Thanks a million. I complained via that site and within 2 days I got a phone call from Comet offering a refund for the repair to the tumble dryer to the tune of £89.95. Superb site. They actually sounded worried on the phone and kept asking me what howtocomplain had said!!!
  6. Contact your local trading standards. They should sort it for you very quickly.
  7. I bought a tumble dryer 2 years ago from Comet. After 7 months it developed a fault. I phoned out Hotpoint who were the manufacturer. They replaced several major parts. The Engineer even agreed that it would have been cheaper just to replace! He said that Hotpoint just have a policy of repairing. Anyway, 6 month later (machine now 13 months old) and it broke down again. The Engineer came out and fixed the machine (jockey wheel was loose - Engineer said it was rare for a machine of this age to develop this fault - he said he had a few on machine 4 years + old). The part cost £3.50 but I was charged a standardised charge of £89. I told the Engineer that this should still be covered under the warranty but he said he was only doing his job and that I should complain to Hotpoint. Wrote to hotpoint and got a letter back saying that the fault occurred outwith the warranty period. Contacted trading standards and they said I would need to prove that it was a manufacturing fault. Contacted Comet and they said the same. Can anyone help? Should I write to Hotpoint and Comet Managing Directors?
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