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  1. Every day since Christmas eve I am getting automated phone calls from GE Money asking me to confirm my name by pressing the key pad and then to put my date of birth in by pressing the key pad, I have not done any of this, I just hang up as I believe that if they really need to contact me urgently then they would have written to me by now! Has anyone any experience of these calls and how legitimate and indeed how legal they are?
  2. Thanks Borisbeaver, the point I am making is that anyone who 'owes' the trust money has been penalised by having what has been officially awarded to them, (I have it in writing) withheld, the original overpayment was their mistake, and absolutely nothing to do with the mealbreak money and therefore I believe I am being, in a way blackmailed because they are saying that until you agree to pay us back ( even though the money is in dispute) we won't pay you. I don't believe they are allowed to do this as the two issues are completely separate. Open to opinions though!
  3. Tom, if you are still there, would you give them 14 days to reply positively and 14 days if they do not?
  4. Many thanks Tom, I was on the right lines, it's just good to get another opinion. Kind regards Sue
  5. To cut a very long story short, my employers (Ambulance Service-NHS) have withheld from me two payments, one which goes back to Christmas 2005 a £150 payment for no sick days between December and the end of Jan and a back payment for missed mealbreaks £398.05 which was paid to most people in Dec 2006. Due to the fact that there is a sum of money which they say they overpaid me by in Dec. 2005 (I am disputing this but they have lost my salary claim forms). After many e-mails and phone calls and a promise that the £150 was going to be paid 2 weeks ago, but wasn't. the £398.05 they say they
  6. My daughter went into the bank and it was a mistake, so she has had it reinstated!
  7. Has anyone had their overdraft removed following a successful claim for bank charges back? My daughter has had her settlement a few weeks ago and now finds her overdraft facility has been removed without notification.
  8. Thanks for your replies so far! Most of this, in fact probably all of this is down to the incompetence of a) my employers and b)their (ouside agency) wages dept. The unions seem to be sitting on the fence a bit now. I just feel that they have put me in this situation which I could have worried myself sick over through no fault of mine.
  9. Don't be fobbed off- Hazlo is right. Also gold is quite tough stuff and you woild stuggle to damage it yourself, certainly the pin pricks, I would say are from the original manufacturing.
  10. sue

    sue v Barclays

    :grin: I had a phone call from Krysta Campbell at Barclays on Friday morning offering me the full amount, infact it was the full amount without the interest! I asked her to e-mail me the settlement offer, because I couldn't remember the exact figures when on the phone. Anyway I rejected the offer by e-mail, but by that time it quite late so I haven't heard back yet, hoping to hear today!
  11. It's a very long story, so I'll try to be as concise as poss. I work within the NHS - in 2005 there was a change in pay scales. In December 2005 in a panic because they thought they owed us loads of extra pay they gave us what they thought to be 75% of the 'back pay'. Then they decided that they had it all wrong and some of us (inc. me) owe them money, in my case £831! I met with someone from HR about a year ago to discuss the figures, but they were unable to provide all of them because the pay office had lost some of my salary claim forms, therefore I would not agree with them. In D
  12. Thanks for all your comments! I will pay it before the due date, hopefully! The thing that really gets me is that if you are struggling to pay at all (and I have not missed apayment before in 20yrs) then you lose the right to pay by installments, so basically if you can't afford to pay monthly then you must be able to pay it all at once!! LOL
  13. Hi all- can anyone help, I'm a bit frustrated because I have recieved a summons for non-payment of council tax, (3 months worth) £324.00-I have never disputed this, and arranged for the payment to go out in Jan & Feb when there is usually a break, but because I then missed another payment, due to all sorts of (good) reasons, illness etc. they have sent me a court summons saying that if I pay IN FULL before the 21st March then I won't have to pay the £80 court costs. (they haven't taken any money out as arranged because I lost the right to pay in installments! So now I owe £400!! Wonderfu
  14. sue

    sue v Barclays

    Well with many thanks to Michael Brown and crashbandicoot, I got my witness statement at the court yesterday, so lets see if Barclays have theirs in by the 9th of March! I wonder if one of the mods could merge my other thread to this please- 'allocation but no court date'
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