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  1. OK after being in debt for several years and paying very small payments every month for the last 3.5 years (and never missing one) I'm now in the position where a family member is giving me some money to clear my debts. I've spoken to the two smaller creditors and got a full and final settlement off of about 70% of the debt, which is okay .. just waiting for their confirming letter. The two larger ones are Barclaycard Commercial (credit card in the name of a business I ran as sole trader but had to shut down for financial reasons) and Apex Credit Management - for an Egg card. They ar
  2. Just received a call from Credit Solutions Ltd, asking to speak to me (gave my full name). Never heard of them before now. They asked me to confirm the first line of my address and I asked what it was in connection with. Answer was "a personal matter" so I refused to confirm my address till they gave me some clue of what it was about - which they refused to do. They said thwy'd written to me - not received anything from them, in fact never heard of them till this phone call. Call ended when it was obvious that neither of us where going to give way! Now, I do have a lot of outstanding debt
  3. Sorry I haven't updated. Didn't hear anything for ages and then last Friday I had two letters - one from the court saying that Capital One were defending the claim and had filed their defence; the other from Capital One saying that they weren't acknowledging blame etc but have your money back!! Woohoo!!! It's almost cleared the balance on my account. Thanks for the support
  4. Well the claim was acknowledged on 12th Dec and i checked my Halifax account today to find that they'd deposited £90 (including £30 court costs) - so this one is settled and the money has been moved to my new current account. Mind you, I had a letter while THIS action was going on saying that they will be deducting another £28 from my now empty account because one of these latest charges made me overdrawn - I'm going to wri8te asking them to cancel it and close the account but i have a feeling this isn't over yet .....
  5. No response to my LBA and their time is up now so I'll be submitting a claim roday.
  6. Well I've had a bit of a delay here because life has been hectic. I did receive a response from Capital One letting me know that their offer of £160 was still open. Court claim has been submitted today so fingers crosed!!
  7. No response from CapitalOne and the deadline is up tomorrow so I'm going to sort out the court info today.
  8. [Transferred from "Successful claims" thread] I've already successfully won back over £800 of charges from Halifax. However, during the court action they added on another £28 (caused solely by me being overdrawn because of the charges) and there are two pending charges for end of Nov and Dec. There's also now a default on my credit rating that they applied after I submitted my MCOL. I sent my preliminary letter about all this and they've written back: Dear blah blah, "Unfortunately I am unable to refund the charges you referred to in your letter, as they were not due to a Halifax e
  9. Okay, I wrote to the Halifax reclaiming the £28 they added after the court action started, cancelling the two pending charges for end of Nov and Dec and taking the default off my account that they applied after I submitted my MCOL and they've written back: Dear blah blah, "Unfortunately I am unable to refund the charges you referred to in your letter, as they were not due to a Halifax error. I note that we have previously refunded charges on your account and you were notified at the time that future valid charges would stand and that it is your responsibility to manage your acc
  10. Didn't make it to the post office, and i had a reply today - offering me £130 which is the difference between their charges and the OFT's £12 ..... I'm going to write accepting it as part payment, but the battle goes on!
  11. I just added them on to the list on the grounds that although they haven't physically taken my money yet (because there IS no money in the account) , they have charged them to me and it is my account that is now overdrawn as a result. They will expect you to clear the overdraft at some stage. The only charges you can't add are ones that they have said they will take but haven't yet - I've got one to be put on at the end of Nov and another at the end of Dec that I'm trying to get cancelled, as when they do take the money it will make me overdrawn and then they'll charge me unauthorised ove
  12. it is annoying how they mess us all around but still pay up eventually - but stick to your timetable even if you get a reply from them before the 14 days, then the court know that you've done everything properly. Good luck!
  13. I ended up £200 overdrawn by the time Halifax settled and I fully expected them to pay the charges into that account, (a) to reclaim their money and (b) as it was my most recently used account. (I had also opened a new one somewhere else and moved everything there already. I was surprised that they paid the money into a different account, but i did the decent thing and paid in £200 of what they gave me to clear the overdraft - as it did consist of the charges that I'd reclaimed. just make sure that all those £450 charges are included in your claim!
  14. Royal Mail site says that the letter was delivered but i've not heard anything from CapOne - so the LBA will be in the psot this afternoon.
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