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  1. People.co.uk - 'Sick act' at party probe undertaker http://www.chesterchronicle.co.uk/chester-news/local-chester-news/2010/02/25/police-launch-investigation-after-leaked-report-confirms-chester-funeral-home-staff-stripped-naked-at-party-59067-25908239/
  2. Well it's in the sunday people this week in news and features 'Sick act' at party probe undertaker! also in the chester chronicle page 8......
  3. sorry guys it's not in there, spoke with Nick Dorman, he said it has to get passed by there solicitors first.....gutted my self, was up at 6 to get the paper drove through the snow.....arghhhh
  4. Let's wait and see if my doing's, will cause trouble for me in the end........
  5. Its in the People newspaper tomo, not sure which page but ill get it and let you know......
  6. Just a quick update, had a 2 page letter today from cobbetts, basically saying that want to draw a line under communications. Also saying that we are ok telling the police but not ok telling the media etc.....?
  7. Yes told the police everything, they took the letter from cobbetts away as evidence, and returned it today. Thanks for all the advice. Haven't heard anything from them today. Plus Im away from tomo til sunday, so they wont be serving anything on me, cause i wont be here.....
  8. If they are successful at court today (12 noon 17.02.10) to gag me, but what if ive already spoken about it???? whats the law on this??
  9. Id love to tell you, but with threat of cobbetts taking me to court to gag me.....best not. It will be out soon. It's now in the hands of the police.
  10. yes i phone the company to tell them that they had sent the info to the wrong house, the info that i read, was so bad that it's is a criminal matter. Ive phoned cobbetts to let them know that I have informed the police, they weren't very happy to say the least. threatening me with court today at 12 noon.
  11. I opened mail that was addressed to my house, but not addressed to me. The contents of which I read, is a police matter. Now I have a letter from Cobbetts trying to silence me..... What is the law on this????
  12. Cheers guys, what shall i do, write and letter or ring them....?
  13. Right i took out car insurance 2 days ago. I was told by LV that i had a cooling of period of 14 days. Ive cancelled the insurance today and been told there is a £35 cancellation charge, I tried to explan to the guy that i thought i had 14 days cooloing of period. but with no joy, i have 2 other car polices with LV and have had for 4 years, please advise
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