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  1. The court can be slower if it's busy - phone them to check on the status of your claim as things can go missing in the post
  2. As suspected, there was a nice fat cheque awaiting for us at the Post Office last night. Very pleased to have won and now I can finally stop going to the courts - all three claims paid in full so I can now focus on all the other things that are happening in my life! Thanks to everybody on this site for the advice and support. Donation is on it's way! Oh yeah - and the cheque was dated 11th December. Nice of them to send it on so quickly!
  3. OK... so we received a court date for March the other day so decided to chivvy nobbets along a bit. We're moving in a few weeks so don't want things to go astray.. and as it happens, Nobbets sent a chq via speical delivery yesterday. Here's hoping it's for the full £1200. Will let you know!
  4. Just ignore the second letter and start court action - you've already stated your position clearly.
  5. Re. Inga Kirkman - can't find the number anymore. I got it by calling Abbey's number as per their defence correspondence on 020 775 64398 and asking to speak to her.
  6. Try calling the courts, say you are in the prcoess of settling and can you have an extension?
  7. I had exactly the same in my defence - don't worry
  8. Hey, In answer to your questions: 1) As far as I know, NW are not known to close accounts as a result of this court action 2) NW usually do file an AQ but at the last possible moment (ie - a minute before the courts close for the day). You may eb able to get the judge to throw the defence out for non compliance? Let us know how you get on. Lager Lou
  9. Sorry to butt in here but you actually make the cheque payable to HMCS
  10. Hope so - I'm at that stage now where I'm waiting for the postman to leave his calling card. This is the final claim I have to settle and can't wait. Although saying that - it's not even my account but my gf's. Think I'm more excited than she is!
  11. Read through the treads - see Lou Lou Bell, Abby, Willybobs & others - you'll win but prepare to go all the way. Also check the Abbey forum as it's exactly the same solicitors, process etc
  12. Fear not - they will not actually file a defence, but instead they will send you a letter offering you the full amount; they will tell the court they have paid you in full, you will receive a cheque and you will smile Check out my thread for reassurance - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/36121-lager-lou-capital-one.html it's happened to plenty of people on here! Lou
  13. Nice one - congratulations and a very happy Christmas!
  14. Also - it sounds identical to the way my claim has progressed - goodwill gesture, defence not including a CPR18, allocation questionnaire and now... waiting. Don't worry! And yes, do acknowledge receipt - just one line will suffice, but it's only polite to do so!
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