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  1. No not had anything yet.,..how long did yours take to come back? I would just do nothing about the 275.00 as it should get deducted off if your unsure maybe post athread and you may get a more experinced person help you with you answer.?
  2. Basically i went through all the template writing stages they just kept saying no no my claim amount was 4517.00 thats over 3 years. Then i had a letter saying they had refunded 800.00 but didnt even get to see it as my account was overdrawn so i have continued the claim and filled it on moneyclaim havent had any correspondonce yet it has only been 3 days.
  3. ok thanks so i just leave it and wait for them to contact me thanks for your help
  4. Ok so is thiswhat i do ? sorry or not? Oh its so confusing
  5. when i go into my claim it says start judgement what do i do??????
  6. yea i will have a look thanks as long as i get most back thats all that matters:D
  7. Thanks for that helps if you understand a bit about whats going on 100.00 is a bummer thats whats stopped me from persuing it having the money. So did you get yours back? Hope it sdoesnt going to court that would be my look!!!
  8. Ok its been a while since i have been on here as i didnt have the funds to pursue my claim i have filed it now and im really really scared where i go form here,its says it has been passed through so do i just sit and wait i know if i read alot of posts i could get the answers but please can someone just give me a bit of guidance.
  9. ok so therefore i deduct this amount from what i have requested ?
  10. Me again i really need some advise now its so confusing doing this i have just posted for help as couldnt find this
  11. ok well im up to the stage of filing my money claim awaiting money to proceed I receive a letter from abbey this morning going on about charges not being unfair they couldnt possible refund all my charges as they were ligit bla bla and that they have refunded 813.00 on my account Bearing in mind i havnt used this account for over a year as it is overdrawn about 1500.00 so they havnt really gave me anything and my claim was for 3860? What do i do??????
  12. Just Bumpin this up anyone advise please
  13. I was just filling this in as well i put abbeys customer service banking address down as i have had responses from them Can i ask do you have to pay the 120.00 today ?
  14. Can you advise me please ive only just filled in the s/s for my charges as i had previously added them up myself I get 3424.00 of charges then 246.00 worth of interest charges(which was on monthly statements) 3670.00 is total sum 8% interest to date is 278.58 I asked for 3876.60 back So if i put the etc 246.00 as estimate for remainder of year is this ok?
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