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  1. I'm about to send off my letter requesting repayments to the Halifax and I want to make sure I'm sending it to the right place. The address i'm sending to to is; Halifax PLC Customer Relations PO Box 548 Leeds LS1 1WU. Is this correct??? Cheers guys
  2. Cheers for the quick response, I'll take your advice and forget about that bit
  3. Can I claim for DNT1 - Overdraft interest charges Anyone??? Thanks v much Marshkid
  4. Just got 6 years of account information which is a stack of paper with columns of codes and notations. Now I'm confused, what charges should I be looking out for. 94D - Monthly current / cardcash account charges notified to the customer 97D - charge for cheque creating a debit balance 98D - charge for cheque which has been represented 99D - charge for a failed direct debit / standing order What does all this mean???? it sounds like gobldy gook
  5. Still waiting for my statements, been well over 40 days, they have managed to cash the cheque i sent but can't seem to pull their finger out enough to actually do anything else!!! Unbelievable
  6. Power to the peolpe. lets get that money back.
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