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  1. Hello. I am in the fortunate position to be able to pay off some of my previous creditors in full. What is the best way of doing this, I am thinking a letter explaining I am settling the balance in full, attaching a cheque and asking for a receipt. Would this be the best way to approach the situation?
  2. Yes, I had thought of that, should be a non issue as my plan of action is to F&F anyway. I was reading the previous F&F offer made by Apex last year (which I couldn't afford at the time so never went ahead), everything seems fine, though I noticed their offer was to update the credit file (if relevant) and mark the account as partially satisfied. Now I know the general advice is to get agreement that the file will be marked as settled in full. However as none of these debts including Apex show on my file - would it really matter any more what we agree in terms of the CRA?
  3. Okay, thanks. Another question, let's say, for arguments sake, I stop paying the creditors, CCA request them and go ahead with the house purchase. I now own my home, with a 65% deposit and the remainder I am paying on a mortgage. If one of the creditors realises I now have an asset, is the only way they can try and claim a stake and/or try to secure the debt against the house to go through the county court and apply for a CCJ?
  4. Hi DX. Thanks for the reply, please understand that I am considering all options at the moment and F&F is one of them, though I've not yet committed to a plan of action. If the above is true, then is there any point in including the terms in the F&F letter that the creditor must mark my default as settled if there is no default on my CRA?
  5. Thanks for the reply, so just so I can get my head around the CRA business. If the default was applied in say 2006/2007 it would show on my file as a 'D' or Default at that point. Then each month thereafter, it would update, so would it show a 'D' each month or would it show the amount that I was repaying each month, but the line of credit itself would be recorded as defaulted? So even though I am still repaying these debts to this very day, which defaulted well over six years ago, no repayment information whatsoever will be on my credit file for these creditors? i
  6. Thanks for the replies, I'll pick up on some of the other questions/points tomorrow when I have chance. The defaults/debts no longer exist on my CRA records, so paying them off won't improve my credit score, it would just resolve the outstanding debt. Here is a question for you though.... In the F&F letter, it asks the creditor to mark the debt as satisfied/settled and the account closed. Am I asking for trouble by including this on the F&F letter if the account no longer shows anyway? As in, would it make a reappearance if the original creditor was to
  7. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it may perhaps be more tricky when it comes to dealing with DCA and the non legal owners of a debt. However if I approach two of the debt buyers (and I do have notification letters from both the OC) and they agree to the F&F then they cannot surely pass any debt on to anyone else. If the legal owner of the debt agrees to the F&F and a third party sends payment then surely any comeback would be pure folly on the part of the pursuer? At that stage I'd quite happily fight the issue. Also, I wouldn't plan on telling the mortga
  8. Thanks, I appreciate the advice and I agree, I could probably fight some of the outstanding debt and win, but I think I'd prefer a clean slate, if they are willing to accept the lower F&F amounts then I look at this as being a 'draw'. Securing a mortgage and having to worry about all the other associated costs is a hassle in itself on top of then having to fight, challenge and deal with creditors etc. I'll look into the CCA requests. Am I correct in my thoughts around who I should approach when offering F&F? Also, if I draft a letter, it would be gre
  9. They may no longer be on my CRA but the monthly payments are clearly shown on my bank statement to which I will need to explain to any mortgage lender. I also do not want to lie to a mortgage lender as I assume this would be seen as fraud. I cannot ignore the fact there are outstanding debts and I know at least one of the four has an enforceable CCA it also happens to be the largest debt at around £14K. It has since been sold off to Apex which is why I assume they swooped in with a 30% offer of F&F as they no doubt bought the debt of Egg for far less. If I decide to
  10. It's been a long time since I reviewed the standing and legality of the CCA however the issue is that these debts exist irrespective of whether they are enforceable in court. A mortgage lender won't want to accept the risk of providing me with finance and I can't exactly sit there and say "Oh, a percentage may not be enforceable, but I'm not sure and it may take a court case to prove that either way." Having these debts, which I continue to repay each month, will likely, from the research I have undertaken, impact my ability to secure a mortgage. I guess
  11. Hello. I have four outstanding defaulted debts (2x Credit Card, 1x Loan and 1x Bank Overdraft) which I have been repaying on a self managed debt management plan since 2006. The remaining balance is around £25K though originally was about £40K. The defaulted accounts have all dropped off my credit file and my credit history is now fairly decent though I continue to repay these debts at a pro-rata rate every month. I have been through the mill over the years with the various creditors and debt management agencies. I have reclaimed PPI, sent C
  12. Yeah it had crossed my mind but I don't know whether it's worth it especially as they seemed to have handled the complaint well and the figures and correspondence they have provided so far all seems above board. I would basically be double checking they have calculated it correctly. I guess my post was more about trying to understand why I received the lesser amount as opposed to the quoted 'PPI rebate' amount which was substantially higher.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I don't have any previous paperwork to obtain those figures. Guess I will just have to take Egg at their word.
  14. Hey. Was hoping a fresh pair of eyes could take a look at two letters from Egg. I received PPI compensation to the tune of £1214.24 thought on a follow up letter it says total rebate amount £2852.82. I think I am confused because of the way they have calculated what I am owed and due to the fact the loan was 'topped' up on a number of occasions over the years I had it. I basically just want to make sure they have calculated and paid the correct amount so would be very grateful if someone could look over the paperwork below!
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