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  1. Hi Planner, thank you so much for that post. We will now completely ignore them unless it comes as a LBA or from courts/TDS. I really appreciate your advice on this as you can no doubt tell we are very confused and, yes, scared! Just makes me so sad and angry that we do our best to look after a place etc and play the game but that's never enough! Thanks again...just nice to know we're not alone with this website here.
  2. We wrote a letter drafted by CAB to letting agent suggesting that the dispute is between the LL and the LA not us. It also said how in one of the clauses in our tenancy agreement was to notify tenants within 20 days of any disputes, which they did not adhere to. Phoned TDS and they said "nothing to do with us" basically as we already HAD the deposit. However, just had phonecall from LA who say that we need to write to them saying what we're going to dispute and that the TDS can force us to pay money back up to 6 months after tenancy agreement. I'm getting very confused and upset - gonna c
  3. There was an inventory on moving in but on moving out we never saw anything but because the LA charged us we could only presume it was above board. He's charging for carpets to be cleaned, general cleaning, some repainting and some tiles to be replaced on the kitchen floor, things we would argue against anyway. We have been reliably informed (my sister walking past the old flat everyday to work!)that there's someone living there now as well so I'd be concerned that the LL should've resolved these issues before getting someone new in there too! Thanks again xx
  4. Thanks for that I just phoned TDS and as far as they're concerned it's now nothing to do with them as we have our deposit - it's out of their hands and their thinking is that the landlord's beef should be with the letting agent, not us. However, we're going to seek legal advice but does anyone know what our rights are in this? Can the LL take us to court and demand the money he thinks he is owed? Jus getting a bit scared as we have no photos of condition of flat but hoping that if he has a court would see that it is fine!
  5. Hi there, we received a letter with a cheque giving us back our full deposit from our last rented property, minus a £50 checking out fee from the LA. We've had no further communication from either the LA or the LL so assumed this was all done and dusted. However, yesterday we received a phone call from the LA to say they had just realised the LL had some notes regarding the property on the back of the paperwork he gave them (!) that they'd failed to notice. They sent a letter which arrived this morning giving a breakdown. We dispute these but moreover we dispute the whole thing since the dep
  6. I owe the money on a loan account but owe no money on the current account I've had the charges on. I guess even if they do deposit the money in the current account I can just move it the same day. Because I'm with CCCS I want the money shared between my creditors, not just HSBC.
  7. I'm so excited - after receiving an offer for £850 of the £1000 owed to me I wrote straight back saying I'll accept only as partial offer etc. Only 3 days later I received a full offer from HSBC for my £1000! It says in the letter that my "account will be credited". Now, I only want a cheque so do I cross that bit out and write "cheque only accepted" or shall I write a separate letter to go with it indicating this? I was thinking something like... Dear Colin Langdale, thank you for the final offer of £1000 of my bank charges. I will accept this amount as a cheque only to finali
  8. Oooh, it's all hotting up now, isn't it! Following your case avidly as am only 2 days behind you!
  9. Also, my interest for MCOL would work out as 22p/day. Would this get charged from when I do my MCOL claim?
  10. OK, had letter through today making me a partial offer of £850. I obviously will ccept this as partial payment but will pursue the rest (£150). How do I word this? I have the letter they sent me saying I Accept.do I write on the actual letter sayig "as partial payment" or is there a set letter I've missed? Also, do I still stick to my 14 days from the LBA and proceed with MCOL then?
  11. How frustrating!! Just think of the loveliness when you do get that cheque though - and well done!
  12. Still no reply. Looking at other people on a similar timescale to me it should hopefully be any day. Royal Mail's website is playing up so will keep trying to track my LBA. Was sent recorded on 07/09/06 so would be with them now.
  13. Glad to hear your PMA! If you ever need advice on things like the debt I can highly recommend MoneySavingExpert.com ad-free, free to use, Consumer Revenge! which is the website which recommended this one to me!
  14. Well done Smiley! Great to hear some success and keep on fighting! I should look forward to hearing any day now then!
  15. Hey Maria, I read the replies to my thread and to be honest I don't think you have anything to worry about. The final demand thing is a big fat threat (according to CCCS) and you can only pay what you have. They would have to take you to court and the court would then set up a payment agreement. That money you are claiming back has nothing to do with MCA. You are paying them what you can and would have a budget to prove it. With me, I do not own a house or a car or anything worth more than around £50 (even computer is OH's!). So, if HSBC OR MCA (if my debt ends up with them) demand a final p
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