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  1. thanks for this. Just rang OR who said they had nothing to do with the info on credit files but she thought it was correct that a default could be put on as at the date of bankruptcy if you hadn't defaulted before
  2. I unfortunately had to go bankrupt in jan 2010 & was discharged in Sept 2010. Because my payments to one of my debtors,Lloyds ,were very small £5pm, I had managed to keep payments uptodate but included the debt in my bankruptcy. On my credit file I have noticed that although the debt is showing as partially settled, it also shows a default date of Jan 2010. Is this correct?
  3. Have had 2 seperate letters from Barclaycard The first one is ref to Data Protection Act 1998 - SAR request "Further to your request for personal info held by Barclycard, please find enclosed a copy of your statements you have requested. If you have asked for a list of the default charges that have been applied to your account, I regret our systems do not enable us to identify individual charges in this way & so it is not possible to provide such a list. However, any such charges are included on the statements enclosed" Enclosed are statements from July 2004 - May 2007. The stat
  4. Thanks for your quick replies - will send SAR ,harrassment letter & CCA requests tomorrow & keep you updated. Calder rang again tonight & I informed them that I wouldn't take any more calls! No PPI sold so ok with that
  5. I fell into difficulties with my Barclaycard in 2005. After the account being passed to Mercers, I agreed a payment plan with Credit Solutions (agents for Barclays Bank) of a small £5pm pmt. They were taking pmts from my debit card. I also had a number of other small pmt plans set up so didn't notice that pmts had not been taken by them. Looked at my credit file recently & saw an amount outstanding for BC of £5000+ & a default notice of Nov 2005 - I have never received a default notice (although I have noted that Mercers said in a phone call I was in default in March 2005) or any
  6. Thanks for your speedy & indepth response. The loan agreement WAS dated the day after their date so I reckon this may make it void under S59. Will have a look at whether any charges have been added to the loan account. Are there any templates I can use for my reply for either the bank a/c or loan?
  7. The defaults are in the name of Westcot so therefore I should reply to them I presume. I have cancelled my standing order but as yet haven't had any phone calls! Should I now send them a letter as per Penfold 92? Are there any templates I could use?
  8. This was the final demand letter - no default notice
  9. Have added these thumbnail images of our Bank Account Application Form & the Loan Agreement - Hope someone can zoom in on them & advise please [/url]
  10. Have scanned all pages in to one folder but as I am not as good as I thought I was on the computer, I don't know how to put it on here for you to see! Please advise
  11. On checking my credit file, I found two Default notices placed by Westcot for an old MBNA account. I asked them for the usual original info etc & have got this reply "The above agreement was purchased by Westcot from our client on 12/12/05 & as part of our agreement with MBNA a default was registered on your credit file due to your account history with our client. A default notice of this nature will be present on your credit file for a period of 6 years. However I have contacted Equifax to get one of the entries deleted. With regard to your request for a copy of the ope
  12. I sent a letter to First Direct on 26th Nov enclosing a postal order requesting:- You must supply true copy of agreement etc You must supply a true & certified copy of the orig default notice not a Final Demand as prev sent. Any deed of assisnment if the debt was sold on. Now received a reply - "Please find enclosed your postal order along with copies of account opening forms for your accounts (single loan account & joint bank account). There is no legal requirement for us to hold copies of Default Notices so I have been unable to enclose a copy per your request. The 1
  13. Sorry I can't advise you on this but just wondered if you might get help if you move this to the "Data Protection and Default Issues" forum,as I found your post by accident. Good Luck
  14. I faxed it to them on the 12th November so didn't send the £1 - is this a problem?
  15. We sent the usual letter to First Direct requesting a copy of our agreement, a copy of the default notice & any deed of assignment & have had a copy of a "Final Demand" sent although nothing else. Just wanted some advice because the Final Demand doesn't say Default on it & want to know if it is "legal" It says the following & is dated 13/01/05 "Dear Sir FINAL DEMAND Despite our previous correspondence concerning your debt, we have to date received no satisfactory response. We now DEMAND immediate repayment in the sum of £*****
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