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  1. Just a couple of days ago I received two cheques from the ex-employee. One for original amount, and another with interest added. This is a victory. Anyway, I'm now trying to target another employer who deducted the same amount. I sent them a letter demanding verification of my agreement for the deductions, but they've ignored me. They have ignored me because I have no proof they deducted the amount, as I received no payslips and no agreements was signed. But I know they deducted the amount, and I know they will have my payslips which i never received. Can I send them a SAR lette
  2. Saying 'millions' is taking it to extremes, as we can only buy what we can afford. But thanks to the helpful use of 'credit' we can. It's the idea of criminality caused by advertising is my discussion here. But thanks for your comments conniff, and I heartily welcome more.
  3. This is also amazing. The Story of Cosmetics by Annie Leonard on Youtube Please watch it.
  4. Right, so I gave a rather non-child friendly humorous side to advertising, now here is a serious side. Please tell your children to watch it with you, particularly if you think advertising doesn't work. The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard on YouTube
  5. No, I'm not saying that, I'm saying it was forced on to me, just like iPods, iPhones, iPads, setees, big flat screen tvs, laptops, insurance, home improvement, getting on the property ladder.... and we suck it all up without batting an eyelid. So no, I'm not saying I need it to survive, I'm saying it was forced on to me. Does anyone else think the opposite? A little advertising humour to help us along : And please put children out of the room. Bill Hicks on Advertising and Marketing on YouTube. George Carlin - Advertising Lullaby on YouTube
  6. Ok... But you can't just say give up alcohol because it got me in a little trouble. That's like telling a vegetarian to stop eating after being caught stealing a carrot. Let me tell you a little story... Many years ago an irate consumer was unhappy about his bank charges. He wrote his bank many letters forcing them to fully explain the charging structures. In the end he was forced to take his bank to court. And he won. Now, this may seem absolutely normal RIGHT NOW But at the time, would you? Would you have taken your bank to court? Would you have the audaci
  7. Fair enough. But, "give the public what they want and it will sell" I have heard that before. But it came out the mouth of a paparazzi photographer, who attempt to sell gash newspapers to the masses. Then "give a good product then the next model along the sales line will be a seller" This is also nonsense. If the product is so good, you won't need another one! Unless you're one of the masses... So, it's not informed choice. You may like to think so, but it's not. For instance. The advert with the meercats. I've used it, and everyone else has also. So how did we
  8. Today I received a cheque from the builder, for the deductions taken. But I will be sending it back to them with recalculated interest added. One small victory I'd say!
  9. To be honest, I didn't really post to win any arguments or to succeed at one-up-manship, I was really looking for some debate on my issue, and what other members thought of my predicament. Mrs Blackadder, if you believe your mind is your own, then I think you are clearly a a mature woman, but this would not happen to the young, as the majority of them are highly persuasive. Just look at what they wear, they all dress the same, boys and girls, so if they dress the same, it's clear they are not individuals. There was an excellent documentary called "Century of the Self" which explains
  10. Ok. But who informed you that you have a choice? It has to come from somewhere.
  11. i'm not talking about voices in my head. i mean advertising, and how powerful it actually is. This entire website wouldn't exist, if it wasn't for advertising. Just think about it.
  12. Advertisers and marketeers would have a different opinion. And we are consumers, so we consume what they tell us to, whether we know it or not.
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