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  1. well, i wish there was some money on it as all 44 pages arrived the following day just like they said. so thats cool, I managed the SAR bit in just 3days at no cost. Advice to others would be to walk into your local branch, speak to a person at reception and sit there while they make a 'level 2 complaint' on their computer system. I guess most branches aren't as quiet as mine
  2. I intend to begin action against Barclaycard, thankyou so much to all those people who have posted their microfiche issues and ideas, so helpful. I agree with Barclaycard that data stored in microfiche format is not data stored on a computer and therefore is exempt from the 1998 Act. I will therefore be making an estimation (thankyou for the advice on making estimations) of their charges of data held on microfiche format. The reason for making an estimation is that they charge an unreasonable sum of money to access financial information stored about myself. Once again thankyou to those wh
  3. Yesterday I started action against Barclays, unfortunately before I came across this site. The strict procedure that is highly recommended here because it clearly works looks great. I love everyone's positivity on this site it feels me with warmth and like many others i'll be making a donation 'when' I win. If somebody wouldn't mind, please may I have feedback on what I did yesterday.... I strolled into my local Ashbourne branch to request the name of the person to make my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to. I was first told by Nic Woolley, (the manager) that each monthly stat
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