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  1. What about unfair term 5 under UTCCR? Which wasn't covered by Supreme Court decision? Also what POC can be used for BCOBS claim also? Lastly anyone with POC default removal to inc also?
  2. What if they aren't able to produce the correct documents? And what are they btw
  3. Hi can anyone help reassure my thinking. I have been in financial difficulty and incurred loads of overdraft charges from 2007 to 2011. I want to reclaim under financial hardship, however because they are joint accounts with an ex partner she won't agree to use FOS. So court it is I think. I have written to them asking for everything back and documents just got standard reply. Also on my credit report the default date is not the same as statements default fee date. Any thoughts? Particulars for a claim anyone or link to similar case also?
  4. Thanks for the reply, I've sent two letter to them now, one in november asking for the money back and again a lba in december. before that i got them to send all the statements with figures on which allowed me to add up how much they owe me. they of course sent standard replies. i cant find anything on these forums for what to put in the perticulars. how long do i need to give them for this? i was hoping just to start the claim this week to get it ended asap. where can i find out more info on this 31.16 information? thanks again.
  5. No its for admin fees, additional interest and a couple of things they charged me for. The mortgage has been settled now so I have nothing to loose trying to get this money back. £80 ish for a online court form ive looked into.
  6. I have tried to complain to them got all the standard replies so im gonne submit my n1 this afternoon. Am I still ok to contlinue to GE money, no one else had any problems? Also does anyone have a copy of some purticulars please as well. I will keep you all posted, its not much only around £1800.
  7. I've had a charge from EON for £30 after a visit they made middle of last year after we got behind on the bills (all sorted now). Anyway the guy from EON rang me on my dinner this Friday, and said i need to ring to make arrangements to pay the £200 ish we owed. Then as I drove in from work that day, he was there on my driveway. Asked who I was, I asked for his I.D ect.... I explained I was gonna ring when I got in. As usual he wanted to come in for metre readings, I refused. He gave me a letter saying I'd have to pay £30 for him coming out. I said i'm not happy about that, never asked him to after all. Anyway he said as long as i get a plan setup to pay it off he'd waive it. Thought nothing of it after paying off the balance a fortnight later. Anyway this charge has been added to my account and now they won't remove it. I know its not a lot of money but its the principle. Wat can I do?
  8. *** Won *** inc contractual intrest Just wanted to let the dust settle for a couple of weeks before opening my mouth. Guys all I can say is carry on with credit card companies! Egg settled with the 14days of the 2nd letter. So all, use the templates, stick to your guns and ask for contractual interest. they will pay up, i'm sure i wasn't just lucky!! Thnks everyone who helps on this site! Bring on the capitalone!!
  9. How does one work out the contractual rate for capital one, how is it shown on the statement?
  10. But would they really turn up for a £100. After all even if they win I don't have to pay there cost's do i..!?
  11. Can i ask everyone's advice on what they would do. I have followed all the steps and the 14 days is up on the LBA. Also sent breakdown of charges. I have recieved a letter saying they will not refund the charges to my account. Here are my thoughts 1. £16 charges, so will a judge really find in my favour? 2. If i file a claim is it worth them turning up for just for a £100? 3. Should I wait for the test case? 4. Has anyone else won with egg in last month or so...!? 5. Any more thoughts.............!? I just don't know what to do. £100 is £100 after would be nice to get it back. Not end of the world if I give in I suppose.
  12. Guys I filled a moneyclaim 14 days ago now with Natwest. They sent last week a defence letter. However its now 14 days shuld I move on the moneyclaim website. How do I move this on? Ring them? File online that they defend? Thnks
  13. Thnks Where do I get the CCA from?
  14. Hi Guys, Can someone please confirm to me the capital one credit card interest rate for the spreadsheet @ 34.9% is 0.0009572....is this correct? Also can someone confirm what I put on the moneyclaim website for the particulars of the claim as all that is on here is about the 8% I want the lot! Thnks
  15. Slightly different subject but has anyone ever managed to get capitalone to cut the interest rate on there account?
  16. Just quickly what should one do 1st ask to go on a repayment plan which stops the interest on my card or claim back the charges first. Can it be done either way round just my £3k never seems to go down just paying interest only every month. I understand they will cancel interest if I ask for repayment plan. Anyone done/Know?? Rgrds
  17. Hi Guys, If someone could help. We got a mortgage 2 years ago through a local broker who advertise on national radio they are all over the UK. However just recently I think they are taking the mick, they demand us to pay them £500 more in fees..I'll explain. They want this because we have cancelled our life insurance with friends provident and taken it out with tesco to save £10 a month for exactly the same product. Which we spoke to Friends provident and they siad that's fine. However they reckon we have signed to say we'll keep it 5 years!!!And because we've cancelled it we now have to pay this money to them. We have already paid them £2000 admin fee to get us the mortage now they want more! They keep sending us letters saying that they are taking us to court for it and everything I don't think I should pay them. Can anyone suggest or help here!?!?
  18. I have now claimed back my charges from Capital One. However still have a big balance left'd does anyone have a example of a settlement letter to see if they will wipe any amount of the balance? Rgrds
  19. I've won!! Got my letter back yesterday £650 including all charges, cost's and of course court fee!!! Guys spread the word it works, now on to all other accounts!!
  20. Hi guys, How long has everyone found the offer of goodwill after claim submitted? I submitted on the 3/10 and got a reply around the 5/10 defending now i'm just getting impatient!! I want my money!!
  21. Hi guys I have filed my claim with moneycol online on the 4th went ok acknowledged ect.. Got confirmation in the post now I have received a letter saying they are going to defend! Should I withdraw the claim? But I’m sure I’ve followed everything on here. Its only for £560 plus the £80 fee. Is this normal, like a tactic!?
  22. Guys I just put in my moneyclaim this afternoon so hopefully all will go well with that. Two questions I have are. 1. How long do they have after writing to say they will refund in full to issue a payment? And 2. How do they pay for instance my amount is more than credit limit so they send a cheque in full or pay off my card which is up to date??
  23. Guys i sent both letter's off thanks for that Just to clarify because they made me an offer which i accept as a partial settlement will they credit the account then it will be all closed off. I can then persue the remainder. Let me know. Rgrds
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