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  1. Hello All, Hope someone can help! I stupidly forgot to pay a congestion charge ticket until I received a letter from Equita saying that I owed £198.16. I got this letter from them on the 19th September and sent a cheque to them on the 30th September for the full amount (I know they received this because it cleared out of my bank on the 6th October). Today, I got back and found a note through the door saying their bailiff has been to collect my car and that I must pay £240.88 within 24 hours! Not a problem I thought, because I have already paid, so I phoned the bailiff and was to
  2. My first post, so I hope I am in the right forum! I have had a Marbles card for 5 years and decided to claim back the charges they have made during this period. Sent the standard request off to them 5 weeks ago and didn't receive a reply, so I called them this evening. Firstly, the operator was adamant that I had to pay £5 per copy of a statement - despite me stating that the maximum they could charge was £10 for the full 5 years. I then spoke to a "supervisor", who said that the charge is £10 per year...after reiterating the data protection act to them I finally managed to get the f
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