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  1. Cheers Gizmo. I won my claim against barclays last week so wqas able to pay of Citi credit card with part of my 'winnings' as my instincts were telling me to wait til the card was paid off. I'll certainly read some of these threads over the next few weeks, i'm sure they will be very useful! I will keep you posted with my progress... Cheers, Rich:)
  2. YIPEEEEE! Nice one lainey , I am SOOOO chuffed for you! Wow, nice one too about asking for them to refund the P&P cost - that made me chuckle! It's a real bizarre scene to see the account with the credit in though isn't it - it takes a while to sink in! I kept logging on to my account most of last weekend to check that it was 'really' there, ha ha! Very well done, just a pity they left it so late though - you mustve had a few sleepless nights this week! But i'm sure the lateness of your claim will spur people on in the same situation. Enjoy the cash! :grin: Rich
  3. Hi there - I've had a letter from Richard Cooke at Citi today asking me to send proof of name and addressess along with a request for info to fill in. I've just put the info together for him and that will go recorded delivery tomorrow - so the 40 day count down starts from then! Cheers Rich
  4. HEY Lainey! Fraught times for you, we are all with you mate - I was in a similar situation last week, as my court case was due to be on the Friday but they settled on the Weds. I would defo call Krysta as she will pass you on to who ever is dealing with your claim - thats what she did for me. Or you may want Tom Hickey's number - 0207 116 4523, he dealt with my claim. Surely one of them should be in! Have the courts contact u yet to see if its been settled? You could even e mail barclays and leave your number with them? Toms e mail is... [email protected] You could e mail 2night so that he'll have it first thing in the morning? I'm sure you will be more positive tomorrow as im sure you will see developments. We are all behind you, just keep focusing on that finishing line! Look forwarding to hearing how you get on. Take care Rich
  5. If my memory serves me correctly the next stage should be for you to receive your AQ - this is correct isnt it folks?! Yeh, i'm sure it is (yikes, talking to myself!) Good luck with it all!! Richo:)
  6. I'm really not sure? What does the letter say? Does it say if you sign this you can't claim again? How much have you accepted and what was the full amount you were after? At the end of the day the banks are in the wrong, so whats saying you cant make another claim against them for the remainder of the charges? OR - If the money isnt in the account yet maybe you could give them a call saying you have reconsidered and you do not wish to accept their offer - nothing to loose i guess! Let us know... Rich:)
  7. Cheers Sands! Thanks for all your top advice and encouragement through my thread and from reading yours. Cheers Rich
  8. Thanks Dar3n and Lainey! I look forward to seeing WON by your name soon then Lainey!!
  9. Thanks guys! Checked the account throughout the morning and the money hadn't been paid in so gave Tom a call at 2pm and left a message - and also mentioned if the money wasnt put in then there was no way that I would cancel court proceedings... about an hour later the money came through!! ha ha!
  10. WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Account credited today - my account looks so strange out of the RED!! Not been like that since 2002!!! Thank you every one for your encouragement and support and sound advice, it is really really appreciated! I really want to celebrate now but have to go back to work! Will donate tomoz or later and do the Q'aire also. Could a mod please put a WON tag on me?!! THANK YOU!! Rich xx
  11. Thanks dickeggsy! In my excitement i've just written off to Citifinance to my claim with them now - quite addictive isn't it!! Cheers Rich
  12. Howdy! Right - we have some progress! Progress off the 'i've almost WON' type! Had the letter from Barclays this morning offering full and final settlement. Only thing is is that it was about £300 short! At first I was going to just leave it, but then I though bugger it and I gave young Thomas a call! It seems that they had missed off the Court costs and they also agreed to pay back the amount which was on my final figures. So Tom asked me to cross out their sums and put the amended sum of money down along with my initials. I did that and e mailed as well as faxed him a copy. No word back from him though. I wrote in the e mail and fax that I would only contact the court when the money was credited back into my account. Tom said that they would transfer the money back TOMORROW!!!! So they'd better do! Will let you know... I really want to shout that i've won, but i''l leave that til tomorrow - hopefully!! Cheers all! Rich
  13. Cheers for the number Kimmy. Unfortunately the letter hadnt arrived this morning - instead just more juck mail from Barclays - oh how they play with me, the swines! I am hoping I will have a letter tomorrow otherwise I will have to give Tom a call as the court date in now just 4 days away... Rich
  14. Hi all, I've not had the letter from Barclays today unfortunately - but hopefully it will arrive on Monday. When I spoke to Tom on Thursday I foolishly didnt ask for his direct line number - has anyone got it at all - just in case I Need to call him should the letter not arrive by, say, Tuesday? No worries if not as I do have Krysta's number so I guess i could get him through her number. Cheers - and good luck on the National to all those who have got a bet! Rich
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