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  1. have received a letter (dated 19th jan.) on wednesday (24th jan) offering me £100 as a goodwill gesture. i have 8 weeks in which to respond! they also enclosed the customary complaints leaflet and tarrif charges. the author was a guy named gordon mccoy, senior customer resolution manager. the amount is about a third of what im claiming, so why they couldnt go the whole hog i cant understand! anyway, im a bit confused now as to which template i should use to respond. also should i continue to use 'recorded delivery'? cheers, barty.
  2. MY GOD!, ive just spent over 2hours following this thread, from day1 to the present. i have nothing but admiration for tbern123, and the other posters who have contributed to this thread. a figure of 100,000 (subscribers to this site?) has been mentioned. which is a shame, because im sure its only the tip of the iceberg, and like the banks, they will be able to live with a relatively small proportion of thier 'customers' taking them to task! tbern123 i sincerely hope that all your claims are successful, but the one thing i hope is that the tabloids pick up on your success a
  3. just a quick update, 'request for payment' received 3rd january, recorded delivery. no response to date. barty.
  4. thanks karnevil, i'll await their response when they receive my 'request for payment' letter posted today (recorded delivery). must say the labels that i purchased looked quite impressive attached to the letter! wonder if it will influence their decision? lol. barty.
  5. thanks for that, something else thats been putting me off from chasing the abbey is the fact that i have an overdraft facility with them. this is 3 times as much as they owe me, although i haven't reached my limit, (pretty close to it)! has anyone known the banks to call in the debt once youv'e started the ball rolling so to speak? it wont put me off from chasing them, just need to be prepared if it is a possibility. i have a parachute account so thats not a problem. thanks, barty.
  6. its been a long time since i last posted! to be honest, i really didnt think it was worth pushing the 'abbysmal' for the small amount that i had calculated they owed me. but, i had let all my colleagues at work know about this site, and some of them have taken on their banks, often involving considerably more than myself. so, they keep asking me how im progressing? today i decided to continue with my claim, and have produced the 'request for payment' letter and included copies of the relevant bank charges dates etc. tommorrow i shall send this by recorded delivery. i'
  7. hi glen, no, i didnt! thats a good start isnt it! should i wait till 30 days have passed and then send them a reminder including the data protection act? im not too concerned about time limits, and i daresay they'll use this as an excuse to delay the rest of my statements. oh, btw, i received one more statement this morning, making 15 letters (statements) in all. thanks for your help, cheers, barty.
  8. ok, today i recieved 14 individual letters containing monthly statements! they run from may 2005, through to july 2006. can i assume that the microfiche statements will be posted the same way? (my postman wont be very happy!) i read that they can arrive in a plain brown envelope! (postage must be costing them a few bob!) i believe i now wait till the 30th day before sending them a reminder (assuming i havent received the remaining statements). cheers, bartymuv.
  9. thanks martin, their letter told me i can only go back 6 years! 'quote' we can however supply details of the transactions held on the microfiche on payment of an admin fee of £10 for multiple monthly statements per account that have been archived. i was with a bank swallowed up by abbey called 'national & provincial' which is some years ago! guess 6 years will have to suffice. back to the archives, thanks again, bartymuv.
  10. i have recieved what i presume is the 'standard' response from my 1st letter dated 4th august. (they recieved 7th august). they are going to use my £10 to supply details of transactions held on microfiche that i need. the letter goes on to explain what they consider 'manual intervention' means! so, i guess i sit back now and wait again. if theres something else i should do, like respond to this letter, please could someone advise me. thankyou, bartymuv.
  11. ok, 1st letter formulated and about to be posted! looking forward to the next couple of months. just need to sit back now and read all the posts from others, and try and learn not to panic when confronted with a non-conforming response, but to seek help from this excellent forum. bartymuv.
  12. hi karne, thanks for your response. ok then, wont try and cut corners,it obviously wont get me anywhere! i,ll start at the 'library'. thanks again. barty.
  13. thanks mechs, i'll do that, of course. cheers, barty.
  14. hi, has anybody who has access to their abbey account online, tried to request their statements covering the last six years? where they posted or e-mailed? was there a charge? was your request declined, for any reason? i ask this, because i thought it may help me to find out exactly how much i had paid in unfair charges, rather than estimate. if this is the wrong way to go then please advise me as such! this is my first foot on the ladder (so to speak) and would hate to fall at the first hurdle because of an over estimation! having read much of this site, i realise that the first l
  15. hi to all members, not too sure where i go with this, but if i have half the success most of you have had, i shall be well satisfied! good to be here. barty.
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