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  1. The bankruptcy is normally discharged after a year in 1996 i declared myself bankrupt owing £14350. there was negative equity on my property of £6000 , which was added to my debt= £20350. because my debt exceeded £20000, my term of bankruptcy became 2 years! oh, and just to add, just before the end of the six year period, the OR came at me knowing that my property now had equity and i had the option of finding someone to raise the funds to satisfy my creditors ie. my wife or relative as i still couldn't take on additional debts personally. the other option was that the OR w
  2. thought some of you might find this article interesting. also the link at the bottom. Mon, 10 Jul 2006 13:57:04 +0100 CSA Diploma Course increases professionalism in debt collection from Creditman.biz The results of this year's City & Guilds Diploma course in debt collection, instigated by the Credit Services Association (CSA) - the official voice of the debt collection industry - has revealed the same consistent level of high achievement enjoyed by previous years. The CSA has also announced a number of significant additions to the programme for 2007. Out of the group
  3. contacted the loan company today, and was advised to write to a particular person within that company, explaining my position. this i have done, in a very polite manner, although the bottom line was that i would give them 14 days to respond. i'll post their response, as and when. bartymuv.
  4. sorry to interupt! shane, check your mail inbox bartymuv.
  5. ok, looks like i'll answer my own question having just read from the following site Consumers to benefit from PPI refunds agreement guess i should have read other peoples threads 1st before posting. would still appreciate any comments though. cheers, bartymuv.
  6. ive, just been reading through the paperwork on a loan i took out a couple of years ago. i wanted to see how much longer i had left to pay. it was for £5000 over 60 months. to my horror, i noticed that ppi had been added, which came out at £1238! the copy of the agreement that i signed shows an 'x' in the box that indicates if you want to take up ppi. i looked through all the t/c's, and the only reference to ppi is that there are 'exclusions'! and i should read these before i take up the offer. i do not have any t/c's relating to ppi, nor do i have any information as to ho
  7. sorry blueskies , i've just realised i've hijacked your thread! apologies for that, got carried away. cheers, bartymuv.
  8. hmmm, i seem to have set everything up in outlook, but when it comes to sending, i'm getting an error code! so i tried accessing my account with the link you gave for cagmail, and when i try to log in i get the following message ERRORError connecting to IMAP server: localhost. 111 : Connection refused Go to the login page now im pretty certain that i've given the details correctly, ie. username= bartymuv and password=*******. unfortunately, there isnt a link to recover either ones username or password if one has forgotten them, so, i'm stuck! anyone in parti
  9. hi blueskies, thanks for that. i'll give it a bash a bit later. i've had a quick look in 'help' in windows internet explorer and theres more info there in how to import another email address. don't know why i didn't look in there before! i'll send you an email if and when i crack it! cheers, bartymuv.
  10. thanks bookworm, your right! he checked the small print, and there it was. still think the agent could have told him though, especially an oap! oh well, the mind boggles. thanks again, bartymuv.
  11. i dont quite know how to put this, but i had to laugh when i read that you hadn't received any emails and your reasons (lol). anyway, at least you know where to open them when you get them, cos, to be honest, ive had a 'cag' address for months, and if i did receive an email, haven't got a clue where it would arrive! i haven't been able to send any either for the same reason! £6.00 well spent! lol i think i have to incorporate it with my 'outlook express' account, but still haven't been able to 'sus' it out! perhaps someone could go through it for me? cheers,
  12. my next door neighbour, a pensioner, has booked a holiday to mexico (cancun) for 7 nights in november. he made the booking and paid cash about 3 weeks ago. he had a phone call today, to say that he could collect his tickets. when he went to the agency, he was asked for his insurance documents. he told them that he didn't have any. the agent told him that she could not let him have his tickets without ins. docs. so he purchased insurance there and then from the agent at a cost of £40! he was also told that there would be a departure tax of $45 payable before he left mexico.
  13. thought i'd update on events. haven't heard from the dca again (fortunately) but the saga with BG still continues. having closed our account originaly,(in error) they set up a new account, and told us to carry on paying as usual, which we did, using a payment card that they sent us. would you believe, that card fed the old account that they had closed! consequently, we began receiving demands for amounts that we knew had been paid (all receipts kept) and so more phone calls, ending with apologies and the promise that the funds in the old account would be transferred into th
  14. the date shows as the 24/1/99. is that relevant? bartymuv.
  15. just read this article by a 'gemma wheatley' in our local paper. the croydon guardian. a bully bailiff who forced his way into a croydon familys home has had his licence revoked. julie sutton and her partner were terrified when self-employed 'nathan bachelor', working for 'equita', woke them up and forced his way into their addiscombe home. the debt collectors were looking for the previous tennants of their home, who had failed to pay a £50 parking fine issued by croydon council. the men from the northampton based company also woke up the couples 3 year old daughter and refuse
  16. i know how frustrating this must have been for you, but the fact that they got you to your destination by listing you for a virgin flight, probably means that they covered themselves. presumably, they would have looked after you whilst you were stuck at the airport, food and drink vouchers etc. flying crew, especially pilots and 1st officers, are subject to hours limitations, and although they couldn't find a replacement for your flight, there was in all probability, at least one on standby, but had been used for another flight. not much help for you im afraid, but, think, if y
  17. received an email today from british gas. in it, they apologised for the problem i had trying to contact them, and went on to confirm that they had spoken to their 'central recoveries office' who in turn would contact intrum justitia, and tell them to cancel the 'contract'. this could take up to ten working days! i have also been advised that the referral of the account to intrum justitia will have no effect on your credit rating, as no details would have been passed to any credit ref. agencies. in order to cover the costs of your telephone calls and the inconveniance this has caus
  18. well, got a phone call at 8.50 this evening. from the manager as promised. unfortunately, we were cut off before any conversation could take place, (loss of signal on my mobile)! so, i tried phoning back on my landline, (using 'say no to 0870'). after listening to music and apologies for 45 minutes, i gave up! so i sent an email to the manager stating the following------------ i'm sorry we were cut off on monday evening (poor signal) i have just spent 45 minutes in a queue on your 0870 number on my landline, trying to contact you! i'm very impressed! not. please
  19. thanks kasdizz, i'm not looking for a fortune from them. the amount in question was only £57.18. i'll be quite happy if they offer to waive that amount as a GWG! they are contacting me again on monday evening to confirm that they have called off the DCA, and to verify that they (the DCA) haven't registered a default against me. i'll post again as and when they've been in touch.
  20. in april of this year, we received a electricity bill from our supplier british gas (dual fuel). it stated it was a final bill (not demand). i rang them to ask why it was a 'final bill', and was told that our account was being closed as a new occupier would be taking over the residence! i explained that as the owner, "this was news to me", followed by silence. the person then came back to me with an apology, saying there had been an error on their part, and not to worry as it would be rectified and to carry on paying as normal. end of story? no way! about 5 days ago my wife o
  21. having just read this thread , reminded me of a conversation with a colleague at work today. he had logged into the uswitch website, and gave all the info regarding his gas and electricity. uswitch advised him that he could save £140 a year by switching to another provider. he contacted the reccomended supplier, who set up the account for him. imagine his surprise when he received the details of his new contract. originally he was paying £34pm, the new company wanted £57pm. he was not at all impressed, especially as he had to go back to his original provider and
  22. I am seeing a scanned copy here, am i? PATIENTS !!!!!!!!!!!! Just about sums up the calibre of these idiots!
  23. abbey, have actually reimbursed £110! so, do i quote thier letter with the £100, or do i state the actual reimbursment? i dont think it will really make much difference, but just to be sure. barty.
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