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  1. hi shazzaW, i think youv'e answered your own question! you dont believe you were informed of ppi when you took out the cards. i think you could use the general template letter, but, be prepared for the negative response, which you will get! then cca them. as you say, "you have nothing to lose". bartymuv.
  2. when i came out of bankruptcy, the 1st thing i wanted to do was get a credit card! not so i could start bashing the card again, but, to improve my credit rating. cap 1 was the only company that would entertain me. £200 credit limit. wow. but the point was, when after a year or two i made applications for credit elsewhere, one of the questions always asked was 'do you have a credit card?' and the fact that i could respond positively helped me increase my rating. i'm going back 6 or so years, and i still have the card with a limit of £2750. having said all that, i can also say that iv
  3. hi rl123, if you see my post 'can i cancel ppi' you may get some idea of what to expect from AA finance as thats who my loan was with. i asked them to cancel my ppi on the 22nd october and they took 2 more payments out before capitulating. if you need any info on whom to write to, just post on here, or read through my posts, as im sure i gave some names and addresses. good luck, bartymuv.
  4. i think your right alan, forgot to add that i have sent my donation to cag without whom i probably wouldn't have even bothered to put pen to paper. thank you all again. bartymuv.
  5. congratulations puddinpie, know exactly how you must feel today. i was following your posts (in the background) as your circumstances looked familiar to mine. all the best, bartymuv.
  6. well, money went into my account today. i still cant understand how some people can struggle for months to come up with a result, and someone like myself (who really didnt think i would get anythimg back) turn them round in a matter of weeks. maybe it was the cag sticker i placed on my letter (not the envelope) that made them think twice? who knows? cheers, bartymuv.
  7. phil, do you really want to pay £765 for something you haven't got a clue about? of course not! as curlyben said previously, wait for them to reply to your cca. you are now in control. dont panic. cheers, bartymuv.
  8. a quick update, received another letter today stating that the amount above had been tranferred to my account. this letter was dated the same as above (2/01/08) and also icluded the revised repayment rate which went from £122 down to £98. so i wasnt far out. obviously i checked my account and as of today nothing had gone through! guess i should give it 5 working days and then start panicking. cheers, bartymuv.
  9. thanks for that hell, i still can't believe they've rolled over so easily! obviously having read a lot of the posts on here, i was expecting a long drawn out saga, with letters and threats going backwards and forwards. mind you, they still have to let me know what the revised figure is although i did some sums myself and it works out approx. £23 a month less. (every little helps). thanks again everyone for your support. bartymuv.
  10. thanks lula freaky, yes, it would appear to be the right amount. (see 1st post). im just glad i didn't send off my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) earlier. lula, luv the toilet roll! pmsl. bartymuv.
  11. IM IN SHOCK! :o ive just opened my mail to find a letter from AA Personal Finance the original company that i took the loan out with. Dear Mr.------- RE: AGREEMENT NUMBER XXXX..... We are pleased to advise, that within the next 7 days your bank account will be credited with £704.54. This is in respect of an overpayment made under the above agreement. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us etc.................. what i find intriguing is that all previous correspondance has been on Bank Of Scotland headed paper. anway, the
  12. drafted this letter, any thoughts? bartymuv. DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST Dear Sir/Madam, name Account No.123456789 4th January 2008 As you currently hold details of my personal and financial information within your internal record systems with regard to the above account, please supply me with a complete list of transaction and charges relating to my history with your organization, including payment protection insurance. This would include full copies of all contracts that exist including true copies of any documen
  13. hi lula, thanks for the info. just found hellhasnofury's sticky and thats exactly what i was looking for. will now adjust that to cover what i'm looking for from them. i'll post my letter on here, as soon as ive drafted it to see if there are any suggested alterations/addons needed. thanks again, bartymuv.
  14. thanks lula, i'll go see if i can find some LBA's that i can use. bartymuv.
  15. hi hell, sorry for the late response but ive been laid up with (man) flu! still am actually. ahh! so can you advise me of my next course of action? ive had plenty of time to think about what they said, and unless they can come up with the actual telephone conversations, i'm still pretty certain that i would have declined the ppi. ok, so i did make a claim, but that would have developed from a telephone conversation also. plus, if i had the t/c's i would have seen that as a pre-existing condition (their words) i would have been waisting my time anyway! no one explai
  16. hi alan, ive just read your thread, and youv'e got a lot going on at the moment so i appreciate your looking at my thread. just one other question if i may, my original letter was dated the 22nd october in which i also requested them to cancel the ppi. so far theyv'e taken 2 more payments! their last letter did say that they would send me the revised payment schedule. i expect to receive this early in january, but i'm a bit miffed that they saw fit to carry on drawing on the account. would i be within my rights to ask them for those payments to be reimbursed? thanks again,
  17. i received a reply on the 20th december. it was almost 3 pages long, so i'll try and condense it down as much as i can. "our records show that the Unsecured Loan and Cover were arranged as a result of an application over the telephone. the sale was completed by courier service. after you had signed and handed back the loan agreement, as part of the sales process the courier would have handed you an envelope containing policy documentation for the repayments insurance." it goes on about how the envelope would have included all the terms and conditions, including eligability cri
  18. hi lou, although its 11 years ago since i declared myself BR, i'm pretty sure that i didn't actually get to meet the OR. it was all done by his assistants. again, there not ogres, they are there to guide you. i found that part of the proceedure far less stressful than the actual BR hearing. as for the newspaper anouncement, i didnt realise at that time that i would be in the news! it was a neighbour who alerted me to the fact. and of course it had to be a neighbour who you really wouldn't have wanted to know your buisiness, but she actually said how sorry she was to read of
  19. hi hell, im just about to send the following letter as they still haven't cancelled my ppi. (checked statements today) Dear Sir or Madam: Please find enclosed my original letter dated 22 0ct. 2007 in which I ask amongst other things, for you to cancel my ppi insurance premiums and adjust my repayments accordingly. Having just reviewed my bank statement, I note that you have failed to comply with my request! I can understand your need for time to investigate my complaint, but, can see no reason for the delay in cancelling the premium . I am now asking you to reimburse this las
  20. hi phil, please do not respond to their threats until you are advised to by curlyben. he and others who are on here have enormous experiance of dealing with these debt collection agency's (dca). they will get back to you, i promise. bartymuv.
  21. recieved another letter friday dated 22 nov.2007. dear mr xxxx, further to our letter dated the 30th october 2007. i'm sorry that you have not yet had a full response to your concerns. were still investigating your complaint, and you will recieve a response from us as soon as possible, but certainly no later than 21st december 2007. goes on about their complaints leaflet sent previously etc. and how my concerns will be dealt with as quickly as possible etc. different person signing this letter though; someone named amarjit bhogal, customer relations officer, custome
  22. if someone did wish to carry this to 'fast track', would cabot be able to do what the banks have done and settle before going into court? or is it not allowed at that level? bartymuv.
  23. i'm not sure if this is relevant, but, after purchasing something on ebay, when it came to paying by paypal, i was asked to submit a secondary account as a backup! i was surprised at this as they had my current account details, and i had used it many times before. anyway, i couldn't complete the transaction without adding a second account. this i did using a credit card. this then became my primary account. when i contacted them to explain that i didn't want to use my credit card as a primary account, they told me that i could revert back to my original account, and delet
  24. thanks HHNF, didn't think they would put their hands up straight away. will keep you all posted when i get the brush off! lol cheers, bartymuv.
  25. ive had a response today dated the 30th oct. from the BoS. Thankyou for your letter on the 22nd October 2007. I am sorry to hear of your concerns regarding the insurance applied to your loan. Were keen to deal with your concerns as quickly as possible. a Customer Relations Manager will investigate the points you have raised and you will receive a reply shortly, but certainly no later than 4 weeks. You will find enclosed a copy of our leaflet, which tells you how we will handle your complaint. Your concerns will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but to help us deal
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