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  1. Hi I've got confirmation from Barclays that I should contact Arvato DCA for any full and final settlement relating to my account. I have now got a letter from Arvato stating; It then goes on to give details of how to pay. Is that enough or should I insist that Arvato send another letter confirming the remaing balance will not be passed to anyone else to pursue. This f & f would be the best thing that could ever happen to me. I would finally be debt free for the first time in over £25 years. I don't want to pass up this chance
  2. Isn't the letter of assignment enough?
  3. Really? I was advised by barclays to speak to Arvato regarding a f&f settlement. If I get the correct written confirmation from them, I would have thought that would be enough.
  4. I've spoken (yeah I know I shouldn't). But I only confirm things when I have it in writing only. I have 2 loans with Barclays and 1 with Arvato (assigned by barclays) Arvato agreed to 50% settlement. A letter is being sent out to me confirming full and final settlement and that it won't be passed on to anyone else after I pay. Barclays have been offered 50%, now I'm waiting for decision. This is exactly what I would have wanted and tbh, just as I thought, DCA's seem a lot easier to get a settlement figure. If I hadn't spoken to them, I would never have known that they would accept 50% settlement. I know the advise on here is everything in writing. This is true for proof and confirmation however I see nothing wrong with speaking beforehand, as long as things are agreed only in principle until it what was agreed is supplied in writing. This is just my opinion.
  5. Complaints manager has now confirmed that the account is classed as satisfied as per 2016 letter and I won't be persued for the remaining. I will be getting a final response letter stating that .
  6. A quick query. Do banks have to send periodic statements? I ask because if the written of letter was issued in error, I'm wondering if the bank have broken any rules because I've had no statement for 3 years (since the letter) I also question why I have not been chased regarding the outstanding? I honestly believe it wasn't issued in error at all.
  7. Just to claify a few points before I rush off to work. All 3 were sent to internal collections. The letter regarding the owed overdraft from the closed defaulted bank account came out of the blue in 2016. No attempt to recover the money was ever attempted since the letter Only due to a phone call regarding the loans that I was told there was an outstanding balance (no interest added just the balance as off 2016). complaint informed me the letter was sent in error and the balance is still owed....apparently. (verbally) I will be waiting for a final written response before going to the ombudsman. Thanks guys have a nice day
  8. The account was closed down in around 2013. I had 2 loans and this overdraft that I was struggling with. So all 3 were sent to collections. All 3 were defaulted and have now cleared off my files. I just think I'll let my complaint run it's course then guard it to the ombudsman. See what they think. I think what you say is right. The errors appear to come from collections. Even the complaints team can't appear to overrule them.
  9. Thanks DX. Good to know about last comment. I would never pay full and final without written confirmation stating it won't be assigned or sold to anyone else. Read to many cases on here.
  10. That's what I'm thinking especially when they were kind enough to show the balance as zero. But as you mentioned, let's see what others think. Thanks Slick
  11. Thanks slick123 That letter is going nowhere. I don't bank with Barclays anymore and I did say that I don't want to talk about it on the phone. It's the "I can decide what to do next" comment that makes me think they are aware that if I didn't pay it, they couldn't do much about it. I just need to know with the letter, could I legally not pay it? Barclays have admitted it's their error in sending it in the 1st place. I haven't paid a penny in over 3 years.
  12. hi dx100uk Long time no chat lol. I'm not afraid of talking to tDCA'S, they don't worry me. I was just putting them straight. i actually find it quite satisfying when they realise that I'm no push over. Barclays aren't stopping me....yet. Just wondering if after looking at my income/expenditure (required before settlement figure is considered apparently) they can say I'm paying too much in child maintenance if it went to court. I'd rather pay for my children's future than them.. mucked me about too many times in the past. I understand that to get a mortgage you have to declare any outstanding debts. Even though they're not on credit file.
  13. Hi all I am on a payment arrangement with barclays for 2 outstanding loans. Everything was going along fine until my default dropped off after 6 years. (current outstanding £13000 - paying £180 a month). This has left my credit file squeaky clean for the first time in about 15 years. Suddenly the bank decided to assign one of the loans to a DCA (Moorcroft then Arvato) and keep one in house. I wasn't happy and complained stating that they are simply making things difficult and I will not be dealing with different companies. I was informed that they were calling the loan back from Moorcroft, then instantly it was assigned to Arvato. I phoned Arvato explaining that I have an ongoing complaint and won't be communicating with anybody until the complaint has been exhausted. They were very understanding and said they would send it back to Barclays. I've spoken to complaints and informed them that my father is offering up to £6000 to clear the debt, so I can clear the debt and use my right to buy my council flat thus someting for my children (don't live with me) when they are older. Complaints said they can't decide on this and it is up to recoveries team. I stated that I need to do something to help my children's future and if a settlement figure can't be reached, I would up the child maintenance payments so that some could be put in a child ISA account for them to give them a head start in life. I pointed out that there would be hardly anything left. The question I'm asking is, can they stop me paying extra child maintenance for this purpose or am I entitled to pay what I like? It's not my children's fault that I got myself in this situation and with the price of property and low wages, I feel obligated to help them. thank you for reading
  14. Hi all Just a quick one for those in the know. Back in 2015, I was on a payment arrangement for a bank account overdraft. The account was closed and I was paying something like £20 per month on a payment arrangement. Out of the blue in 2016 I got a letter from Barclays collections stating: Account number ******** Outstanding Balance £0:00 Dear me Your debt is now considered satisfied and can confirm that no further action will be taken against you. Any standing orders or direct debits you have set up in favour of this account should be cancelled. yours sincerley your collections and recoveries team My balance at the time was over £1000, so I was very happy with the letter. Anyway long story short, I had to phone barclays regarding a diiferent loan that I'm on a payment arrangement and the recoveries team are saying that I owe the money on the bank overdraft account. I complained to the complaints team. I was informed that the letter that I received in 2016 was issued in error and I still owe the money. I was further advised that it was up to me how I approach this. What do you suggest, should I pay or should I abide by the letter issued in 2016? Thanks guys
  15. Hi Genie9373 I've just had a debt from barclays passed to Moorcroft "to collect on their behalf". My default dropped off my file last month. what Unclebulgaria67 says is correct in that the debt can't be put back on your credit file. I'll be following this thread with interest. I wish your brother good luck.
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