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  1. yeah you did and at the time it was only thinking about maybe getting a mortgage. Now it's about to become a reallity. Maybe I didn't have to pay it off, however I got a great settlement figure and there were no extra charges on there in fact the account had been interest free for all but 1 year. At least there would be no phishing demands in the future, at least i hope. This is the first time in 20 years that I'm debt free and it feels bloody good.
  2. If that's the case DX100 and London1971, I will relax a bit. London1971 my default dropped off in June 2019. It's still anoying these DCA's think they're a law amongst themselves. This site has taught me so much in the past and I'm so confident in dealing with these people. Hopefully never ever again. I miss the old bank charges reclaim back in the day lol
  3. From Clear score https://www.clearscore.com/learn/credit-score-and-report/understanding-credit-checks-hard-searches-and-soft-searches Hard searches (also known as hard checks or credit application checks) A hard search is when a lender takes a full look at your credit report (and score). This type of credit check leaves a mark on your credit report, so whenever prospective lenders look at your credit report they can see you applied for credit (and whether you were accepted). Most hard searches stay on your report for 12 months (though a debt
  4. Hi I posted regarding this debt before, however I'm hoping for a bit of direction. My 2 Barclays defaults dropped off my file in June 2019. All monies owed have been settled as of July 2019 One directly with Barclays and another via avarto DCA. Just before the defaults dropped off 1 of the loans were "assigned" to moorcroft, then Avarto. As mentioned all sorted and settled with letter stating nothing owed and account closed. The issue I have is that both DCA's posted "Debt collection" searches on my credit file dated July 2019. As mentioned the defaults regarding these a
  5. Hi I've got confirmation from Barclays that I should contact Arvato DCA for any full and final settlement relating to my account. I have now got a letter from Arvato stating; It then goes on to give details of how to pay. Is that enough or should I insist that Arvato send another letter confirming the remaing balance will not be passed to anyone else to pursue. This f & f would be the best thing that could ever happen to me. I would finally be debt free for the first time in over £25 years. I don't want to pass up this chance
  6. Isn't the letter of assignment enough?
  7. Really? I was advised by barclays to speak to Arvato regarding a f&f settlement. If I get the correct written confirmation from them, I would have thought that would be enough.
  8. I've spoken (yeah I know I shouldn't). But I only confirm things when I have it in writing only. I have 2 loans with Barclays and 1 with Arvato (assigned by barclays) Arvato agreed to 50% settlement. A letter is being sent out to me confirming full and final settlement and that it won't be passed on to anyone else after I pay. Barclays have been offered 50%, now I'm waiting for decision. This is exactly what I would have wanted and tbh, just as I thought, DCA's seem a lot easier to get a settlement figure. If I hadn't spoken to them, I
  9. Complaints manager has now confirmed that the account is classed as satisfied as per 2016 letter and I won't be persued for the remaining. I will be getting a final response letter stating that .
  10. A quick query. Do banks have to send periodic statements? I ask because if the written of letter was issued in error, I'm wondering if the bank have broken any rules because I've had no statement for 3 years (since the letter) I also question why I have not been chased regarding the outstanding? I honestly believe it wasn't issued in error at all.
  11. Just to claify a few points before I rush off to work. All 3 were sent to internal collections. The letter regarding the owed overdraft from the closed defaulted bank account came out of the blue in 2016. No attempt to recover the money was ever attempted since the letter Only due to a phone call regarding the loans that I was told there was an outstanding balance (no interest added just the balance as off 2016). complaint informed me the letter was sent in error and the balance is still owed....apparently. (verbally) I
  12. The account was closed down in around 2013. I had 2 loans and this overdraft that I was struggling with. So all 3 were sent to collections. All 3 were defaulted and have now cleared off my files. I just think I'll let my complaint run it's course then guard it to the ombudsman. See what they think. I think what you say is right. The errors appear to come from collections. Even the complaints team can't appear to overrule them.
  13. Thanks DX. Good to know about last comment. I would never pay full and final without written confirmation stating it won't be assigned or sold to anyone else. Read to many cases on here.
  14. That's what I'm thinking especially when they were kind enough to show the balance as zero. But as you mentioned, let's see what others think. Thanks Slick
  15. Thanks slick123 That letter is going nowhere. I don't bank with Barclays anymore and I did say that I don't want to talk about it on the phone. It's the "I can decide what to do next" comment that makes me think they are aware that if I didn't pay it, they couldn't do much about it. I just need to know with the letter, could I legally not pay it? Barclays have admitted it's their error in sending it in the 1st place. I haven't paid a penny in over 3 years.
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