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  1. Hi Genie9373 I've just had a debt from barclays passed to Moorcroft "to collect on their behalf". My default dropped off my file last month. what Unclebulgaria67 says is correct in that the debt can't be put back on your credit file. I'll be following this thread with interest. I wish your brother good luck.
  2. One thing that does concern me and I suppose a lot of others think about is that although I feel very strongly about this and believe that I would rightly win in county court, what could the cost implications be if I were to lose? I am thinking court cost of £35 or whatever it is plus maybe their solicitor fees which I hope would not be too much. Not forgetting the claim itself plus 8% interest. All in all I would hope it wouldn't cost too much more simply because I want to dispute the claim. This could put a lot of people off.
  3. I only signed 3 things. A computerized device on the counter of the office, The reciept stating that I agree to terms and conditions plus the pda computer that the employee who checked the car with me had. I did not sign or see any paperwork "Pre rental checklist", yet my signature is on this paperwork. They hasve obviously transfered one of the signatures onto the paperwork. I don't know if they are allowed to do this. I would think not.
  4. Yes I did take a photo after I had recieved the invoice for the repair. Wish I did before I took the car but hindsight is great. When you say report the alledge forgery. Do you think that I should go to a police station to report it asap or should I wait to see what they decide on their course of action if any first?
  5. Thank you for your response Bankfodder. They don't appear to have my card details stored on their system and they certainly haven't taken anything. My deposit was refunded almost straight away. I didn't think of the fact that they noted the exterior as clean on return could also mean no damage. This is something that I take on board. My main issues with them is their inconsistency, which to me appears very unproffesional. Also the forged signature.
  6. Hi all I need some advice on an issue that I have with Sixt. I will put in all events to hopefully give the full picture. 15th Feb hired a car at my local Sixt car hire office for 24 hours. No excess waiver taken On checking the car with the employee I noticed some scratches on the front reg plate and bumper. I was told that these slight scratches did not count as damage. I signed the employees pda computer and was given the keys. No paperwork except the reciept that I signed in the office prior to going to collect the car. I did not have a camera to use at the time. The car was due back by 11am on 16th Feb 2017. As per agreement I parked the car outside the office at around half midnight on the 16th Feb and dropped the key in the 24 hour dropbox. I checked online and noted that the car was checked back in at 7.07hrs. I understand that I am responsible for any damage until it is checked in. I had to go to the office later that morning to resolve a separate fuel issue. The employee who checked the car in, informed me that he had to drive the car to the petrol station to put more fuel in. He was speaking very candidly with me. No mention of anything wrong with the check in. 5 days later I get an email stating that the car has new damage and I am liable. Upon investigation, I find out that the damage being refered to is the same scratches that were there already. After multiple emails back and forth. I have denied all liability. My reasons are as follows: 1) The damage was already there. I informed the employee before taking the car. As per terms and conditions. 2) The photograph taken by Sixt was taken later on that day, after the car had been moved. Even though the damage was there, any new damage claimed could have been caused after the car was checked in. The car was parked in a way that a picture could have easily been taken where I left it. Why wasn't it? 3) Lack of consistency of the employees. The state of the car on check out was described as slightly soiled interior and exterior. On check in the state was described as clean. This could be the exact situation with the scratches. One person says it's ok, the next say it's not. This is obviously what has happenned. 4) I've been sent 2 different invoice amounts, 354 and 360 pounds. On one of the invoices it details labour charges and specific time spent on the repair. When I checked the car after the invoices were produced, the repair has not even been carried out. 5) In one of my emails I suggested that Sixt give customers a sheet of paper that shows a diagram of the car and any damage no matter how minor. This would avoid any confusement in the future. To my amazment one of these sheets was emailed to me with my signature on it. I have never seen this sheet let alone signed it. I feel that this could be classed a fraud. 6) The pictures of the car that Sixt produced showed extra markings that seem to have been added for the picture. I'm not sure if these were markings to point to the scratches or simply to make it look worse. These markings are not there now. All in all I feel that they are trying it on with me. I have invited them to take me to court. I recieved another email today stating that as we are getting nowhere, they have no option other than to refer the case to their legal department, unless "we can come to an agreed settlement" . I feel very suspicious about this. If they are adament that I am liable, why would they want to reduce the charge? You opinions and advice would be very welcome. Do you think I should let them take me to court?
  7. When I told them that I had only a bank account with a Cash card and that I couldn't make card payments, they gave me their account number. I used my Satsuma number as reference (8000000******). Account number 20577081 Sort code 20-11-81. Of course they like your card details because they then have more control over your payment.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply capquest worst knightmare. That's nice to know, although I still detest CPA's. It only takes one of the lenders to not stick to the arrangement and it would leave nothing for the others.
  9. Hi loulourocks Did you ever manage to get their bank details? I'm just about in the same boat. I told them that I am closing my bank down and asked for bank details. They just said they don't have the facility. They asked me to send cheque or postal order. Didn't want to send a cheque because it has my bank details on and didn't want to send postal order because it'll cost me. I've ending up saying that I'll be paying via a pay as you go card which remains empty until I need to buy something. I confirmed that no cpa is to be set up and I would pay manually. I had a pound on the card and told them to see if it will be accepted. They informed me that it went through but my card suggests that it hasn't. All my other lenders have supplied bank account details, not Satsuma. If you tell me they do then I'll get back on to them. They also didn't like responding in writing, so I've recorded every phone call and let them know at the start of every call.
  10. No I didn't get anywhere. I put a complaint to the FOS thinking that I would win. However the FOS somehow deemed it to be a running credit account. How the heck can it be a running credit account if interest is NOT added to the outstanding on a daily basis like a credit card, store card or overdraft, but is added in advance to the proposed date of settlement, Just like a loan . The thing was that once Littlewoods found out that I was putting a complaint through to the FOS an offer of early settlement came through but it including absolutely everything including my interest free buys. I couldn't afford that so I had to wait for the FOS verdict. It really is annoying when you feel that it is blatantly obvious that it is wrong but even the powers that be can't seem to see this.
  11. Hi Signal12 and others. Wow I can't believe how old this thread is. I agree with you signal12. Write to them politely asking for them to change from AP to default. If they refuse, then you may have to break your arrangement. Perhaps just pay a token £1 until a default is placed on file. I found this dated Jan 2014 with extracts below the link. http://www.scoronline.co.uk/files/scor/high_level_prinicples_document_final.pdf from this website http://ico.org.uk/for_organisations/sector_guides/finance
  12. I remember that same situation with Oakam. It seems crazy that with even just a quarter of the loan period gone. It works out more expensive to settle in full than to pay the installments on the due date full the full duration of the loan period. The fact that they give you a rebate of 1 payment after every 6 payments are made contributes to the situation. I would like to know if what they are doing is fair.
  13. I know this is over a year later but for advice for anyone reading this. I had this month sent them an email address UKFinancialSolutions@speedyinc.com as well as taking a letter in store which was stamped. The letter informed them that I can't afford to pay because of unforseen circumstances. I offerred to pay over 10 months if they agreed to freeze interest and charges. I received an email stating that this was accepted and my first payment would be due on 30th June. I should have originally paid on 15th May 2013 so a bit of breathing space. I've checked my online account and It shows the original loan as "paid" and a new loan with the frozen balance and the new payment plan. All in all quite an easy process.
  14. Thought so thanks. So that'll be the OFT and I suppose county court if I decided. What about my other thoughts?
  15. I've had a lightbulb moment. This is only an assumption. If a payday lender debit my account of the full amount even though I cancelled CPA. The agreement would be ended that day. I then contact my bank next day to get refund because the pdl had no authority. Because the pdl has no agreement in place they can't dictate how they get their money back of me. What do you think, right or wrong. Also is it actually illegal if the company debit my account when they shouldn't and if so can I report it to the police or would the OFT suffice?
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