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  1. it appears to only be Equifax that allow these, and they must be contrary to law in some way. How can they possibly allow these specific table 1 searches to remain for 2 years, and be refreshed almost indefinitely
  2. car finance is one of the main sources of 'sub prime' finance, as they can secure the loan against the value of the car so it's lower risk, than a credit card for example.
  3. from my experience with Equifax, my last 2 defaults dropped off 11 and 9 days after the 6 year anniversary
  4. try McGuffick or Carey, forget which one exactly. There's plenty of information in the main Debt Collecting Agencies forum they can basically do everything apart from take it to court, and many DCA's are now winning the DJ lottery with spurious reconstructions.
  5. reporting to CRA's is one of the things they are allowed to do as the result of various rulings.
  6. Call Credit appear to have 72 months worth which is what Experian are moving to and I would expect Equifax to follow
  7. from May Experian will be doing this with all defaulted accounts showing up to 6 years worth of them (so potentially up to 72 Ds)
  8. Currently DCAs only show up to 3 years of payment history on current active accounts, from May Experian are updating their software to show up to 6 years worth of payments. The DCAs seem to be going out of their way, to screw things over for as many people as possible for me personally, this will mean my history which would have been flawless from July, will instead be trashed for 2 more years. details http://www.experian.co.uk/assets/consumer-information/brochures/cr-cais-online-amendment-system.pdf
  9. The default should drop off after 6 years from date of default, regardless of whether any payments have been made or not
  10. I'm guessing this is with Equifax ? Table1 searches with Equifax and DCA's is becoming ever more common, and a problem
  11. I'm about to launch formal proceedings against equifax over a similar matter and response statute barred debt, breach of cca years previously, search done at linked address when DCA had been contacting me for years at current one DCA response 'phone us to discuss this account'
  12. in my case the search is borderline vexatious despite the DCA writing to my current address in 2007, and being served with a CCA request they defaulted on, they did the table 1 search at my previous address in 2010, which will keep a linked address on my record, more than 7 years after I moved out. they have refused point blank to remove it, insisting that I telephone them to discuss matters (and we know how that will turn out) the debt is statute barred, but the default is still on my file, and will drop off in a few months.
  13. It appears that now equifax are going to allow DCAs to do table 1 searches at will, and what's worse will allow them to stay on your record for 2 years. this is absolutely ridiculous
  14. my credit record has been shot for 5 years, never had a problem with car insurance, other than the repeated annoying calls I get around renewal times, after once stupidly using confused.com
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